Đề thi thử THPT QG môn Tiếng Anh #8

7/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
Đề thi thử THPT QG môn Tiếng Anh #8 giúp các em học sinh khắp các tỉnh thành ôn luyện cho kỳ thi THPT quốc gia.

- “Remember to phone me when you arrive at the airport.”

- “_____.” 

  • I remember
  • I do
  • I don’t
  • I will

- “Is it all right if I use your bike?”

- “_____.”

  • I don’t want to use your bike
  • Sure, go ahead
  • Sorry, no, I won’t do it
  • Please accept it with my best wishes

We should participate in the movements _____ the natural environment.

  • organizing to conserve
  • organized conserving
  • organized to conserve
  • which organize to conserve

Certificates provide proof of your _____.

  • qualifications
  • vouchers
  • ambitions
  • accounts

The company introduced a new training program, _____ productivity rose significantly in the following quarter.

  • on condition that
  • with the result that
  • provided that
  • in order that

There is _____ to be a serious energy crisis in the next century.

  • reputed
  • known
  • foreseen
  • bound

_____ interested in that subject, I would try to learn more about it.

  • Were I
  • If I am
  • Should I
  • I was

I’m not sure my brother will ever get married because he hates the feeling of being _____.

  • tied in
  • tied down
  • tied up
  • tied in with

Helen has just bought _____.

  • some new black wool two scarves
  • two black wool new scarves
  • two new black wool scarves
  • two scarves new wool black

Another _____ will be drawn from the experiment.

  • conclusion
  • attention
  • contrast
  • inference

Don’t _____. You’ve only just begun the course 3 years ago after falling on some broken glass.

  • put up
  • get up
  • give up
  • grow up

Joanne has only one eye, she lost _____.

  • other
  • other ones
  • another one
  • the other

No matter ______ Mozart was an accomplished composer while still a child.

  • how it seems remarkable
  • how remarkable it seems
  • how it remarkable seems
  • how seems it remarkable

She is extremely competent and _____.

  • industrial
  • industrious
  • industry
  • industrialized

Choose the word whose underlined part that differs from the other three in the pronunciation

  • method

  • father

  • feather

  • weather

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • chemistry

  • children

  • schooling

  • character

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • political
  • furniture
  • yesterday
  • ambulance

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • humorous
  • educator
  • organism
  • contaminate

Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each of the questions.

According to airline industry statistics, almost 90 percent of airline accidents are survivable or partially survivable. But passengers can increase their chances of survival by learning and following certain tips. Experts say that you should read and listen to safety instructions before take-off and ask questions if you have uncertainties. You should fasten your seat belt low on your hips and as tightly as possible. Of course, you should also know how the release mechanism of your belt operates. During take-offs and landings, you are advised to keep your feet flat on the floor. Before take-off, you should locate the nearest exit and an alternative exit and count the rows of seats between you and the exits so that you can reach them in the dark if necessary. In the event that you are forewarned of a possible accident, you should put your hands on your ankles and keep your head down until the planes come to a complete stop. If smoke is present in the cabin, you should keep your head low and cover your face with napkins, towels, or clothing. If possible, wet these for added protection against smoke inhalation. To evacuate as quickly as possible, follow crew commands and do not take personal belongings with you. Do not jump on escape slides before they are fully inflated, and when you jump, do so with your arms and legs extended in front of you. When you get to the ground, you should move away from the plane as quickly as possible, and smoke near the wreckage.

What is the main topic of the passage?

  • Procedures for evacuation aircraft
  • Guidelines for increasing aircraft passenger survival
  • Airline industry accident statistics
  • Safety instructions in air travel

Travelers are urged by experts to read and listen to safety instructions _____.

  • if smoke is in the cabin
  • in an emergency
  • before locating the exits
  • before take-off

According to the passage, airline travelers should keep their feet flat on the floor _____.

  • especially during landings
  • throughout the flight
  • only if an accident is possible
  • during take-offs and landings

According to the passage, which exits should an airline passenger locate before take off?

  • The ones with counted rows of seats between them.
  • The nearest one.
  • The two closest to the passenger’s seat.
  • The ones that can be found in the dark.

The word “them” refers to_____.

  • seats
  • rows
  • exits
  • feet

It can be inferred from the passage that people are more likely to survive fires in aircrafts if they______.

  • don’t smoke in or near a plane
  • read airline safety statistics
  • wear a safety belt
  • keep their heads low

Airline passengers are advised to do all of the following EXCEPT _______.

  • ask questions about safety
  • locate the nearest exit
  • fasten their seat belts before take-off
  • carry personal belongings in an emergency

The word “inflated” is closest in meaning to _____.

  • expanded
  • lifted
  • assembled
  • increased

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Antarctic blue whales can be 100 foot long and weigh more than any dinosaur that ever lived.

  • blue whales
  • foot
  • more than
  • ever lived

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

The nests of most bird species are strategic placed to camouflage them against predators.

  • most
  • species
  • strategic
  • against

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.
All data in computer are changed into electronic pulses by an input unit.

  • in computer
  • into
  • by
  • unit

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each of the following questions. 

