PET 2020 Test 30 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

5/6/2021 8:19:00 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Do your photocopying and pay for it when you leave.
  • Put your money in the photocopier before you start to use it.
  • Tell an assistant how many photocopies you need.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Call this number if you want to

  • play music with others.
  • learn the guitar.
  • join a band.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Lorry drivers should slow down within the next 400 metres.
  • Drivers can avoid slow traffic by turning onto another road in 400 metres.
  • Drive more slowly as lorries are joining the road 400 metres ahead.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Why did Simon write this email?

  • to tell Tim about a change of plan
  • to invite Tim on a camping trip
  • to ask Tim to lend him a tent

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Tina has decided to move to a different campsite.
  • Tina wishes the campsite was closer to the sea.
  • Tina prefers the campsite she usually goes to.

The people below all want to watch TV tonight.

Musa is spending the evening with friends from his sports club. They want to learn something useful and see a program with plenty of action.

Sam would like to be a famous rock star one day. He loves listening to music from abroad and hearing new bands that aren't so famous. He isn't keen on competitions.

Aisha wants to watch a competition, but she's bored with celebrities. She'd prefer to see something where normal people can take part in.

Paveen is looking after her eight-year-old cousin Maya, who is crazy about animals. They both want to watch something funny, and Maya's parents like her to watch educational programs.

Danny loves watching series, and he'd like to watch something that hasn't been on television before. He especially enjoys science-fiction shows that have famous actors in them.

There are descriptions of TV programs.

A. Celebrity challenge
This great quiz show includes celebrity competitors who try to answer questions. Although these famous people come from the world of music or theatre, the questions are on any topic such as art, sport, or history. Test yourself as you watch. All you have to do is download the app and if you beat the rest, there are fantastic prizes.

B. The Colony
Switch on to the first part of this exciting new thriller. It is set in a galaxy far away from where humans who escaped the destruction of Earth are now living. They learn to live with the aliens and deal with dangerous wildlife. It stars Oscar-winning actress, Tania Green. If you are interested in future worlds, this is one to watch.

C. Sunny
This brand-new cartoon series follows the adventures of a group of penguins who play ice hockey. This sport takes them around the world to compete, and each week there is an original song performed by the polar bear fans. An amusing series that helps children learn about other cultures in an entertaining way, but older watchers will also enjoy it.

D. Reporter Jack
This week Jack travels to the north of the country to meet a group of athletes training for the next World Games. They explain new training techniques for young people who want to succeed in field or track events. You can also see the most exciting moments in recent races.

E. Star time
The most popular weekly talent show on TV is now in its third season. Will a singer, a dancer, or a gymnast win this week? From 6 to 60 years old, the performers have three minutes to give their best. They have often traveled from other countries to take part in the show.

F. Universe
If you are a technology lover, then don't miss this special program. We are all slightly scared about how much robots can control our lives, but there you will learn how they work and how they can control them. You can send a message to the experts and get an instant on-screen answer.

G. Saturday Escape
Imagine yourself skiing down a snowy mountain or parachuting from a plane. Well-known TV journalist Tiger Tom accepts a new challenge each week. This time its bungee-jumping, and you can experience the jump moment by moment as he has a mini-camera attached to his helmet. Meanwhile, his commentary about the experience will keep you laughing even though it's scary.

H. Show Night Special
Continuing our events series, this week's program brings you a live concert held to celebrate World Music Day. Some well-known stars, as well as bands you've never seen before, will come together on stage. Musicians from over 30 countries will perform, and between songs, they give tips on how to begin a career in music.

Decide which program would be the most suitable for each person.

  • Musa
  • Sam
  • Aisha
  • Paveen
  • Danny

Read the passage and choose the suitable word to fill in the blanks.

A long journey

When the plane arrived on Prince Edward Island in Canada, the snow was thick on the ground as they'd had about in 24 hours. That amount of snow was unusual for the island but I didn't know that so I wasn't worried. It didn't look much thicker than snow I'd seen in Scotland. I was going to visit my friend, Chris, and he'd warned me it would be very cold and snowy. In fact, I was feeling too warm as I had too many clothes on.

