Đề thi thử THPT môn tiếng Anh số 8

3/22/2023 11:26:19 AM

Nam and Phong are planning for their weekend.

Nam: "How about having a drive to the countryside this weekend?"

Phong: "_____"

  • That's a good idea.
  • Not at all.
  • Thanks a lot.
  • I can't drive.

Two students are talking about the school curriculum.

- Mary: "Swimming should be made part of the school curriculum."

- Linda: "_____. It's an important life skill."

  • That's a problem
  • You can make it
  • Not at all
  • I totally agree with you

Despacito, ______ over four billion times on YouTube, is one of the most favourite songs among teenagers worldwide.

  • is viewed
  • which viewed
  • viewing
  • viewed

The new computers at the bank I work at are much _____ than the old ones.

  • faster
  • fastest
  • more fast
  • more faster

I _____ a gap year to find extactly what I want to do after I have graduated from high school.

  • took
  • have taken
  • take
  • will take

Tobacco is currently responsible _____ the death of one adult in ten worldwide.

  • with
  • by
  • for
  • of
Candidates are not allowed to use dictionaries in this examination, _____?
  • are they
  • aren't they
  • do they
  • don't they
Who was the first person to set foot on _____ moon?
  • a
  • an
  • x
  • the

This place used to be a tiny village, but nowadays it is a modern _____ resort.

  • bank
  • strand
  • seaside
  • beach
This hike is pretty exhausting. I don't think I can go _____ any farther.
  • ahead
  • on
  • along
  • out

I intended _____ to New York next month.

  • flew
  • to fly
  • fly
  • flying
She didn't hear the dog barking outside because she _____ headphones.
  • is wearing
  • wears
  • was wearing
  • wore

Nothing ever seems to bother Colin. No matter what happens, he always seems to remain as cool as _____.

  • a mustard
  • a starfruit
  • a cucumber
  • a banana

No matter how busy I may be, I shall be there tonight come what _____.

  • may
  • might
  • can
  • could
You shouldn't live _____ your means.
  • into
  • without
  • beyond
  • on

Are you sure my table _____ by this cleaning fluid?

  • hadn’t damaged
  • won’t be damaged
  • isn’t damaging
  • hasn’t damaged

Mr. Pike provided us with an _____ guide to the full-time and part-time programs on offer to a range of candidates drawn from schools and colleges.

  • inform
  • informative
  • informer
  • information

Choose the word which has the bold part pronounced differently from the others.

  • regret

  • beggar

  • organize

  • singer

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • community

  • computer

  • museum

  • struggle

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.
  • wealthy
  • inspire
  • protect
  • extinct
Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.
  • evening
  • suggestion
  • historic
  • solution

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

From the beginning, not so many people realized the danger of the Coronavirus so they did not do much to protect themselves.

  • forgot
  • understood
  • questioned
  • suffered

Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

In my hurry to finish the exam, I had overlooked part of one of the questions.

  • missed
  • noticed
  • examined
  • answered

Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

The boss is quick to give you the what for if you make even a minor mistake.

  • compliment
  • criticize
  • evaluate
  • appraise

Read the passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

Light out of ten British schools requires students to wear school uniforms. Wearing a uniform has been regarded as part of British school tradition for a long time, and makes a good on people. Some schools have used the idea of school uniforms as an opportunity to let the students themselves by designing their uniforms so they could play a part in deciding what they would wear every day.

The UK government has just announced the results of a study showed that many parents actually dread the beginning of the school year because they cannot afford to buy their children uniforms. This is because schools in areas make arrangements with one local shop so that their uniforms can only be bought there, and this enables the shop to increase the prices it doesn't have any competition. The result of the survey is that pressure will now be put on schools to deal with the problem and make sure that uniforms can be bought at reasonable prices.

Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question below.

Today, in many parts of the world, it is customary for people to shake hands upon meeting as a gesture of goodwill. Originally, however, the practice of shaking hands had more practical purposes.

Shaking hands originated in medieval times. In those days, when a man came on a stranger, he would often automatically reach for his sword with his right hand, in case he had to use the weapon to defend himself. Sometimes, both parties found themselves circling around each other, weapons in hand, until it was mutually agreed that the weapons could be laid aside. Then the two parties extended their right hands to show they had no weapons and clasped them. This was the beginning of the handshake.

The custom of shaking hands is not a universal one. In the orient, people have for centuries, clasped their own in front of them upon meeting to show that they held no weapons. In France, a custom developed in which people who met would kiss each other on both cheeks. The natives or some South Seas islands greet us by rubbing noses.

The word "came on" in the second paragraph can be best replaced by _____.

  • visited
  • met
  • attacked
  • waited

In medieval times, the purpose of shaking hands was _____.

  • to show that both parties were ready for fight
  • to show that there were no weapons in hands
  • to show a gesture of goodwill
  • to show a good relationship with each other

The word "they" in paragraph 2 refers to _____.

