Đề thi thử số 2 Toefl Primary Challenge vòng 2 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

11/22/2019 8:41:00 PM
Bài thi thử phần Reading của vòng 2 Toefl Primary Challenge 2019, được biên soạn theo đúng cấu trúc chuẩn của bài thi Reading trong Toefl Primary Step 2

It is a place. Trains stop here so that passengers can get on and off. It is a(n) ____.

  • train station
  • airport
  • harbour

It is sweet food. You can make it from flour, eggs, butter, sugar, etc. Then you bake it in an oven. What is it?

  • an apple
  • a cake
  • a candy

When you are not the same as your friends or not like your friends. You can say “We are _____.”

  • different
  • rough
  • clever

People use their voices to make musical sounds. What are they doing?

  • dancing
  • climbing
  • singing

This is a public area in a town or a city. People can go here to walk, play and relax. People can also go here for a picnic. Where is it?

  • a library
  • a park
  • a theater

It is a color. You can see this color when you look at a clear sky or the ocean on a clear day. What is it?

  • blue
  • pink
  • green

You hit your hands together to make sounds after you listened to a great song in a concert. You also can do this after you enjoyed something you really like. What are you doing?

  • drawing
  • clapping
  • punching

This is an area of water. There is no fish inside. You can go here and swim. What is it?

  • a pool
  • a playground
  • a field

This is a day with a lot of bright light from the sun. People often do many outdoor activities on this day. The day is _____.

  • cool
  • sunny
  • rainy

Read the email. Then answer the questions.

June 20

Dear Mary,

Hawaii is great! The weather is very nice. There are many flowers, butterflies and birds. I can swim in the ocean. I can make sandcastles. Some days, I prefer to lie on the beach. Today, I went for a ride on a boat. But my favorite thing to do is eat coconuts. I eat three every day. See you in two days

Your friend. 


(Adapted from Reading Starter 1 by John Thomas)

What does Lara like to do most?

  • Lie on the beach
  • Eat coconuts
  • Make sandcastles

Which is true?

  • Lara will go home in two days.
  • People don't swim in Hawaii.
  • Mary is having a good time.

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

Bayview School is taking a trip to the zoo. The teachers want the students to be safe and have fun. They made a plan. It shows what the students will do. 

First, everyone will meet at school at 9:00. Then, they will arrive at the zoo at 10:00. At the end, they will leave the zoo at 4:00.

(Adapted from Reading Starter 1 by John Thomas)

Where will the students probably have lunch?

  • At home
  • At school
  • At the zoo

What happens at 4:00?

  • They will arrive at the zoo.
  • They will meet at school.
  • They will leave the zoo.

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

The students of Bayview School went to the zoo. They saw a lot of animals. When they returned to school, the teacher asked them which animal was their favorite. Each student gave an answer. Many students liked the same animal. Some animals were very popular. Other animals were not. Here is a chart the students made at school. It shows the animals the students liked the most.

(Adapted from Reading Starter 1)

What is the story about?

  • The teacher's favorite animals.
  • The number of animals at the zoo.
  • The students' favorite animals.

The chart shows ____.

  • how many students like each animal
  • different animals in the forest
  • how many students like the zoo

Which animals were the most popular?

  • Lions
  • Monkeys
  • Elephants

The same number of students chooses _____.

  • lions and giraffes
  • elephants and monkeys
  • dolphins and tigers

Read the instruction. Then answer the questions.

A special sandwich

You need:

  • 2 slices of bread
  • A jar of peanut butter
  • 1 banana
  • A knife
  • A plate

First, spread peanut butter on one slice of bread. Put it on the plate. Next, cut the banana into thin slices. Put the slices on the peanut butter. Then, spread peanut butter on the other slice of bread. Finally, put the second slice on top of the first slice. Now, eat it! Yum!

(Adapted from Reading Starter 1)

The writer tells us ____.

  • how to cut a sandwich
  • how to make a peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • how to eat a sandwich

Where should you spread the peanut butter?

  • On one slice of bread
  • On the banana
  • On both slices of bread

Why do you need a knife?

  • To eat the sandwich
  • To open the jar
  • To cut the banana

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

In the morning, Hannah was very nervous.

- "Why do I have to go to a new school, Mom?"

- "Don't worry, you'll like it when you get there."

Hannah arrived at her new school. She walked into her new classroom and met her new teacher. She was a little scared at first, but then the teacher smiled. Hannah sat down, and the teacher started her lesson. At lunchtime, Hannah talked with her new classmates. At 3 o'clock, the bell rang. It was time to go home. Hannah is looking forward to tomorrow!

(Adapted from Reading Starter 2 by John Thomas)

What is the reading about?

  • Going to a new place
  • Having a new teacher
  • Meeting friends

Who did Hannah meet first in her classroom?

