PET 2020 Test 4 - Reading

3/13/2020 11:02:53 PM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Nicola is telling Tina to return something she was lent recently.
  • Nicola is hoping she can give a lost item back to its owner.
  • Nicola is asking for help to find a lost earring belonging to her.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • We have more food available, apart from what's written on the menu.
  • To decide what to eat, you must go and look at the board inside.
  • Speak to someone at the counter when you want to order your food.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Lena is ______

  • suggesting that Marta travels into town without her.
  • offering Marta a lift into town instead of catching the bus.
  • checking the time she arranged to meet Marta at the shopping center.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Tim must decide whether he's well enough to swim after his injury.
  • Tim's mum doesn't think Tim is fit and ready to go swimming yet.
  • Tim needs to inform his swimming coach that he's injured his leg.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Why is Mr. Davidson contacting students?

  • To give his opinion of the film they watched together
  • To suggest that they should spend another lesson talking about the film
  • To congratulate them on the way they took part in a film event

The people below are all doing school geography projects and want to find a website to help them. There are also descriptions of eight geography websites.

Sandra wants to learn more about what Planet Earth is actually made of, and how much of it is covered by water. She'd also like online advice about how to organise her work

Miranda wants to learn about some of the famous tourist sites in the world, and why they have become famous. She'd like to play games on the website to help her remember the information

For his project, Billy needs to find out about the biggest mountains in the world, and the kind of animals living near them. He'd also like to see videos of the locations he's studying.

Anna wants to learn about the biggest land areas of the world, and get key facts about their geography. She'd also like advice on how to improve her map-reading skills.

Kristofer's country has very cold winters, so he's interested in how other people in cold countries deal with their environment. He'd like to share his experiences online with teenagers there.

Geography Websites

A. Geoview
This website has fantastic videos of animals in changing locations and information about how they manage to live there. There are also helpful tips on understanding geographical information, such as maps and diagrams of the Earth and its oceans. Users can also share information about useful links to follow.

B. Geographical
This website has lots of maps, quizzes, and advice, to check your knowledge of what you've studied - and remind you of anything you've forgotten! There's a brilliant section about popular places in many different countries, which attract large numbers of visitors, with background historical details about the reasons these places are now so well known.

This website has interesting maps and details about places that have become famous tourist destinations in different countries, and also some famous geographical features around the world, such as the biggest mountains and rivers. There are also online tips available on how to research information for projects.

D. Go world
How do people live in places with very high or low temperatures in different seasons? Find out how people adapt to the climate they live in, how it affects their lives and what they do to stay warm or keep cool, as necessary. You can also upload your own stories about life in extreme temperatures in your country.

E. Planet Zoom
Not sure how to understand the information included on maps? Here's a step-by-step guide to using them! The site also has and puzzles about all the continents, including Africa, Asia and Europe, and important details about them, such as their huge size, and their mountain ranges, rivers and climate.

F. Worldwide
This website has lots of beautiful photos, maps and film clips to help you learn more about some of the highest - and coldest - peaks on the planet. You'll find plenty of amazing facts about them, together with details of the wildlife that makes its home in the surrounding areas.

G. Geolnfo
Which countries in the world have the coldest winters, the highest mountains or the most unusual animals? Check your knowledge with some fantastic geography puzzles and games. And the photos on this site also show people's everyday lives in very different climate conditions.

H. Geowatch
What underneath the ground we walk on? You find maps and diagrams here to tell you - including what you'd see inside the planet if you cut it in half! There's information, too, about parts of the world that aren't land, but actually oceans and seas, and help on researching and presenting project information.

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Decide which geography website would be the most suitable for each person.

  • Sandra
  • Miranda
  • Billy
  • Anna
  • Kristofer

Read the text and questions below. For each question, choose the correct answer.

Our Great Ocean Road adventure

by Donna Waverley

My family and I recently went to Australia to see my grandparents. But before we visited them, we went sightseeing along the Great Ocean Road, on the Australian coast.

Dad had intended to drive, but even though he was used to driving miles without getting exhausted, he then read on the website that the road wouldn't be an easy drive, with a number of sharp bends. Anyway, we thought he deserved to enjoy the fantastic views too, which he couldn't do as our driver. So instead, we persuaded him to book discount bus tickets and of we went.

Our first stop was where wild kangaroos lived - and Dad and I were talking a walk when a big one appeared! For a moment, it seemed to consider coming towards us, which made me slightly nervous - but then it went off along the road, stopping to check if we were following. Although it was with us for a while, I was so excited I didn't even manage to pull out my camera. Then it looked back once more and went off into the bushes.

That wasn't the only wildlife we saw. I thought it unlikely we'd see Australia's famous koala bears during our short visit, as I'd heard they were rare-but we weren't disappointed at our next stop. In fact, we discovered there were roughly six million in that area! Sadly, some gum trees they were in had very few leaves left, which people told us was because of the koalas, although I'd read that lack of water is actually the problem. Still, I guess they looked cute and were easy to find-we just followed the tourists looking up into the trees.