  • strangers
  • weapons
  • hands
  • parties

Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the handshake?

  • It is one of the social customs.
  • It is a gesture of goodwill.
  • It is very popular in all countries in the world.
  • It happened for the first time very long time ago.

What is the main idea of the paragraph?

  • The origin of shaking hands
  • The overview of shaking hands
  • Shaking hands as a universal custom
  • Shaking hands in the orient

Read the passage and choose the correct answers.


Thanks to their partnership with a charity called Magic Breakfast, hundreds of primary schools in the UK provide a good breakfast to over 23,500 UK schoolchildren every school day. Without this, they would start school on an empty stomach. These children, who come from deprived backgrounds, are offered a free breakfast before classes begin. The support of sponsors like supermarkets, and cereal and bagel manufacturers means each nutritious breakfast costs the charity just 22 pence per child. The popularity of the breakfast clubs with pupils is not only down to the tasty food which ends morning hunger pangs, but also the chance to socialise with some of the staff. The atmosphere is relaxed enough for pupils to chat about their problems over breakfast before lessons begin.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Children whose last meal on arrival at school was lunch the day before are so hungry that they can not concentrate. Some exhibit behavioral problems. A study published by health experts in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition bears out the importance of Magic Breakfast’s work. It found that a healthy breakfast is connected with higher academic performance. Of schools that took part in the research, 84 percent reported breakfast club attendance had a positive impact on educational attainment, 95 percent said pupils had greater alertness and energy levels.

Magic Breakfast is a charity that feeds children in 460 primary schools in the UK. It works with schools where over 35 percent of the people are eligible for free school meals. There are over 300 schools waiting to join the scheme. Its goal is to make sure that by 2020, there are no children in the UK too hungry to learn.

(Source: Upgrade your English)

What is the main purpose of the passage? 

  • to emphasise the importance of eating breakfast
  • to describe a charity's work in schools
  • to encourage readers to support a charity
  • to point out school children's nutritional needs

The word "this" in the first paragraph refers to _____.

  • charity
  • children
  • breakfast
  • stomatch

The word "socialise" in paragraph 1 is closet in meaning to _____.

  • cooperate
  • associate
  • dismiss
  • appoint

Which children does Magic Breakfast help?

  • those who have no time for breakfast
  • those whose families are in financial difficulty
  • those who arrive at school early
  • those who have problems at school

What is TRUE about the meal served by Magic Breakfast? 

  • It costs each child 22 pence.
  • It is provided by the school canteen.
  • It may include cereal and bagels.
  • It is shared with members of the charity.

According to the passage, where is Magic Breakfast available? 

  • in 35 percent of UK primary schools
  • in 300 UK primary schools
  • in all areas where it is needed
  • in over half the schools that need it

The word "eligible" in the last paragraph is closet in meaning to _____.

  • licensed
  • attractive
  • alternative
  • satisfied

Choose the sentence that best combines this pair of sentences.

He helps me every day. I can finish my homework.

  • Provided he helped me every day, I would not finish my homework.
  • Unless he helps me every day, I will finish my homework.
  • But for his daily help, I would not finish my homework.
  • I would not finish my homework if he helped me every day.

Choose the sentence that best combines this pair of sentences.

The basketball team knew they lost the match. They soon started to blame each other.

  • Hardly had the basketball team known they lost the match when they started to blame each other.
  • No sooner had the basketball team started to blame each other than they knew they lost the match.
  • As soon as they blamed each other, the basketball team knew they lost the match.
  • Not only did the basketball team lose the match but they blamed each other as well.

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Because the directions were written clearly, my little brother comprehend how to use his new phone a few hours ago.

  • Because
  • written
  • comprehend
  • a few

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Ms. Durkin asked volunteers to help she with the employee fitness program.

  • volunteers
  • to
  • she
  • employee

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Some people believe animal behaviour could offer a viable alternative means of earthquake detective.

  • behaviour
  • viable
  • means
  • detective

Choose the sentence CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

The last time he sent me postcards was when he was in France.

  • He last sent me postcards since he was in France.
  • It has been in France that he sent me postcards.
  • He sends me postcards whenever he is in France.
  • He hasn't sent me postcards since he was in France.

Choose the sentence CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

Visitors are not allowed to take pictures in this area.

  • Visitors mustn’t take pictures in this area.
  • Visitors must take pictures in this area.
  • Pictures mustn’t take in this area.
  • Visitors must be allowed to take pictures.

Choose the sentence CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

"I'll drop you from the team if you don't train harder." said the captain to John.

  • The captain urged that John should train harder in order not to drop out.
  • The captain threatened to drop John from the team unless he trained harder.
  • John was reminded to train harder so as not to dropping from the team.
  • The captain promised to drop John from the team in case he trains harder.