PET 2020 Test 37 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

8/19/2021 8:52:02 AM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Families can only watch sports events in this park.
  • Children must not climb on the sculptures.
  • Some of the sculptures are unsuitable for children.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • The store cannot deliver Helen's sofa at the time that was arranged.
  • If the delivery time is not convenient, Helen should phone the store.
  • The store will not deliver the sofa until Helen rings them.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Jason needs to ____

  • collect his book from the piano teacher's house.
  • ask someone to lend him a book for tomorrow's lesson.
  • let the piano teacher know when to return the book.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Recycling center staff will clean items for recycling.
  • Certain items need to be washed before they are recycled.
  • All items can be placed in the same recycling bin.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Anne needs to buy some apples from the local market.
  • Anne has to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket.
  • Jess forgot to place an order at the online supermarket.

The young people below are looking for a day out with family or friends.

Julian wants to take pictures of wildlife but needs some advice. He likes to be near water and also wants somewhere that has outdoor eating facilities.

Marcie and her mum want to spend a day in a forest and get some exercise at the same time. They would like to be told about the wildlife there and enjoy snacks and refreshments in comfort.

Mohammed wants a day full of activities including something that involves his two main interests, sport, and animals. He also wants to try an art class and to stay for a nighttime activity too.

Maria wants to be able to read about the wildlife and also to take pictures of trees and hills. She loves being outdoors and would like to try a watersport of some kind.

Ivan and his dad want an activity that involves seeing and hearing wildlife. They also want to do an adventure sport and to try food that comes directly from the local forest.

There are descriptions of eight outdoor activity centers.

Outdoor Activity Centers

A. Bennachie Park is an area of great natural beauty and very popular with photographers and artists. There is a sculpture trail through the forest, and a famous waterfall and both of these can be reached on foot or by mountain bike. You can hire bikes from the Visitor Centre.

B. Wilder Forest has a huge web of paths for walkers, runners, and mountain bikers, and you can also do horse riding (booking required). There are beginners' sessions available in drawing nature with the painter, John Small, and a new event that starts after dark will introduce you to the stars.

C. Strathmoor Forest Park is very popular both with people who want to enjoy relaxed walking and with birdwatchers who come to see rare birds found only in Strathmoor. There's a small café and several picnic sites for those who prefer to bring their own food.

D. Thornieiee Park is a wonderful place for a family day out with fantastic hilly walks, two large lakes, and many picnic sites where you can enjoy the views. It's popular with animal lovers and has daily bird-photography drop-in sessions with our expert, Sarah Wallis.

E. At Glengary Forest, there is a new storytelling event for children, called 'Deep in the Forest'. There are many regular activities and events, including the ever-popular horse riding and night-time cycling with torches. The food at the Visitor Centre café is excellent and won a prize last year.

F. If you love nature, Innerleithen Forest is for you! There are several rare kinds of animals and birds and a daily talk on them from an expert at the Visitor Centre. You can also get cozy in the café, which serves cake and warm drinks. Many people bring mountain bikes or you can hire them and go around the forest trails.

G. Boden Forest is excellent for walking and running, and there's also a 10-meter cliff face with climbing classes for beginners. A regular birdsong event takes place, including birdwatching from inside a special hut. Very popular for lunch is the food stall, serving mushrooms grown there and fish from Boden.

H. Kiroughtree Park has everything from a visitor center where you can pick up a free guide full of information about the plants and animals there - to a wonderful lake, where you can have a go at sailing. Short landscape photography sessions are also available.

Decide which activity center would be the most suitable for the people below.

  • Julian
  • Marcie and her mum
  • Mohammed
  • Maria
  • Ivan and his dad

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Getting A Weekend Job

by Paula Mark, aged 16

Last summer I wanted to start earning money so I could save to go on holiday with my friends. But if you are under eighteen, you are limited to what jobs you can do. I applied for jobs at a few shops in my neighborhood but none of them had any jobs for teens. I thought I would never find a weekend job. Then, one day my mum gave me the local newspaper and showed me an advert for the local zoo. They were looking for teenagers to work at the weekend. So I immediately applied for that job online.

Within a few days, I got a phone call asking me to go for an interview. I put on my best clothes and went to the zoo's office the next day to meet the manager. The interview must have gone very well because when I got home, I got a phone call from him saying that I got the job. He asked me if I could start the following Saturday. And of course, I said yes!

