Amslink Cambridge Challenge 8th - Flyers - Reading and Writing

3/15/2019 8:16:00 PM
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Look and read. Choose the word that matches the definition

  1. This person writes the news for newspapers or TV. - a journalist
  2. You go to this place to buy medicine. -
  3. Birds have these to help them to fly. -
  4. You use this to eat soup out of a bowl. It is usually made of metal. -
  5. This is a bag that you carry on your back. -
  6. This big animal usually lives in the desert. -
  7. This person flies a plane. -
  8. Clothes you must wear for school or work. -
  9. You wear this at the top of your trousers. -
  10. You go to this place in a town or city to see interesting old things. -
  11. This big bird is usually white or black and it can swim. -

Dad: Would you like to go to the cinema today, Harry?

Harry: F

Dad: You want to see that new film about dinosaurs, don't you?


Dad: Shall we go this morning or this afternoon?


Dad: OK. Let's take a snack with us.


Dad: OK. We could walk to the cinema.


Dad: Yes, you're right. Would you like to invite Helen to come with us?


Part 3
— 6 questions —

Read the story. Choose a word from the box to fill in numbers.

Last Saturday, Mary camped with her friends. They went to the beach in the afternoon and put their tent on the beach. Then they went for a swim and played games in the sand. When it got dark, they a fire and cooked delicious burgers. Then Mary started to play the and they all sang songs.
"What an day," said Mary when they went to sleep in their tent that night.
A few hours later, Mary woke up and felt that her feet were . Her feet were in the sea!
"Quickly everyone, we to move our tents!" shouted Mary.
Everything was wet so they decided to go home. "What a terrible night!" said Mary.

Now choose the best name for the story.

Read the text. Choose the right word for each blank.

History of schools

In the past, schools were very different from today. Poor children didn't always go school. Often worked in factories because their families needed the money. Girls sometimes go to school or if they did, they went to schools that were only for girls where boys go.

The classroom in the past looked different too there were no computers. some things were the same - children sat at desks and looked at what the teacher on the board. The subjects were the same too - children maths, English and science. Teachers were often unfriendly than they are today. If a child was naughty, the teacher could hit them they didn't obey.

Look at the picture and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

A good name for Katy's kitten

One day last month, Katy wanted to get a new pet so she went to the pet shop in town to buy a kitten. When she looked at all the kittens in the shop, she couldn't decide which one to choose.
"Which one do you like?" asked the man who worked in the shop. "It's very difficult," said Katy. "They are all lovely."
Then she saw a little black and white kitten, which was sitting in a corner of his cage, looking like he was sad.
"He's beautiful," said Katy. "But why is he so sad?"
"He was hiding up in a tree when someone found him," said the' man. "We don't know where his mother is so we're trying to find him a new home."
Katy opened the cage and picked up the kitten, which had soft fur, big brown eyes, and a wet nose. He was very friendly and he looked happy to see Katy.
"I think he likes you!" said the man.
"I love him," said Katy. "I'll take him!"
"That's great," said the man. "What will you call him?"
"Well, he's black and white and he likes climbing trees. I think to call him Panda!" said Katy.
"That's an excellent name for him," said the man.

Katy went to the... pet shop.... in town one day last month.
Katy wanted to buy... a kitten ...

1. When Katy was looking at all the kittens in the shop, she couldn't which one to choose.
2. Then she saw a little kitten.
3. The kitten was sitting in his cage, looking sad.
4. Someone found the kitten hiding .
5. When Katy picked him up, the kitten was very .
6. Katy decided to call the kitten .
7. Katy chose this name because the kitten was black and white and liked .

Part 6

– 5 questions –

Read the diary and write the missing words. Write one word for each blank.

Dear Betty,
I am writing to ...invite... you to my birthday party!
The party is going to be next Saturday  three o'clock. We're going to the cinema to see a new about whales and sharks. Then we're  to eat in a restaurant. I'm going to have favourite dinner, which is pizza and ice cream.
Please tell me you can come!
I hope you can.

Part 7

Look at the three pictures. Write about this story. Write 20 or more words.

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A possible answer which would receive full marks:
The boys are playing football in a field. A dog is pushing the ball with its nose. It wants to play football! The dog has scored a goal!