Dad had booked a campsite for the night, with ready-made tents - for an adventure! I wasn't sure about that, but they were actually luxury tents, within walking distance of some famous rocks and other places we hoped to visit. However, Dad also said the sounds of wild creatures would help us sleep. That sounded worrying-until the “wild creatures" turned out to be frogs! So I was embarrassed by my fear and kept awake by the frogs! But we had fun making meals together - we'd brought food, as we knew there'd be nowhere to eat.

In fact, this whole trip was fantastic!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Donna's Dad decided not to drive the Great Ocean Road himself because _____.

  • he realized he wouldn't enjoy the views as much
  • he thought it would be too tiring for him
  • he discovered the bus would be a cheaper option
  • he found out the route was very challenging

When Donna saw a kangaroo along the route, she was _____.

  • worried that it might approach her
  • amazed at the size of it
  • sad that it didn't stay with them long
  • disappointed that she had forgotten her camera
What was Donna's opinion of the place where they stayed?
  • She found it was less comfortable than she'd hoped.
  • She liked the fact that it was convenient for sightseeing.
  • She enjoyed hearing the sounds of nature as she slept.
  • She was disappointed there was no restaurant nearby.
What might Donna write in her blog during the trip?
  • The bus we’re travelling on is pretty comfortable, with great views from the window. Grandma and Grandad are enjoying it, too!
  • We can see quite a lot as we drive along, I just wish we could stop and get out to explore the property.
  • Yesterday we went to see some hugs rocks near our campsite - and we were really impressed! I’m surprised they’re not well known.
  • I wasn’t looking forward to camping, in case there were wild animals, but we haven’t seen anything at all dangerous, so I feel silly now!

According to the text, what do you think is the main food for koalas?

  • water
  • gum leaves
  • caterpillars on gum trees
  • frogs

Five sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question, choose the correct answer from A-G. There are three extra sentences that you do not need to use.

A. However, he put a lot of work into his original model.

B. It's so big, you could imagine actually lying down inside it!

C. So what gave Adrian the idea to create such a huge piano?

D. They expect that the instrument won't sound very good.

E. But things weren't always that simple.

F. That's much larger than on a normal-sized piano.

G. Most of them were surprised by the wonderful result.

H. But he soon found he couldn't move it out on his own.

The giant piano

A young man in New Zealand recently become famous for making one of the longest pianos ever. 

Adrian Mann, who now works as a professional piano builder, started building the piano when he was just 16 years old and made many of the parts for it himself. The piano is 5.7 meters long and is very heavy. And the keyboard actually has keys that are a meter in length. But despite this difference in size, the instrument can still be played perfectly, thanks to Adrian's hard work.

In fact, the whole thing started when Adrian become interested in the materials used for the wires inside the piano. These create the notes when they're hit.

And he found that if the wires were really long, he could get an amazing sound. From there, he went on to build the whole piano.

The instrument was kept inside a church in his town for some time before Adrian decided it was time to transfer the huge piano from the church to his workshop. So in the end, the fire service had to come and help take the instrument to its new home.

Since the move, a lot of piano players have visited Adrian to try out the piano. But Adrian says that when they arrive, some people aren't very positive about the piano.

But actually, it always performs brilliantly. They soon discover that the piano can play a wide range of music, just like any normal piano.

There's been so much interest in Adrian's piano that he could probably start making and selling others just like it. So, at the moment, he has no plans to make anymore.

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Clever birds

The wild birds known as ravens are thought to be very clever. In fact, they can solve some quite problems, especially when they're trying to get food. For example, one bird was filmed taking a box of nuts from a bird table and it onto the ground so that it would break and the bird could eat the nuts inside!

Scientists also that the birds could actually use stones as tools to out simple tasks. So in an experiment, they taught five birds to use a tool to open a box with food inside. The birds soon became very at doing this. So for the next experiment, the birds were given a small of tools to choose from. They always picked the tool that scientists had given them for the first task. And hours later, they could still remember which tool they'd used!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)

For each question, write the correct answer in the gap. Write ONE word in each blank.

My thoughts on how to write

by Sarah Beecham

Welcome to my blog! That's for anyone who's new and has visited this site before! But if you seen some of my blogs, then you'll know I like sharing ideas about creative writing and how to do it.

At the moment, I'm sitting at my desk in my room, I do most of my writing. I love writing stories, but not every day. I'll often update my diary or something, too - and this blog, course! But I have a notebook of things I would like to include in writing and new words I like the sound of.

But I recently discovered the most important thing is just to going once you've started writing. And doesn't matter how bad your writing is at the beginning, because you can always go back and make improvements. In fact, that's the part I enjoy most!

(Adapted from Pet for school trainer 1 for revised exam from 2020)