Chuyên đề luyện thi vào lớp 6 môn Tiếng Anh - Mạo từ #2

5/2/2019 8:05:26 AM
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Fill in the gaps with the correct article: a/an/the.

Hi! My name’s Kate. I live in United States of America. Read how I spend typical day. I wake up at 7 o’clock. I have breakfast and watch news on TV. I walk to school with my sister in single line along Garden Street.  Class starts at 8 a.m. first is Maths. Then, I’ve got science. We do some experiments with toy popgun. After that I have lunch. I usually have snack. At 12 I go home. I eat dinner there and do homework. I read book entitled “By river”. worst thing to do at home is cleaning. I wash dishes, mop floor and sweep furniture. In evening I take dog for walk, go to swimming pool and have rest. Later, I take bath and go to bed. Sleep well!