  • Her classmate
  • Her teacher
  • Her old friend

What does "her" mean in the story?

  • Hannah's
  • Hannah's mom's
  • A classmate's

Which is true?

  • Hannah doesn't have any friends.
  • Hannah goes home at 4 o'clock.
  • Hannah wants to go to school again.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

I had my first riding lesson. First, before I started the lesson, I gave the horse some apples. My riding teacher told me, "Giving an apple is the best way to make friends with a horse." Then, I got on the horse from the left side. Never get on a horse from the right side! The horse will become annoyed. My teacher said, "You have to kick the horse to make it go. Just give it a gentle kick. Don't worry. You won't hurt the horse." I gently kicked my horse. He started to walk quickly, then he began to trot. It was exciting, but a bit scary. I shouted, "How do I stop?".

Before you get on the horse, ask the teacher how to stop! Then, you will have a great time!

(Adapted from Reading Starter 3 by John Thomas)

What did the boy do?

  • Bought a horse
  • Rode for the first time
  • Learned how to ride faster

What is the best way to make friends with a horse?

  • Act friendly
  • Don't feel annoyed
  • Give the horse something to eat

The rider asked, "How do I stop?" Who is he speaking to?

  • The horse
  • The teacher
  • His father

Why did the boy want to stop?

  • The boy was tired.
  • The horse was going faster.
  • The teacher told him to kick the horse

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

On Friday, David went home from college to visit his family. In the living room, David's 14-year-old brother, Jason, was in front of the television. Jason looked crazy, jumping around and talking to himself. "What are you doing?" David asked. "I'm playing Dance Central," Jason said. "Want to try?" 

There was no controller. Jason told his brother to stand in front of the television. Then Jason said that the machine could see and hear them. The machine was also connected to the television. If they wanted to, the brothers could tell the machine to turn off the game so they can watch TV. 

David was ready to play! Jason pointed his finger at the screen and started a two-player music game. In the game they were rock musicians, playing guitars and dancing.

Playing the game made David feel tired. He had to move his arms, legs, hands, arid feet to play the game. Being so active, David felt like he was actually in the game, not just controlling it. 

It was terrific! Before they knew it, they had played nonstop for two hours. Someone once said that technology can seem like magic. Standing in front of the television, David certainly felt like a magician.

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)

What was Jason doing at home?

  • He was exercising.
  • He was watching television.
  • He was dancing.

Why did David feel tired?

  • He did not get enough sleep last night.
  • He had to move around a lot.
  • He played the game for too long.

The word "nonstop" means _____.

  • stopping often
  • without stopping
  • for one hour

What is special about the video game in this passage?

  • Players do not use controllers.
  • The players learn to play music.
  • The game is played online.

Read the non-fiction passage. Then answer the questions.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It is about half the size of our planet, Earth. Mars is often called the "red planet” because it looks red. Although it is red, this planet is not hot. In fact, Mars is very cold. In winter on Mars, it can be much colder than even the coldest place on Earth. What about life on Mars? Some people believe there might be something living on Mars. Books and movies also tell stories about aliens on Mars. Now, robots are on Mars looking for life. They go around, take pictures, and send these pictures back to Earth. No life has been discovered on Mars yet, but the robots keep looking.

(Adapted from Reading Starter 3 by John Thomas)

What is the reading about?

  • A trip to Mars
  • Aliens on Mars
  • Facts about Mars

What is true about Mars?

  • Aliens live there.
  • It is hot.
  • It is red.

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

Spending your free time on the Internet can be fun. You can chat, share photos with friends, and play online games. But some people are addicted to the Internet. They just can't turn it off. 

Being online for many hours at a time does not mean you have a problem. The Internet is very useful. Online, you can pay your bills, buy clothes, and read the news. There are many good reasons to spend time online. 

However, people with Internet addiction are online too much. They don't spend time with their friends and family. Instead, they spend their time chatting with their Internet friends, people they have never met in real life. Some also play online games all day or night. Some people with Internet addictions even leave their jobs so they can spend even more time online! 

People with Internet addictions don't just go online to shop, have fun, or do work. People who have this problem often go online because they want to escape the stress and problems in their lives. Many internet addicts stop caring about their real lives and focus only on their online lives. 

One way Internet addicts can get help is by using special software. This software controls how much time someone can spend online. It tells the computer to turn off the internet after a certain amount of time. This helps people to focus on real life. The software’s goal is to teach people to use the Internet for good reasons and not just as an escape.

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)

What does the article say about paying bills?

  • It should be done online.
  • It is a useful way to use the Internet.
  • People with Internet addiction do not pay their bills.

According to the passage, a person is most likely to become an Internet addict if ____.

  • their life is stressful and has problems
  • their job is boring
  • they enjoy online gaming