PET 2020 Test 32 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

7/7/2021 6:32:15 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Tamara wants to know _____

  • when James will wear his new T-shirt.
  • which T-shirt James bought yesterday.
  • where James bought his T-shirt.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

In order to enter the competition, _____

  • you must send in a photograph of a professional writer.
  • you have to write an article explaining why something means to you.
  • you need to be a good photographer using a professional camera.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • People will be asked to discuss their favorite childhood sweets at the lecture.
  • The lecture will be about how sweet shops have changed over the last century.
  • The lecture will cover some surprising facts about sweets.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

The Study Center will _____

  • open again for students on Friday.
  • open for fewer hours until Thursday.
  • change its opening hours from Thursday.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Andrea went sightseeing after she went to the beach yesterday.
  • Andrea visited the museum before she went sightseeing.
  • Andrea went to the beach before she visited a castle.

The people below are all looking for a guidebook about Australia. 

Amy is a student who wants to travel around Australia. She hasn't got much money so wants information about cheap hostels and public transport. She needs a guidebook that isn't heavy.

Lec wants to spend time in the main cities in Australia. He'll fly from one city to another. He needs city maps and information about sightseeing, restaurants and comfortable hotels.

Peter and Katya want to read about Australia before going there. They're interested in the country's history and want a book with plenty of pictures and maps

Amir is interested in visiting places where there are few other tourists. He'll drive from place to place so needs some route maps. He needs advice on where to stay.

Eve wants to live in a house or flat for two months and explore one part of Australia. She needs to decide where to go so she's looking for information about different regions.

These are descriptions of eight guidebooks for people wanting to choose:

A. Travel Australia has information on areas which are harder to get to and are therefore not so busy. There's a large section containing maps and detailed directions because most of the places can only be reached by car. Some are quite isolated so the lists of hotels and restaurants are essential.

B. Use the information in Travel with Cookson to visit Australia's cities without spending too much. It's full of useful addresses and phone numbers for cheap accommodation, restaurants and places you can visit for free. The disadvantages are that the maps are small and there's no travel information.

C. The relaxing way to see Australia is by rail. Plan your journeys with About Australia and decide where to stop by reading the sections on history and culture. Hotels and restaurants are recommended along each route. It's a large book but there's plenty to read. The maps are good but there aren't many photographs.

D. All the accommodation in Destination Australia has been visited and checked by researchers and is accompanied by colour photographs to help you choose a house or flat which suits your needs. There is a brief summary of each region, with a description and a list of things to do.

E. Visit Australia's most important cities with Simpson's Guide. It's a fat book, with information on where to stay, where to eat and what to do but focuses on the luxury end of the market. The maps of the cities are excellent and it also covers transport by road, rail and air.

F. What makes Great Places: Australian different is the outstanding photography. Printed on high-quality paper with excellent maps, it's heavy but good to read when preparing your trip. It has information on many areas of interest including history and art but very little on hotels and restaurants.

G. Discover Australia focuses on independent travelers who haven't got a lot of money. It only contains the information you need so it's much thinner than most guidebooks and fits in your pocket. Inside you'll find reviews of hostels and information about buses and trains as well as the best places to go.

H. Whatever kind of accommodation you're looking for in Australia, you'll find it in Open Door. It's organized by region so you need to know where you want to go before you start looking. For each region, there's detailed information on hotels and hostels as well as houses and flats for rent.

Decide which guidebook would be the most suitable for the following people:

  • Amy
  • Lec
  • Peter and Katya
  • Amir
  • Eve

Read the following passage, then choose the best answer to each question.

Athletics in Jamaica

Jamaica has produced some of the world's best athletes, including stars such as Usain Bolt and Veronica Campbell-Brown. Is this success partly due to one event - the Jamaica Schools' Championships?

The four-day Championships have taken place every year since 1910. Nearly 200 school students take part in front of an audience of over 30,000 people. The event is also shown on live TV, and the whole country watches what is sometimes called Jamaica's mini-Olympics. The competitors take it very seriously, and they all want to win. Classmates and former students also come to support and encourage their schools.

School coach Dwayne Simpson has trained many young stars. He believes the Championships have an important role in the development of young athletes. They are the biggest schools' competition in the world, he says, and other countries are now looking to copy them. He also believes that the Championships give young athletes a reason to practice. They want to do well for their school, so they work and train together as a team, so they produce better results.

The Championships have turned many young students into stars, but those who are most talented as adults don't always win as young teenagers. Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt, for example, failed to win a single race at the Championships as an under-15 runner. Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown was always easily beaten in the lower-age groups before finally winning as an older student.

Nathaniel Day, a young runner from Britain, has studied and trained in Jamaica for the last two years. "Young athletes here get experience of being on TV from the age of 12," he says, "so when they're older, they aren't scared of big occasions and they perform well. In the UK, athletes don't perform in front of the cameras until they're adults, and sometimes they find it hard to deal with." According to Nathaniel, the Championships also give young athletes a goal. "Because it’s such a big event, it gives them an idea of how exciting it is to perform in an Olympic stadium. It helps them develop the ambition to become champions."

(Adapted from B1 EXAM BOOSTER)

What does the text say about the Championships?
  • Thirty thousand people watch them on TV.
  • Young athletes take part just to have fun.
  • They started over 100 years ago.
  • Some former students take part.
What does Dwayne Simpson say about the Championships?
  • Other countries should try to hold a similar competition.
  • They have grown too big in recent years.
  • They encourage young athletes to do their best.
  • Schools are always keen to do well.
In paragraph 4, what does the writer say about Jamaica's Olympic champions?
  • They could beat even the oldest students in some races.
  • They occasionally lost races, but only to much older students.
  • They tried much harder after losing all their races as teenagers.
  • They took time to develop into world-class athletes.

According to Nathaniel Day, the event _____

  • helps young athletes get used to being filmed.
  • is more exciting than the Olympics.
  • makes some young athletes feel nervous of big occasions.
  • is hard for some young competitors to deal with.
Which best describes the Jamaica Schools' Championships?
  • It's an international competition which prepares young athletes for the Olympics.
  • It's an important event which helps young athletes to improve.
  • It's a huge social event which brings people together to have fun.
  • It's a local event which gives young athletes the chance to perform in a relaxed atmosphere.

Five sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question, choose the correct answer from A-H. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. Then, things got much worse.

B. I'm really pleased that he bought me a new computer.

C. They did their best to try and persuade me.

D. Then, I began to realize my parents were right.

E. I joined a gym immediately.

F. After all, computers are essential for everyday life.

G. And I suppose that was true at the time.

H. This lack of exercise meant that I began to get ill.

A change in attitude
by Scott Peterson

It's difficult to remember exactly when I started playing computer games. Even from an early age, I was always looking at a computer screen. Sometimes I was playing games, and other times I was spending time on the internet. My mum used to joke that I spent more time on the computer than speaking to her!

At first, my parents were keen for me to develop my computer skills. You use them at school for projects and at work when you're an adult. So my parents thought the earlier I started using them, the better.

Soon they began to think differently, however. What first started as a hobby or interest soon began to become much more than that. I started to spend more and more time playing games and less time communicating with my parents and friends. And if that wasn't bad enough, it wasn't long before I began to miss lessons just to play on my computer.

My health began to suffer. Because I was indoors all day, I wasn't exercising. Quite often I would get colds and feel unwell most of the time. My parents noticed this and decided to do something about it. They told me that if I didn't stop spending so much time on my computer, they would take it away from me!

I was really upset at first. I listened to them and slowly began to spend less time on my computer and more time socializing with friends. As a result, I became much happier and now regret spending so much time in the past playing on my computer! I hope that more teenagers will be able to understand how bad this is for them and decide to take up a sport or go out with friends instead.

(Adapted from Simply PET Preliminary for School)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Jacqui Swift

Jacqui Swift has (0) worked as a journalist for newspapers, a music magazine and TV programmes. At the moment she is writing for a music website started last month.

"I to write for the internet because this is where you find the very latest information about bands. I love the speed of the internet. I can write a piece in the morning and see it on the website in the afternoon. The same story won't be in the newspapers the next day. It may be up to six weeks before you see it in some magazines.

I am a member of a team. We have to work fast and mustn't make any , so it can be stressful. But we all get along well with each other. I find it really exciting to think that our work read all around the world!"

(Adapted from EXAM EXTRA PET)

Read the text and write one word to fill in each gap.

A trip to the theatre

We had a class day out today. We went on a theatre trip see Shakespeare's play Hamlet. A friend of mine, has always been really into Shakespeare, had already told me the story. Basically, Hamlet discovers a terrible secret about his family, but he can't decide to do about it. I won't say any more about the story, in case you decide to go and see it as well. I'd hate to spoil it for you! The only thing I didn't like about the play was fact that it lasted four hours. For me, that was far long, and the seats were quite uncomfortable. Afterward, my mum asked me I'd go and see another Shakespeare play. I said yes, I probably would, but I'd take a cushion next time!