Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 20 - Reading & Writing

3/15/2020 3:07:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words from the box and fill in the blank.

cheese stations a tent
silver an umbrella meals
snacks a university glass
offices a biscuit theatres
plastic paper wool

Example: Windows and mirrors and made of this, and it breaks if you drop it. glass

You open this and hold it over your head when it rains.

Breakfast and dinner are examples of these.

A place where people study after graduating from high school, they can obtain more knowledge, skill, and get a degree to recognize this.

People use this to make the pages in a book or magazine.

You go to these places to catch a train or to meet people who have arrived on one.

You can make beautiful things like rings, watches and plates from this expensive metal.

This food is often yellow and people like to put it in sandwiches or on pizzas.

Pens, toothbrushes and combs are made of this.

You can sleep in this when you go camping.

All kinds of businesswomen and businessmen work at their desks in these places.

Betty is talking to her friend, Helen. What does Helen say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each question. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. Nothing. We've got everything.

B. It is, isn't it? (Example)

C. I'm surprised too!

D. This is the first time.

E. Bye! See you later.

F.  Yes, l did. Here it is.

G. Yes, we are. We've got lots of food!

H. Great. It will be cold later.

Betty: Your tent looks good, Helen. It's very big.

Helen: B

Betty: How often do you sleep in your tent?


Betty: I've found some big, warm blankets for us.


Betty: And did you remember to bring the little lamp?


Betty: What else will we need in the night?


Betty: Are we going to eat in the tent too?


Read the text. Choose the correct word from the box for each blank.

clothes | look | brave | meal | spent | chocolate | drove | closed | fell | dangerous

I've got two little brothers. Their names are David and Harry. Harry is five years old and David is seven years old. They don't look like brothers because their hair is different, but they wear the same and eat the same food.

Last week, they were playing baseball together in the garden when David over and hurt his foot. He cried a lot so Dad decided to take him to the hospital. We all got into the car and Dad there very quickly.

The doctor felt David's foot. "Don't cry, you'll be OK", she said. "Be . I'll give you some medicine and then it will stop hurting". "I don't usually like medicine", said David when the doctor gave it to him. "But this is great! It tastes like ". "Can I have some?", asked Harry. "My foot hurts too". "No!", said the doctor. And we all laughed.

Now choose the best name for this story:

Read the text and choose the best answer for each blank.

Perhaps some of the most interesting animals that have ever lived on our planet were dinosaurs. They lived here about 100,000,000 years . The first dinosaurs had short, fat legs and big heads and they looked very big lizards. This kind of dinosaur often walked on two legs. Later in history, dinosaurs' necks were longer and bodies were very heavy so they couldn't stand on just two legs. They lived in wet places. They had short teeth they used to eat plants in the forests there. Some dinosaurs were too heavy to on the ground all the time. animals often had to live by rivers so they could stand in water for part of the time. Dinosaurs are extinct now we can read about them in books and look at pictures them. Perhaps, in a dark cave somewhere, someone find a dinosaur's egg one day. What do you think?

Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Who's afraid of camels?

Betty's brother, Paul, was on holiday and he wrote her a postcard from every place that he visited. He sent the first postcard from the Pyramids. After that, Paul went on a beautiful boat on a big river, and he sent a postcard of that, too. Next to the boat, Paul wrote, ‘I went on this!’ Paul’s last postcard showed a man on a camel. ‘I'd like to ride a camel, too,’ thought Betty.

At the weekend, Betty went to the zoo with her cousin, Emma. ‘Let’s go and ride on a camel like Paul did,’ said Betty. ‘No!’ said Emma. ‘They're too dangerous.’ But when they got near the camels, they were lying down and Betty wasn’t afraid. She climbed on the smallest one. Emma took a photo of her. ‘You can show the picture to Paul,’ she laughed.

A week later, Paul came home. Betty showed her brother the photo. ‘Look at me on the camel’ she said. ‘Did you enjoy riding camels, too?’ ‘I was too afraid,’ answered Paul. ‘You didn’t ride on the camel? I don't believe it!’ she shouted. ‘No,’ Paul explained to Betty. ‘I only sent a postcard of someone else on one. I didn’t ride it.’ Betty laughed and said, ‘Me too! I just sat on its back. It didn’t stand up!’


Betty's brother wasn't at home. He was away on holiday.

Paul sent a postcard to Betty from every place that he went to.

The first place that Paul visited was the .

On another postcard, was on a camel.

visited the zoo at the weekend.

Emma didn't want to because it was too dangerous.

Betty sat on one of the camels and Emma of her.

When her came home, Betty showed him the photo.

Paul was too to ride a camel on his holiday.

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write one word on each blank.

Dear Aunt Sally,

Thank you very much for my lovely birthday present. When I opened it, I was very happy because I wanted a CD player and now I've one! Dad bought me three CDs last week so I can listen them in my bedroom now!

I had an excellent party with all my friends. We played a lot of different in the living room and Mum made a birthday cake. We are going come and see you week.

Love from

Look at three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures. Write 20 words or more.

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