TOEFL Junior Practice Test 23 - Reading Comprehension (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

12/31/2020 5:05:00 PM

Read the notice and answer the questions.

When the safety of transporting bus students is at risk because of weather conditions, our superintendent of schools, in consultation with the manager of transportation, may choose to suspend school bus services and/or close schools. The official notification will be posted on the Parkland School Division website home page.

Weather guidelines that support the decision:
• Wind chill of approximately -50°C
Visibility of less than 1 kilometer
Impassable rural roads
Temperature of -40°C

The final decision to send a child to a bus stop or to school rests with parents, even though buses may be operational. Parents are responsible for listening to the designated radio stations to receive the correct information regarding school closures or bus cancellations.

Local radio stations notifying bus cancellations and/or school closures:
• CFCW - AM 790
• CHQT - AM 880
• CHED - AM 630
• The Weather Network (TV)
• Power 92 - FM 92
• CISN - FM 103.9
• K97 - FM 97
• Mix - FM 96
• The Bear - FM 100.3

Parents should ensure that students are dressed appropriately while traveling to and from school during inclement weather conditions. Temperatures on a school bus can drop dramatically in the event of mechanical problems.

"School buses are not running" means buses are not running for the entire day, but the school is open to students whose parents wish to bring them to school. Hot lunch will not be served, and students attending must bring a bagged lunch.

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

What would be the best title for the announcement?
  • School Closures
  • The Inclement Weather
  • Suspension of School Bus Services
  • Radio Programs
According to the announcement, all of the following are the conditions where the school can be closed EXCEPT _____.
  • temperature of -40°C
  • severe foggy days
  • road blocking in the countryside
  • traffic jams
In the third paragraph, the phrase "rests with" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • has a rest
  • depends on
  • is related to
  • is made up by

According to the announcement, all of the following are suggestions that parents should pay attention to when the inclement weather strikes EXCEPT _____.

  • making sure that students wear warm clothes
  • listening to the designated radio stations
  • browsing the Parkland School Division website home page
  • letting students eat lunch providing by schools
What can we infer from the announcement?
  • The school bus services need improving.
  • The school will be shut when the school buses do not run.
  • Notification regarding school closures or bus cancellations will be delivered via various radio channels.
  • All students go to school by bus.

Read the letter and answer the questions.

Dear Mr. Allen, 

I am writing this cover letter to apply for your middle school teacher position at South Side Middle School, and ask you to consider my career qualifications for this role. 

Briefly, I have worked these last 12 years as a middle school math teacher, teaching Algebra and Advanced Math Concepts for general and honors classes. In my career, I have worked for two private middle schools in Oakland, CA, with classrooms of up to 25 students. I have a master's degree in Math Teaching at the middle school level. I know my experience, great passion for children, and my knowledge of math makes me an excellent choice for your middle school teacher position. 

Please contact me at (666)-741-4601 and at your earliest convenience, I would love to discuss my educational background further with you, as well as make a tour of your fine facilities. I have heard of your excellent reputation for academics, and cannot wait for the opportunity to be a part of this. Thanks for your consideration. 


Charles Clark

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

What does the writer write the letter for?
  • To ask about a school he will work at
  • To introduce himself to his friend
  • To discuss some academic issues with another teacher
  • To apply for a vacant job position in a school
What is probably true about the writer?
  • He has a lot of experience in teaching.
  • He is the only one who applies for this job.
  • He has never worked in a middle school.
  • He doesn't care about how much he'll be paid.
What is NOT mentioned as one of the writer's advantages when he applied for the job?
  • The ability to deal with different psychological problems of children
  • The experience of teaching math for many years
  • The wish to work with young students
  • The academic standing in math
In the third paragraph, the word "reputation" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • fame
  • technology
  • consideration
  • experience
In the third paragraph, the word "this" refers to _____.
  • the facility
  • the school
  • the academics
  • the background

Read the story and answer the questions.

Sebastiaan Bowier has pedaled his way into the record books by completing the fastest ever time in the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge.

The Dutch cyclist broke the world's speed record for a bike as he rode across Battle Mountain Road in the Nevada Desert. Setting off with a little help, he became the fastest ever cyclist in a human-powered vehicle, traveling at 133.78 kilometers per hour (83 miles per hour). 

"I pushed 200 watts halfway, and then I started 350 or 400 watts and 110 (kilometers) or so. At one and a half miles, I thought I would go 20 kilometers faster. So from there I went flat out and went sprinting.

Bowier's high-tech recumbent bike was designed by students from two Dutch universities.

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

In the first paragraph, the word "pedaled" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • cycled
  • found
  • missed
  • put
What is the best title for this passage?
  • Fastest Human in the World
  • A Bicycle Competition
  • Fastest Cyclist
  • A Record Book
What probably happened to Sebastiaan Bowier at the beginning of the competition?
  • He might have got some kind of assistance.
  • His bike was broken for some unknown reason.
  • He fell from his seat and fell behind others.
  • The weather was bad for the competition.
What was Sebastiaan's strategy of riding?
  • Starting with full speed
  • Starting with average speed and then accelerating
  • Trying to lead all the other competitors all the way
  • Staying close to the first-place cyclist then trying to surpass that one

What happened after the first one and a half miles?

  • Sebastiaan started to feel tired.
  • Sebastiaan went the wrong way.
  • Sebastiaan was in the lead.
  • Sebastiaan started to devote every effort.
In the last paragraph, the word "high-tech" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • advanced
  • shiny
  • mysterious
  • electricity-powered
What can we infer about Sebastiaan's bike?
  • It has not had a brand name yet.
  • It is very costly.
  • It comes from a large company.
  • It's popular among college students.

Read the story and answer the questions.

Family vacations can be an adventure. When you have a child who has ADHD, a child who is legally blind, and a third child to boot, it definitely can get interesting. 

One year, we decided to go to one of our favorite places and rent a cabin on the west side of San Juan Island, where we could enjoy the scenery and watch for our beloved Orca whales.

Any time the Kirchner family came to town, it was an adventure to say the least. By the first night that we arrived, Jonathan, who is my ADHD son, had already discovered a mother otter and her litter and created panic. He had trapped her in a tiny cave and was innocently going towards her when Bob discovered what he had done and luckily saved him. Jon was only about 10 at the time but had no fear of anything ... and he adored animals of any kind. 

Hence began Bob's narration of animal behavior. He knew what not to do. For someone who survived 2 tours in Cambodia unscathed, Bob has a rather healthy attitude towards nature and situations in general where you can unwittingly get yourself into trouble. In an effort to try and impart to Jon some of his wisdom in this area though, he might have gone a bit overboard. 

He began to warn all the kids against what we laughingly began to call "waging wildlife". In an effort to scare his fearless eldest son, he began to give him admonitions such as "You need to watch out for deer if you make them mad, they can slash you to death with their hooves." "What are you doing flapping your arms like that outside the car? Didn't you see those eagles up in the trees? If you make them upset, they can swoop down and carry your sister right off." Last but not least, "You do not want to corner a rabbit. They have big teeth for a reason, and if you make them mad, all they have to do is run at you and start biting." 

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

In the first paragraph, the word "legally" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • lawfully
  • almost
  • completely
  • permanently
What does the author mean when she says, "family vacations can be an adventure"?
  • Watching for Orca whales can be always dangerous.
  • Wildlife on San Juan Island can be too fierce for a family.
  • A vacation can be whether a burden to a family with diseased children or not.
  • The author and her family love adventuring outdoors.

According to the passage, why did Bob stop Jonathan going towards the mother otter?

  • The mother otter didn't belong to his family.
  • Bob had a rather negative attitude towards nature and wildlife.
  • It could be very dangerous for a ten-year-old child to do that.
  • Jonathan might hurt the mother otter and her litter.
In the fourth paragraph, the phrase "impart to" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • separate
  • part
  • persuade
  • tell
According to the passage, why did Bob begin to give Jonathan many admonitions?
  • He wanted to tell Jonathan what not to do by scaring him.
  • He got used to making up stories of animal behavior.
  • It was necessary for a family to watch out for wildlife.
  • Jonathan was interested in the story Bob told him.
What is the best title for this story?
  • My Story About Wildlife and My ADHD Child
  • The Trouble with ADHD Children in an Adventure
  • How to Get Along with ADHD Children in Life
  • Dreadful Waging Wildlife

Read the e-mail and answer the questions.

Respected Mr. Dawson,

I would Iike to inform you that our company has announced the opening for a new job position of a junior marketing manager. This job opening was decided because our previous junior marketing manager recently resigned, and we weren't able to fit anybody else in that position. I am providing you with the details of the company and the job profile as follows. Please find an attached interview document, which you need to fill in and send back to us.

Our company is an IT solution organization which has been developing computer solutions and software for different companies as per their needs and specifications. This job position will require the candidate to develop marketing models so that our developed software can be sold to many different companies. He/She would be required to meet with potential clients and present the products in a good light. The salary is good in this job, and there is a good exposure scope for the employee to build a career graph.

We are conducting an interview for candidates on 20th December 2016, which shall be held from 9 a.m onwards. The obvious choice would be a candidate with a good experience report, and thus I have contacted you for the same.

If you are interested in any way, then come down for the interview with a copy of your resume and in a formal dress code.

Fredrick West
Mach and Beth

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

Why did the writer write this letter?
  • To inform Dawson of his success in applying for a new job
  • To offer Dawson an interview opportunity for a new job
  • To greet Dawson before he comes
  • To apologize for a mistake
According to the letter, how did the job opening become available?
  • The previous person resigned.
  • The company was expanding.
  • The company needed an extra manager
  • The position was tiring.
What must Dawson do before going to this company?
  • Arrange an interview with the company
  • Know about this company well enough
  • Talk with the previous manager
  • Provide the information of himself
What did the job position require Dawson to do?
  • Develop new software and find potential clients
  • Optimize selling methods and demonstrate software to customers
  • Discuss how to make best use of the products and make the introduction
  • Speak with clients and give them feedback

In the third paragraph, the word "conducting" is closest in meaning to _____.

