PET 2020 Test 22 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

11/20/2020 10:09:00 AM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • There will only be two types of music at the festival.
  • Some performances at the festival cost more than others.
  • Tickets are cheaper if you buy them before the festival.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Neil is asking to borrow a racket from James for their tennis game tomorrow.
  • Neil has canceled tomorrow's tennis game with James.
  • Neil will play tennis with James when his broker racket is repaired.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • This bridge will be repaired in two weeks' time until Sunday.
  • Repairs on this bridge will finish on Sunday at midday.
  • It will not be possible to use this bridge on Sunday after midday.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

What should Tara do?

  • Buy coffee tomorrow.
  • Go shopping on her way home.
  • Give Daisy some money to go to the supermarket.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • There will be five workshops each week.
  • You don’t have to be talented to go to the workshops.
  • The final workshop is on Saturday 15 September.

The people below all want to buy a book.

1. Jan is sixteen and she loves shopping for clothes and reading stories about people and things in the news. She wants to read some entertaining light fiction.

2. Paul is nineteen and is very keen on sport. He doesn't enjoy fiction much, but does like reading about the lives of sporting heroes of the past.

3. Susan is eighteen and enjoys good writing. She would like something which offers information as well as entertainment. She's interested in history and plans to travel round Europe this summer.

4. Michael is twenty-three, a computer expert, whose interests include travel and sport. He has to go abroad for work and wants a novel to read on his journey with plenty of action and excitement.

5. Sonia is twenty-four and works for an international airline. She enjoys love stories of the past, especially if they contain descriptions of beautiful houses, clothes and parties.

These are descriptions of eight books for people wanting to buy:

A. The Beauty by Sophie Harper
The lovely Emmaline Barton was an American girl who came to Europe in the nineteenth century and won the hearts of young men in every great city. This entertaining novel shows us the wonderful silk dresses, the beautiful rooms and Emmaline's sparkling eyes in a well-imagined world of palaces and gardens.

B. European Hotels and Guest Houses by Andrew Peters
A very clear and helpful book which lists accommodation in most main European cities, with brief descriptions and a good price guide. Its small size makes it easy for the traveler to pack, and the organization of the information makes it quick and easy to use.

C. Getting There by Will Jenkins
This is the first part of the autobiography of the international gymnastics star. He writes his own story well, hiding none of the difficulties that he had to face, and he brings to life the heartaches, as well as the joys, of young sportsmen and women who really want to find success.

D. Trains and Boats and Planes by Rachel Bryant
Sometimes funny, sometimes exciting, occasionally sad, this beautifully written little book describes the adventures of a group of American students who spent a year working and studying in Europe. There are lively descriptions of some of the great cities and their inhabitants, past and present.

E. What People Wore by Annabel Stoneman
An extremely interesting history of clothes, written by a history teacher. It will be a very useful book for anyone who needs to design clothes for the theatre or who is interested in the everyday lives of people in the past. There are not many pictures, but lots of detailed notes.

F. Future Pop by Terry Orpen
The pop music industry has changed enormously in the past few years. With electronics and computers in the studio and at concerts, what is the future for the human musician? This book is by one of the top performers of computer pop music, and he discusses the way it will probably develop in the future.

G. Goal Posts by Simon Brown
A very well-written and fast-moving adventure story, set in an imagined world of international football stars. The matches are well described, as well as the problems of the players as they fight for their careers, on and off the pitch. A great read for sports fans.

H. The Fashion House by Julia Davis
This amusing novel is just right for reading on holiday. It reveals the lives and loves of the designers, models and customers of a famous fashion house. It's written by a former model and gives away many of the modern fashion world's secrets.

Decide which book would be the most suitable for the following people.

  • Jan
  • Paul
  • Susan
  • Michael
  • Sonia

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Teenage fiction

Teenagers have their own TV channels, websites and magazines. So what about books?

Last year one publisher, Martins, started publishing a series called Waves. We spoke to the director Julia Smith. She explained, "Teenage fiction has been published since the 1970s but publishers have never been particularly successful in getting teenagers to buy and read books. Now they're realizing that teenagers aren't just older children but they're not adults either and often aren't interested in adult fiction. For this series, we're looking for new writers who write especially for teenagers."

Athene Gorr's novel was published in the series last year and is selling well. Its title is The Purple Ring. She says, "The important thing is to persuade teenagers to pick up your book. I'm a new writer so, although I've got an unusual name which people might remember, nobody knows it yet! But my book has a fantastic cover which makes people want to look inside. Then they realize what a brilliant story it is!"

