Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 41 - Reading & Writing

11/27/2020 9:45:00 AM

Look and read. Choose the correct words from the box.

a platform biscuits a strawberry
castles a factory rings
olives theaters a mechanic
a farmer a police officer a waiter
necklaces pyjamas a belt

Example: This is where things are made. Lots of people work there. a factory

In a café or restaurant, this person brings food to your table.

This is the place where you stand and wait for a train.

These buildings have a stage where you can see actors or singers.

This is a red fruit. It is very sweet and some people like to have it with ice cream.

You can wear this with a pair of trousers or a skirt.

This is a person who grows food for us to eat.

These places are usually very old, with strong walls. Queens and kings lived in some of them.

You wear these on your fingers, and many are made of silver or gold.

They are a type of snack and people can eat them when drinking tea.

These are usually green or black and they grow on trees.

William is talking to his mum about going to the circus with Uncle Robert. What does William say? 

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each question. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. It started at 12 and finished at 3.

B. No, thank you, I’m not hungry.

C. Yes, it was great! (Example)

D. No, we went by bus.

E. I liked the clowns best because they were so funny.

F. Yes, that’s a good idea. I'll do it now.

G. It was raining all morning and sunny in the afternoon.

H. Yes, he did. I had chocolate biscuits! I love chocolate!

Mum: Hello William, did you have fun at the circus?

William: C

Mum: Which was your favorite part of the circus? 


Mum: How long did it last?


Mum: Did you go by train? 


Mum: Did Uncle Robert give you a snack? 


Mum: Me too! Do you want to write a thank-you card for Uncle Robert?


Read the text. Choose the correct word from the box to fill in each blank.

forest | furry | extinct |  followed | creature | happened | cave | insect | spots | photographer

Last week Alice and her class went on a school trip to the forest. Alice knew there would be lots of plants and animals to see so she took her camera with her because she wants to be a one day. In the forest, Alice saw a beautiful butterfly. It had silver wings with gold . She wanted to take its photograph so she left the group and ran after it. She it down a path and saw it go into a . She was a little frightened of going in, but she did it. And, surprise - there were hundreds of other butterflies on the walls of the cave! She took lots of photos, then she went back to the group. The next week, she showed the photos to her science teacher. "Oh wow!" he said, "I thought this kind of butterfly was !" In the end, Alice’s photos were in the newspaper, and she was very happy to be a famous photographer.

Now choose the best name for this story: .

(Adapted from Skills Builder Flyers 1 (2018) - SB)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.


A firefighter’s job is very important and each day is always different. Often firefighters people who have a fire in their house. Other times, the fire is in a factory or an office. A fire grow very fast and so it is important that the team of firefighters work very . In the past, job was only for men but of course, now there are women work at fire stations. When calls a fire station, a team of about five firefighters get a fire engine and drive to where the fire . The driver of the fire engine must drive very fast but carefully. To be a firefighter you need to be brave because it can be very dangerous job. You can’t be afraid of climbing and you need to be strong you will sometimes carry heavy things. 

(Adapted from Flyer Test Plus)

Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Going to the airport

My name's Nick. Last summer I went on holiday with my sister, Kim, and my parents. We got up early in the morning because we were going by plane. We packed our suitcases the night before. When Dad woke me up I was very tired, and I didn't eat any breakfast because I wasn't hungry.

Then we all got in the car and dad started to drive to the airport. It was very foggy and we couldn't see the road at all. Suddenly, there was a loud noise as Dad hit the car in front of us. We weren't going fast so it wasn't a bad accident but the man in the other car was very angry and shouted at Dad. I was scared and my sister started crying. The man asked for our address and Dad wrote it down for him on some paper. Then Dad started driving again, very slowly this time.

When we got to the airport we were late and Mum said "We've missed the plane now!" She was very angry too. Poor Dad! But when we got inside the airport Mum found that our plane was still there. She was happier then. So we went to the airport café and waited to go on our holiday. And it was the best holiday ever!

(Adapted from YLE Tests Flyers)

That morning Nick had no breakfast because he .

In the car, it was very difficult to see the road because it was .

Nick heard a when his dad had the accident.

Nick felt when the man shouted at his dad.

Nick's dad his address and gave it to the man.

After the accident, Nick's dad decided that he should drive to the airport .

Nick's mum was happy when she heard that the plane .

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write ONE word on each blank.

Tuesday 23rd July

Dear Grandma,

We're having a good time on holiday. Our hotel is great. I've got a big room and I can see the sea my window! Yesterday we visited a castle. I lots of photos with my camera. The castle was very old and we heard lots interesting stories the kings and queens who lived there. It’s hot and sunny today so we're to go to the beach this afternoon.

See you soon.

Lots of love,


(Adapted from Flyer Test Plus)

Look at the three pictures. Write about this story. Write 20 or more words.

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