  • researching
  • removing
  • canceling
  • having

According to the third paragraph, what can we infer about the job interview?

  • There will be more than one interview on 20th December.
  • All candidates have a good experience report.
  • Dawson will have to get to the company before 9 a.m on 20th December.
  • The interview will last all day.
Why did the writer send this letter to Dawson?
  • Dawson was one of his acquaintances.
  • He believed Dawson could do this job well.
  • He thought that Dawson had good experience.
  • He was worried there would not be other candidates.
What would be the most appropriate title for this letter?
  • Respected Mr. Dawson
  • A Junior Marketing Manager's Resignation
  • Mr. Dawson's Experience for the Manager Position
  • New Job Announcement Email

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Birds are animals with feathers. Because they can fly, they are the fastest animals on earth. Some birds can reach speeds of up to 160 km an hour. However, not all birds can fly. Some birds, like ostriches, can run and, like penguins, can swim. 

There are about 10,000 kinds of birds. The smallest bird is the hummingbird which gets only about 5 cm big, and the largest one is the ostrich which may grow up to 2.5 meters tall. Birds live everywhere in the world - from the cold polar regions to the rainforests of Africa. 

There are birds, like ducks or seagulls, that always live near water. Many birds from colder areas migrate to warmer regions to avoid harsh winters, but others stay in their living area all the year round. 

All birds hatch from eggs. Female birds lay their eggs in nests that they build. Baby birds remain in the nest for several weeks or months after hatching. Their parents feed them and care for them until they are old enough. 

Birds belong to the group of animals that have backbones like we do. These animals are called vertebrates. Like mammals, birds are warm-blooded - their temperature always stays the same, even if it is cold outside. Birds don't have teeth; they have a hard beak that they use to get food or defend themselves. 

A bird has a light but strong skeleton and bones that are hollow. Many of them are joined together. The strongest muscles are in the wings. These powerful wings help birds stay in the air. Some birds, which are fast runners or have a lot of weight to carry, have the strongest muscles in their legs. 

Feathers cover most of a bird's body. Some birds have up to 25,000 feathers. In many types of birds, the feathers are brightly colored in order to attract other birds. Birds lose their feathers at least once a year. They grow new ones mostly during the breeding season. 

The bills or beaks of birds are built differently, depending on what they eat. Woodpeckers have a chisel-like bill, so they can bore into trees and look for insects. Ducks have a flat bill because they eat plants that float in the water. 

All birds have two legs. However, they don't always look the same. Birds that fly most of the time have very short legs and wading birds or fast runners have long ones. The majority of birds have four toes on each foot - one of them points backwards. Climbing birds have two toes pointed to the back to give it more grip. 

Birds that mostly live in the water have skin between their toes. This lets them swim better than others. 

In order to fly, birds need a lot of oxygen, so they need a powerful heart to get it into their lungs. A bird's heart beats much faster than ours does - up to 1,000 times a minute. 

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior 10 Practice Tests)

In the second paragraph, the word "regions" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • continents
  • islands
  • areas
  • stations
According to the passage, why do many birds migrate?
  • To lay eggs
  • To find places to build nests
  • To stay away from the cold
  • To find enough food
What can we infer about baby birds?
  • They don't have feathers when born.
  • They can't find food on their own within the next few weeks after hatching.
  • They can eat a large amount of food.
  • They usually stay in the nest until their parents leave them.
What do birds use to protect themselves?
  • Teeth
  • Wings
  • Craws
  • Beaks
In the sixth paragraph, the word "them" refers to _____.
  • lights
  • feathers
  • bones
  • skeletons

What can be inferred about birds' strongest muscles?

  • Birds store enough fat in these muscles.
  • Birds transform fat into muscles in many parts of the body.
  • These muscles can be found in different parts of the body.
  • These muscles grow fast naturally.
In the eighth paragraph, the word "bore" is closest in meaning to _____.
  • dig
  • search
  • smell
  • touch
What can be inferred about the toes of the majority of birds?
  • They are very powerful.
  • Three of them are forward.
  • Each of them has a different length.
  • They all have nails at the front.
In the last paragraph, the word "it" refers to _____.
  • heart
  • water
  • oxygen
  • food
What does the author suggest about the birds' heart?
  • It can generate oxygen fast.
  • It is smaller than the heart of most other animals.
  • It is strong and beats faster than the heart of humans.
  • We still don't know the structure of it.
What is this passage mainly about?
  • Features of birds
  • How birds fly
  • Why we should protect birds
  • What birds like to eat