Chris met me in his car and we were quite near his house, which was only five kilometers from the airport when we got stuck in the snow. So we phoned the road rescue services and a man and a truck arrived. He said we were the fifth car he'd pulled out of the snow that evening. He started his engine and he'd almost pulled us out ... only to find that the truck had brought a whole pile of snow down from the sides of the road onto both vehicles and the truck was stuck too. He phoned to get an even larger truck to come and rescue us all. Eventually, it did!

Chris turned off the engine and we sat in the car to wait for the second truck to pull us out. I suggested he might keep the engine running so we could stay warm. He pointed out that the petrol gauge was showing nearly empty and he was anxious that we still had to get to his house. We finally arrived at his house at 4.30 in the morning - five hours after leaving the airport.

(Adapted from PET Practice Test Plus 2)

What is the writer trying to do?
  • Give advice about driving in the snow
  • Describe an experience she had
  • Suggest a visit to Prince Edward Island
  • Explain what she liked about Prince Edward Island
When she got off the plane, the writer
  • was afraid about the journey she had to make.
  • was excited at seeing so much snow.
  • realized the weather was colder than she'd expected.
  • thought the snow wasn't a problem for her.
Why didn't the first truck get them out of the snow?
  • Its engine wasn't strong enough.
  • It knocked more snow on top of the car.
  • It couldn't get close enough to the car.
  • Its driver wasn't sure how to do it.
What was Chris worried about while they were waiting?
  • They might not have enough petrol to get home.
  • They might get too cold.
  • The truck might not be able to find them.
  • The car engine might not start again.
Which of these postcards did the writer send next day?

Five sentences have been removed from the text below.

For each question, choose the correct answer from A-H. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. Instead, he has to be really brave and clever and it takes a huge amount of effort.

B. This is because he's always telling jokes and doesn't take life too seriously.

C. The most important thing is that he always tries to do the right thing and to help people.

D. He also sometimes has problems in his relationships with girls.

E. That's why most children want to have a Spider-Man costume.

F. This isn't because I think he has the best superpowers.

G. Despite this, he finds it hard to accept that his power is limited.

H. He became a superhero when he was just a teenager.


I've seen all the Spider-Man films, and when I was younger I also enjoyed reading the comics. Spider-Man's always been my favorite superhero. For example, he can't actually fly, unlike other superheroes. But Spider-Man has lots of other great qualities. I'm always impressed by the way he doesn't just rely on his amazing powers or any special equipment to defeat his enemies. The stories are always exciting because winning isn't easy for Spider-Man like it is for some superheroes.

I also like the character of Peter Parker. So he has had to learn to grow up as a normal person and at the same time he has had to deal with the challenges of being a superhero. In many ways, he's very ordinary. He experiences many of the same problems as everyone else. Peter Parker is shy and finds it difficult to make friends. He can't tell anyone his secret, and this stops him from becoming close to anyone. I think everyone can learn something from Spider-Man's example. Even though he occasionally makes bad decisions, he learns from his mistakes. This is what makes him a true hero.

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.


When the Spanish explorer Cortez (0) reached Mexico in the sixteenth century, he found the people there using a drink they called chocolate. It tasted quite strong because it had pepper in it. To it taste better, the Spanish added sugar to it. When chocolate first came to Europe in the seventeenth century, people started to drink it with milk, of water. Nowadays, tonnes of chocolate and cocoa are to factories, where they are turned many popular sweets and cakes.

Both chocolate and cocoa come from the fruit of the cacao tree. Cacao trees can only be grown in hot countries, as they need a warm climate. Cacao is an American plant, still grows wild in the northern part of South America. Countries in Central and South America were the first to grow it, but today Africa the most chocolate.

(Adapted from EXAM EXTRA PET)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

The British Museum

Last week my class and I visited the British Museum in London and I was thrilled. The British Museum is the first national public museum in the world. It first opened to the public 15 January 1759. It has a huge collection of objects from over the world. The guide told us that the reason the collection grew quickly was that Britain controlled many countries worldwide in the 18th and 19th centuries. As it is such a large museum, you really need a guidebook order to find where everything is in the museum. Then, you can plan what you really want to see. It's very easy to run of time while you are looking around and, to be honest, it is nearly impossible to everything in the museum in one day. In fact, we only saw half of it.

(Adapted from Simply PET Preliminary for School)