Đề luyện dạng bài Chia dạng đúng của từ trong FCE - READING AND USE OF ENGLISH

3/29/2019 10:14:03 PM

Read the text below. Use the word given to form a word that fits in the blank.

There is a spark of innovation in all of us. It is one of those things about being human. We all have bright ideas some time or another finding something new or how to do things better. There are those who have enough (DETERMINE)  to carry their idea through right to the end. However, all innovators, as we call them, experience successes and (FAIL)  along the way.

Take the example of Branco Bobic - (FAME)  for inventing a device for putting out oil wells after the Gulf War. Branco has lost his home, business and life (SAVE)  when he failed to attract manufacturers attention. He has learned the hard way just as many others have. Trevor Boylis, for instance, invented the clockwork radio which he designed for use in Africa where batteries are expensive or simply (OBTAIN) . No producers had agreed to buy his patent until his (APPEAR)  on TV. Iris Whyte has designed a plastic potty which is (EQUIP)  with a moisture-activated device that speaks to an infant being toilet-trained. This novelty is supposed to help teach the child. So far, Iris has not been (SUCCEED)  in selling her innovative idea. Another serious inventor, Joshua Silver, has had an idea for cheap, (COMFORT) spectacles for poor people in developing countries. Although his (INVENT)  might contribute to a considerable (IMPROVE)  in the quality of life for billions of people, there is nobody willing to put the device into (PRODUCE) . So, he still manufactures his spectacles himself in his garage. 

All these individuals have had to learn what (PERSIST)  and (PATIENT)  mean. Even if they have not quite made it, they are (CONVINCE)  success is not far away. And what tips do they have for other would-be inventors? There is one: KEEP ON TRYING.

Read the text below. Use the word given to form a word that fits in the blank.

1. Experience, flexibility, and involvement are the main (REQUIRE) of employers nowadays.

2. Tom stood in defense of the woman who was attacked by a mugger. He was later praised and awarded for his (BRAVE) .

3. The minister is going to make a (PERSON)  appearance on TV to account for the gossips.

4. The detective says he can see a striking (SIMILAR)  between these four robbery cases.

5. Don’t be (KIND)  to Alice. She never treats you in a bad way.

6. There’s every (LIKELY)  that our next week's military training will be called off.

7. Keep this plant in a dark place. It’s very (SENSE)  to light.

8. You don’t cover the (POST)  costs. Ordered goods are delivered to your door free of charge.

9. The introduction of the tax relief will certainly be (BENEFIT)  to large exporters.

10. The trade unions insist on firing the Chief Executive. They claim he is quite (CONSCIENCE)  of the problems in the factory.

11. I’m sorry for hitting you with the ball. It was (ACCIDENT) .

12. Look at your (REFLECT)  in the mirror. There’s no sign of the scar you had before the surgery.

13. Adam’s (ENTERTAIN)  character makes him the most favorable person to stick with.

14. Ever since both of them were made redundant, they have been (DESPAIR)  for money.

15. Everybody knows there is a fierce (RIVAL)  between Mike and William for the managerial position.

Read the text below. Use the word given to form a word that fits in the blank.

1. Paul’s (DETERMINE) to finish the race was applauded by his supporters.

2. There were no (SURVIVE)  of the plane crash in Lockerby.

3. The conjurer’s tricks were quite (BELIEVE) . Somehow, I can’t imagine how he cut his assistant into two halves and then put her together.

4. Doctors claim that the new virus is (RESIST)  to any kind of treatment.

5. I don’t think we should employ the girl. To me, she lacks self-(CONFIDENT) .

6. The coach says he is rather (SATISFY) with the score. Although his team has won, he hoped for much better performance.

7. ‘Rising (EMPLOY)  may lead to more strikes.’ — said one MP.

8. I’m sorry sir. You will have to leave the country immediately. Your passport is (VALID) .

9. Ever since the couple declared they were going to split up, there has been a great (CURIOUS)  about their relationship.

10. If I get another (REJECT)  of my job application, I will have to think of changing my profession.

11. I've never heard about William Dobson. For sure, he wasn’t any (HISTORY)  character.

12. (PRIVATE)  is what music stars and film celebrities are said to be deprived of. 

13. All the members of the gang have been sentenced to six years in prison for numerous (THIEF)  and robberies.

14. You can’t stay in the USA without a visa. It’s (LEGAL) .

15. We thanked warmly all the neighbors who helped us with the (MOVE)  and invited them to visit us in our new house in New Hampshire. 

Read the text below. Use the word given to form a word that fits in the blank.

1. Computer viruses can cause great (CONFUSE) in computer systems.

2. They say that breathing pure oxygen can be (ADVANTAGE) to your health.

3. The young patient is doing well, but he still has a long way to go to a complete (RECOVER) .

4. The amount of washing liquid you use may be (SUFFICE) . That’s probably why your clothes are not washed white.

5. That leaking roof has been our (CONTINUE) worry ever since we moved in the cottage.

6. It was lies and gossips that destroyed our (FRIEND) . I'm afraid things will never be the same as before.

7. What a (REST) day it was. We began preparing for the conference at seven and didn't finish until late at night.

8. If you plan to buy a car, you should also consider the costs of (MAINTAIN) .

9. Insurance policies are a way of protection against (FORTUNE)  occurrences.

10. My participation in the TV documentary was (INTENTION) . I had no idea a film was being shot.

11. We were all stunned by Clark’s (REFUSE) to act as our guide.

12. It's (POINT) to pay so much for repairing that old radio receiver. Why not buy a new one cheaper?

13. There were numerous (ACCUSE) against the man but none of them was supported by credible evidence.

14. It seems to me Rob’s got a crush on you. He's always so (ATTEND) to you offering his help at all hours.

15. Most students hope to find a good (SEASON)  job during the summer holiday.