Bài kiểm tra đánh giá cuối kỳ 2 lớp GNV.G5

5/17/2022 10:50:04 AM

Her birthday is _____ Friday, August 20th.

  • at
  • on
  • in
  • of

I started school _____ 2010 when I was six years old.

  • on
  • in
  • at
  • since

She likes watching the stars _____ night.

  • on
  • in
  • at
  • for

Are there any tomatoes _____ the fridge?

  • at
  • in
  • of
  • to

My teacher lives _____ 45 Brighton street.

  • at
  • under
  • on
  • in

We could hang the family picture _____ the wall next to the door.

  • on
  • in
  • at
  • to

We’d like _____ a holiday in Sydney next summer.

  • have
  • had
  • to have
  • having

I’d like _______ this letter to Ha Noi.

  • sending
  • to send
  • sent
  • is sending

My brother loves_____to music very much.

  • to be listened
  • listening
  • to listen
  • listened

She dislikes _____ horror films but her brother does.

  • watch
  • to watch
  • watching
  • to be watched

He telephoned _____ me to the party.

  • so to as invite
  • to invite
  • order in to invite
  • so that to invite

She hid the present _____.

  • for the children not find it
  • in order to the children not to find it
  • in other that the children not to find it
  • so that the children couldn’t find it

This river is _____ than it was last year.

  • more clean
  • clean
  • cleaner
  • the cleanest

Peter is much _____ his brother.

  • more young and intelligent than
  • younger and more intelligent than
  • the more intelligent and younger than
  • more intelligent and young than
The Sears Tower is _______ building in Chicago.
  • taller
  • the more tall
  • the tallest
  • taller and taller

Give the correct form of comparison.

Dich is (careful) of the three workers. 

Honey dances _____ than her classmates.

  • more beautiful
  • most beautiful
  • more beautifully
  • most beautifully

Choose the correct sentence.


She runs _____ in my class.

  • the most slowly
  • the slowliest
  • the more slowly
  • more slowly

I have bought a _____ car.

  • red small French
  • small French red
  • French small red
  • small red French

Her room is very large. She is dreaming of a _____.

  • wooden big round table
  • round big wooden table
  • big round wooden table
  • big wooden round table

Read the story. Choose a word from the box to fill in each blank.

snowed | sang | bored | push | drive | floor | plates | fire | ice | flashlight

I enjoyed last weekend very much. My sisters and I couldn't go out and play on Saturday because it snowed all day and was very windy. Our road was closed too so my parents couldn't us to our town to go shopping. But we still had a lot of fun. Dad brought in some wood and made a big, warm in the living room. Then we all sat around it and had bowls of soup with bread and cheese to eat. Then we played games. After that, my dad played the piano, and we all our favorite songs. That evening, our bedrooms were too cold to sleep in because there was on the outside and on the inside of the windows! So we brought blankets and made beds on the of the living room and slept there! It was great!

Now choose the best name for this story: