Chuyên đề luyện thi vào lớp 6 môn Tiếng Anh - Đọc hiểu#2

5/3/2019 8:30:32 AM
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Read the following passage.

Sophie is eleven years old and she lives in Brighton, England.

She usually gets up at a quarter to eight, she has a shower, gets dressed and then she brushes her teeth. After that, she goes downstairs and has breakfast. For breakfast, she usually has milk, toast and orange juice. Then she brushes her teeth again because she likes them white and healthy!

Then she grabs her school bag and goes to the bus stop to catch the school bus. Classes start at half past eight and finish at half past four. She usually has lunch at the school canteen with her schoolmates at about 12 o’clock. Her best friend is Amy and Sophie always sits next to her at lunch.

After school, she returns home and does her homework. She is a very hard-working pupil and she never misses a school task! After homework, she usually listens to music and watches television a bit.

At half past seven, it is time for dinner. Then she usually reads a book or chats with her parents for a while.

Finally, she goes to bed at about ten o’clock, but before that she brushes her teeth. Sophie is a happy little girl!                  

Answer the questions about the text

a. What time does Sophie get up?

She gets up at .

b. Does she usually have a shower?


c. What does she eat for breakfast?

She eats for breakfast.

d. What does she drink for breakfast?

She drinks milk and for breakfast.

e. What does she do after breakfast?

After breakfast, she again.

f. Does she go to school on foot?


g. What time does school start?

The school starts at .

h. What time does it finish?

It finishes at .

i. Where does Sophie usually have lunch?

She usually has lunch at the .

j. Who is Sophie’s best friend?

Sophie’s best friend is .

k. What does Sophie do when she returns home?

She does her when she returns home.

l. How many times a day does she brush her teeth?

She brushes her teeth a day.

Order Sophie’s daily routine.

A. She gets up.

B. She gets dressed.

C. She catches the bus to school.

D. She has a shower.

E. She has lunch at the school canteen.

F. She listens to music.

G. She has dinner.

H. She does her homework.

I. She goes to bed.

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