On Saturday morning, I got up very early and went to the zoo. I was there too early and the gates were still locked. At nine o'clock, the manager arrived to open the zoo. He took me to the staff room and gave me a uniform which I had to put on over my normal clothes. He also gave me a pair of boots. He told me that the ground was wet and dirty everywhere, so I would need them.

My first job was to clean the elephant house. It was great fun because I was with another girl that had been working there for some months. She was really friendly and gave me lots of tips. And there were two baby elephants trying to play with us. They were very funny! My colleague told me that our next job was to clean the lion's cage. I was really scared, but luckily the lion wasn't in the cage at that point.

It's been a couple of months since I started my weekend job and each week I am taken to work with other animals and people. I really love it!

(Adapted from Simply B1 Preliminary for School)

How did Paula hear about the job at the zoo?
  • She was told about the job by a friend.
  • She went to the zoo to ask about the job.
  • One of her parents saw the ad and informed her.
  • She saw the advertisement online.
When did the zoo manager call Paula to say she was successful?
  • On the same day she met with him
  • On Saturday morning
  • A few days after she applied for the job
  • At the weekend
What happened when Paula arrived at the zoo?
  • The manager was waiting for her.
  • She was given some boots.
  • She had to find the staffroom.
  • The zoo hadn't opened yet.
What did Paula do after she met with the manager?
  • She changed her clothes and put on a uniform.
  • She was introduced to a girl she would be working with.
  • She was given some work clothes and footwear.
  • She was taken immediately to clean the lion's cage.
What would Paula text a friend who is looking for a weekend job?
  • It's so disappointing that there aren't any jobs available for teens these days.
  • I'm not sure if you'll be able to have a part-time job while you are still at school. It’s so hard.
  • I'm sure something you like will come up. I am looking forward to going to work every weekend.
  • Knowing the right people is the only thing that can get you into a nice job.

Five sentences have been removed from the text below.

For each question, choose the correct answer from A-H. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. For all these reasons, they enjoy meeting other dancers.

B. Listening to different styles of music also helps.

C. Traveling long distances to dance schools can be tiring, too.

D. Attending one of their public performances is a good way of finding out.

E. If they develop poor technique, they may have problems later on.

F. Few people know where to find them.

G. This allows them to compare themselves with teenagers from other schools.

H. That means they do not waste time traveling from home to dance classes.

Ballet for children and teenagers

It can take a long time to reach a professional level in ballet, so most dancers begin their training very young. It is essential that very young dancers learn the ballet movements properly right from the beginning. This is because it is usually more difficult to change old habits than to learn new ones.

The first thing that young children who are interested in learning to dance often do is attend creative movement classes, where they can practice basic skills like jumping and turning, and just have fun. In addition, some people recommend that they should learn either to sing or play an instrument.

Young people who decide they want to have a ballet career can attend a dance school. Here, students not only study normal school subjects but also do daily dance training. And the whole dance-school environment is set up to support the young people's artistic development; it allows them to focus on their dance more easily, and prepares them for their future. But how can a young dancer and their parents tell which dance school is the most suitable? The older students taking part in it should clearly have more highly-developed ballet skills than the younger dancers.

By the time they are 16 or 17, many ballet dancers are entering ballet competitions and taking classes at professional studios. It is important for young dancers to know how well they are doing because the dance world is very competitive and the training is hard; not everyone makes it to the top.

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Steven Spielberg

The famous Hollywood director of films such as Jurassic Park and Ready Player One wasn't the best student.

Many people consider doing well at school is an important part of having a successful career. However, that wasn't true in Steven Spielberg's .

As a child, Steven showed interest in his studies. But he was interested in film and began using his father's movie camera to record family . By the age of 12, he'd made his first movie.

Steven's poor grades in high school him from entering the University of Southern California's film program. However, he was at California State University but didn't complete the course. Instead, he worked at the world-famous Universal Studios and soon became one of Hollywood's best-known directors.

Over 34 years after leaving college, Steven finally attended his university graduation . He'd decided to complete his studies because his children kept asking why they should go to college when he hadn't. Steven says, 'I thought I'd better get that degree and get it fast, so I did.'

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word or a number, a date, a time.

My friends and I have started a book club, and we'd love it if you decided to join us. We choose one book to read every week, and then we meet up at  end of the week to discuss the book. 

We meet every Thursday, at a different club member's house each week. The host for each week provides drinks and a snacks.

We share our thoughts and ideas the books, and we usually chat about a lot of other topics, too! It's a great way to to know people and to find about some interesting books.

If you'd like to join the book club, let me know, and I'll you what book we decide to read next!

(Adapted from B1 Preliminary EXAM TRAINER)