Level L Reading Assessment - The Scared Bear

5/28/2019 10:56:16 PM
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The Scared Bear
I’m an old bear, and I know how to find food in a campsite. When I saw the blue box with the white
top, I knew it would have some cold goodies in it.
If the car it was in was locked, I could easily reach in
one of the open windows to grab some beef jerky.
I lumbered over to the car, almost tasting that chewy
jerky already. Then, the most awful sound came from
the tent: “Mom, look at that huge bear!”
I rushed away to get breakfast somewhere safer. Kids,
with their loud voices and creepy, little hands, have
scared me ever since I was a cub.

Who told the story?

  • a boy who was in the story
  • a bear who was in the story
  • an adult who was in the story
  • an animal who was not in the story

Where did the bear think the beef jerky could be found?

  • in a tent
  • in a car
  • in a tree
  • in a backpack

What does the word lumbermen in the passage?

  • took
  • ate
  • listened
  • walked

Which of the following events happened first in the story?

  • The bear saw the blue box with the white top.
  • The bear imagined it could taste the jerky.
  • The bear heard something from the tent.
  • The bear ran to a safer place.

Why did the bear run away from the campsite?

  • The bear heard a child’s voice and was afraid of children.
  • The bear heard the awful sound of a car starting and was afraid of cars.
  • The bear’s mother called for breakfast, and the bear was afraid to miss it.
  • The bear made a loud noise getting the jerky and had to run before people noticed.