And what do teenagers themselves think about the series? We talked to Sophie Clarke, aged 15. She said, "I've read a few books in the Waves series. They say they're for 14-19 year olds and I agree with that. We're not interested in the same things as people in their twenties and thirties. I like them and I think they look really good too. The only thing is that because bookshops put them in the children's section, lots of teenagers won't find them so they may not do very well. And it's a shame there's no non-fiction in the series as I think lots of teenagers, especially boys, might buy that.

(Adapted from PET Practice Test Plus 2)

What is the writer trying to do?
  • Persuade authors to write more teenage fiction.
  • Explain why teenage fiction is easier to write than adult fiction.
  • Give information about a new series of books.
  • Compare different series of teenage fiction.

Julia Smith says publishers now recognize that teenagers _______.

  • can enjoy the same kind of stories as adults
  • are neither children nor adults
  • grow up more quickly nowadays
  • are more interested in reading nowadays

Athene Gorr thinks teenagers were attracted to her book because of _______.

  • her name
  • the story
  • its title
  • its cover
What does Sophie Clarke say about the books in the Waves series?
  • They shouldn't be kept with children's books.
  • She would prefer to read adult fiction.
  • They will be bought by lots of teenagers.
  • She isn't keen on the design.
Which of these paragraphs could be used to advertise the Waves series?
  • This series is for all teenagers and those who are nearly teenagers. Whether you're 10 or 19, you'll find something here to please you.
  • Choose a book from the Waves series. It includes both fiction and non-fiction and is aimed at teenagers aged 14+.
  • If you're aged between 14 and 19, don't miss the Waves series which has novels by new authors.
  • The Waves series has been popular with teenagers since the 1970s. This year we have added 20 new writers to our list.

Five sentences have been removed from the text below.

For each question, choose the correct answer from A-H. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. Few of these items were recycled into anything that people could wear.

B. Visitors are given a list of the different objects in it.

C. Although this might not seem like a lot, it is more than in most museums.

D. So while it is fun for visitors, they also pass on their new knowledge.

E. It comes from twenty towns in the local area.

F. Nowadays, however, over 30,000 visitors come to the museum each year.

G. The first display they see looks like something out of an animated movie.

H. It is certainly shocking to see what that actually looks like.

The Museum of Trash

In an industrial area in California, in the USA, large garbage trucks regularly deliver tons of rubbish to a recycling centre. Meanwhile, coaches deliver crowds of people who are coming to visit The Museum of Trash. It is a colourful elephant made entirely out of rubbish.

The unusual sculpture was created out of all sorts of rubbish: old signs, mobile phones, shoes, sunglasses, plastic toys, car number plates, and anything else that the artist could get his hands on.

They have fun trying to find them all. The sculpture is 4 metres tall and weighs around 900 kg, which is equal to the average amount of rubbish each person in California throws away every year.

While the elephant sculpture is popular, visitors also enjoy being able to see what happens at a real recycling centre. Rubbish which can be recycled is brought here every day. People who live in these places are happy to know that what they throw away will not be wasted. Once it has arrived at the recycling centre, the rubbish is put into separate containers according to what it is made from, and sold to businesses that can use it to create new products. The companies make a range of things out of the recycled materials, and some of them can be bought in the museum shop.

"What is really exciting is that people go home and tell their friends what they can recycle," says the museum's director. " They can see where all the rubbish goes and learn that recycling is better than just wasting things."

(Adapted from B1 Preliminary 1)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Holidays in Tanzania

For those who want special holidays away from the while staying in truly luxurious safari accommodation, why not combine the exclusive and less-visited national parks of Ruaha and Selous? Then, add Zanzibar island to the perfect beach and wildlife experience. 

in the southern part of Tanzania, Ruaha and Selous national parks are in less known areas and they provide a unique safari experience with the northern part of the country, which is the more usual tourist . Unlike the north, the south has a variety of animals to see throughout the year, with boat trips on many lakes and rivers being a wonderful way to see elephants, hippos, and crocodiles up close. After the safari, you can jump on a plane and in a few hours find yourself some of the best beaches in the world.

(Adapted from Simply PET Preliminary for School)

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word or a number, a date, a time.

Starting at college

Hi, my name's Emma. Welcome to the college! I've been studying here for a year now. Starting at college isn't easy, but I'm sure you'll soon feel at home. When I first started studying here last year, I was nervous that I couldn't even ask anyone for help. I got lost five times on my first day!

Remember that student at the college has been new at one time, and understands how you feel. So you're not sure where to go, just ask - we're all happy to help!

You probably don't know many people here. To make some friends, not spend break times with some of your new classmates in the café? Or how joining one of the many clubs we have at the college? are lots to choose from.

Good luck on your new course!

(Adapted from B1 Preliminary 1)