Fish that live on the sea bottom benefit by being flat and hugging the contours. There are two very different types of flatfish and they have evolved in very separate ways. The skates and rays, relatives of the sharks have become flat in what might be called the obvious way. Their bodies have grown out sideways to form great “wings”. They look as though they have been flattened but have remained symmetrical and “the right way up”. Conversely, fish such as plaice, sole, and halibut have become flat in a different way. There are bony fish which have a marked tendency to be flattened in a vertical direction; they are much “taller” than they are wide. They use their whole vertically flattened bodies as swimming surfaces, which undulate through the water as they move. Therefore when their ancestors migrated to the seabed, they lay on one side than on their bellies. However, this raises the problem that one eye was always looking down into the sand and was effectively useless - In evolution, this problem was solved by the lower eye “moving” around the other side. We see this process of moving around enacted in the development of every young bony flatfish. It starts life swimming near the surface, and is symmetrical and vertically flattened, but then the skull starts to grow in a strange asymmetrical twisted fashion, so that one eye, for instance, the left, moves over the top of the head upwards, an old Picasso - like vision. Incidentally, some species of 20 flatfish settle on the right side, others on the left, and others on either side. 

The passage is mainly concerned with________.

  • symmetrical flatfish
  • bony flatfish
  • evolution of flatfish
  • different types of flatfish

The author mentions skates and rays as examples of fish that ______.

  • become asymmetrical
  • appear to fly
  • have spread horizontally
  • resemble sharks

It can be inferred from the passage that horizontal symmetrical fish ____.

  • have one eye each side of the head
  • have one eye underneath the head
  • have two eyes on top of the head
  • have eyes that move around the head

The word “conversely” is closest in meaning to _____.

  • similarly
  • alternatively
  • inversely
  • contrarily

The word “this” refers to______.

  • the migration of the ancestors
  • the practice of lying on one side
  • the problem of the one eye looking downwards
  • the difficulty of the only one eye being useful

According to the passage, the ability of a bony flatfish to move its eyes around is_______.

  • average
  • weak
  • excellent
  • variable

It can be inferred from the passage that the early life of a flatfish is ____

  • often confusing
  • pretty normal
  • very difficult
  • full of danger

Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

No one knew precisely what would happen to a human being in space.

  • casually
  • flexibly
  • wrongly
  • informally

Choose the word(s) which is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

China has become the third country in the world which can independently carried out the manned space activities.

  • put up
  • put in
  • put off
  • put on

Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part.
The students got high marks in the test but Mary stood out.

  • got very good marks.
  • got a lot of marks.
  • got higher marks than someone.
  • got the most marks of all.

Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part.

If the world’s tropical forests continue to disappear at their present rate, many animal species will be extinct.

  • die for
  • die from
  • die of
  • die out

Choose the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences.

It was an interesting novel. I stayed up all night to finish it.

  • I stayed up all night to finish the novel so it was interesting.
  • Unless it were an interesting novel, I would not stay up all night to finish it.
  • Though it was an interesting novel, I stayed up all night to finish it.
  • So interesting was the novel that I stayed up all night to finish it.

Choose the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences.
The teacher gave some instructions. I don’t understand any of them.

  • The instructions the teacher gave are not understanding to me.
  • It was the instructions the teacher gave that confused me.
  • It hasn’t been clear to me about the instructions given by the teacher.
  • I’m finding it difficult to figure out what the teacher required according to his instructions.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the given one.

When the unemployment rate is high, the crime rate is usually also high.

  • The unemployment rate and the crime rate are both higher.
  • The higher the unemployment rate is, the higher the crime rate is.
  • The unemployment rate is as high as the crime rate.
  • The high rate of unemployment depends on the high rate of crime.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the given one.

You should have persuaded him to change his mind.

  • It was essential to persuade him to change his mind but you didn’t.
  • You didn't persuade him to change because of his mind,
  • You should persuade him to change his mind.
  • You persuaded him to change his mind but he didn't listen.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the given one.

I wish you hadn't said that.

  • I wish you not to say that.
  • If only you didn’t say that,
  • I hope you will not say that.
  • It would be nice if you hadn’t said that.

Read the following passage and choose the correct word for each of the blanks.

Ever since it was first possible to make a real robot, people have been hoping for the invention of the machine that would do all the necessary jobs around the house. If boring and repetitive factory work could be (A)_____ by robots, why not boring and repetitive household chores, too?

For a long time, the only people who really gave the problem their attention were amateur inventors. And they came up against a major difficulty. That is, housework is actually very complex. It has never been one job, it has always been many. A factory robot (B)_____ one task endlessly until it is reprogrammed to do something else. It doesn’t run the whole factory. A housework robot, on the other hand, has to do several different (C)_____ of cleaning and carrying jobs and also has to cope (D)_____ all the different shapes and positions of rooms, furniture, ornaments, cats, and dogs. (E)_____, there have been some developments recently. Sensors are available to help the robot locate objects and avoid obstacles. We have the technology to produce the hardware. All that is missing -the software- the programs that will operate the machine.


  • managed
  • given
  • made
  • succeeded


  • carries away
  • carries over
  • carries off
  • carries out


  • systems
  • ways
  • types
  • methods


  • with
  • from
  • for
  • by


  • Moreover
  • However
  • Besides
  • Therefore