Đề luyện thi tiếng Anh THPT QG # 30

12/14/2018 12:00:00 AM
Đề thi thử THPTQG môn Anh 2019 lần 1 - THPT Đội Cấn, Vĩnh Phúc giúp các em học sinh khắp các tỉnh thành ôn luyện cho kỳ thi THPT quốc gia.

Choose the sentence that best combines this pair of sentences.

We arrived at airport. We realized our passports were still at home.

  • It was until we arrived at airport that we realize our passports were still at home.
  • We arrived at airport and realized our passports are still at home.
  • Not until had we arrived at airport we realized our passports were still at home.
  • Not until we arrived at airport did we realize our passports were still at home.

Choose the sentence that best combines this pair of sentences.

You have just passed your exam. This makes your parents happy.

  • Having just passed your exam making your parents happy.
  • You have just passed your exam which it makes your parents happy.
  • You have just passed your exam makes your parents happy.
  • That you have just passed your exam makes your parents happy.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the following sentence.

The criminal is believed to be living abroad.

  • The belief is that the criminal should be living abroad.
  • It believes that the criminal is living abroad.
  • There's a belief that the criminal should be living abroad.
  • It is believed that the criminal is living abroad.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to this sentence.

Astrology greatly interests him.

  • He takes a keen interest in astrology.
  • He finds astrology very interested.
  • Astrology is the subject he enjoys the most.
  • He is very interesting in astrology.

Choose the sentence closest in meaning to the following sentence.

"If I were you, I would never turn the television up late at night," the man told his daughter.

  • The man wished his daughter didn't turn the television up late at night.
  • The man ordered his daughter not to turn the television up when it's late at night.
  • The man said if he was his daughter, he would turn the television down at night.
  • The father advised his daughter not to turn the television up late at night.

Choose the word(s) which is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

The employee's claim of being out with the flu did not seem very plausible because he returned from sick leave with a deep tan.

  • tactful
  • vulnerable
  • inattentive
  • unreasonable

Choose the word(s) which is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

TELF.com is a website which offers a job research facility to assist qualified students in finding work.

  • help
  • aid
  • support
  • hinder

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

When being interviewed, you should concentrate on what the interviewer is saying or asking you.

  • be interested in
  • be related to
  • pay all attention to
  • express interest to

Choose the word(s) which is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Some 12th-grade students find sitting the entrance exam to be accepted into universities such a daunting process that they become depressed due to the level of stress.

  • long-lasting
  • comforting
  • intimidating
  • intriguing

Linda is thanking Daniel for his birthday present.

Lida: "Thanks for the book. I've been looking for it for months."

Daniel: "_____"

  • I'm glad you like it.
  • You can say that again.
  • I like reading books.
  • Thank you for looking for it.

Daisy is talking to Mary about the house.

Daisy: "What a lovely house you have!"

Mary: "_____"

  • Of course not, it's not costly.
  • No problem.
  • I think so.
  • Thank you. Hope you will drop in.

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • confuse
  • private
  • advise
  • arrange

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • advancement
  • disposal
  • attention
  • sacrifice

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • page

  • face

  • date

  • care

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • arrested

  • commented

  • reserved

  • exploded

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

There are many theories about the beginning of drama in ancient Greece. The one most widely accepted today is based on the assumption that drama evolved from ritual. The argument for this view goes as follows. In the beginning, human beings viewed the natural forces of the world, even the seasonal changes, as unpredictable, and they sought, through various means, to control these unknown and feared powers. Those measures which appeared to bring the desired results were then retained and repeated until they hardened into fixed rituals. Eventually stories arose which explained or veiled the mysteries of the rites. As time passed some rituals were abandoned, but the stories, later called myths, persisted and provided material for art and drama.

Those who believe that drama evolved out of ritual also argue that those rites contained the seed of theater because music, dance, masks, and costumes were almost always used. Furthermore, a suitable site had to be provided for performances, and when the entire community did not participate, a clear division was usually made between the "acting area" and the "auditorium." In addition, there were performers, and, since considerable importance was attached to avoiding mistakes in the enactment of rites, religious leaders usually assumed that task. Wearing mask and costumes, they often impersonated other people, animals, or supernatural beings, and mimed the desired effect ― success in hunt or battle, the coming rain, the revival of the Sun ― as an actor might. Eventually such dramatic representations were separated from religious activities.

Another theory traces the theater's origin from the human interest in storytelling. According to this view, tales (about the hunt, war, or other feats) are gradually elaborated, at first through the use of impersonation, action, and dialogue by a narrator and then through the assumption of each of the roles by a different person. A closely related theory traces theater to those dances that are primarily rhythmical and gymnastic or that are imitations of animal movements and sounds.

What does the passage mainly discuss?

  • The origins of theater.
  • The role of ritual in modern dance.
  • The importance of storytelling.
  • The variety of early religious activities.

According to the passage, what is the main difference between ritual and drama?

  • Ritual uses music whereas drama does not.
  • Ritual is shorter than drama.
  • Ritual requires fewer performers than drama.
  • Ritual has a religious purpose and drama does not.

The passage supports which of the following statements?

  • No one really knows how the theater began.
  • Myths are no longer represented dramatically.
  • Storytelling is an important part of dance.
  • Dramatic activities require the use of costumes.

The word "they" refers to ______.

  • seasonal changes
  • natural forces
  • theories
  • human beings

What aspect of drama does the author discuss in the first paragraph?

  • The reason drama is often unpredictable.
  • The seasons in which dramas were performed.
  • The connection between myths and dramatic plots.
  • The importance of costumes in early drama.

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a common element of theater and ritual?

  • Dance
  • Costumes
  • Music
  • Magic

The word "considerable" is closest in meaning to ______.

  • thoughtful
  • substantial
  • relational
  • ceremonial

The word "enactment" is closest in meaning to ______.

  • establishment
  • performance
  • authorization
  • season

She didn't enjoy her first year at college because she failed to _____ her new friends.

  • come in for
  • go down with
  • get on with
  • look down on

There are many ____ history books in our library.

  • American interesting old
  • interesting old American
  • old American interesting
  • interesting American old

Up to now, they have not made a _____ whether they will go or not.

  • decision
  • decisive
  • decidedly
  • decide

I suggest that John _____ the directions carefully before assembling the bicycle. He doesn't want the wheels to fall off while he is riding down a hill.

  • reads
  • read
  • to read
  • reading

We should avoid _____ personal questions in conversations.

  • ask
  • to asking
  • asking
  • to ask

Sarah and I ______ reserved the rooms in the same hotel. She was really surprised to see me there.

  • deliberately
  • intentionally
  • coincidentally
  • practically

We have just visited disadvantaged children in an orphanage ____ in Bac Ninh Province.

  • located
  • which locates
  • to locate
  • locating

If he hadn't wasted too much time, he _____ in his examination.

  • wouldn't fail
  • won't fail
  • wouldn't have failed
  • would fail

The mother _____ her little son. She gives him whatever he wants.

  • spoils
  • damages
  • harms
  • ruins

Mike painted his bedroom black. It looks dark and dreary. He _____ a different color.

  • must have chosen
  • had to choose
  • should have chosen
  • could have been choosing

Air pollution is getting ____ serious in big cities in the world.

  • more and more
  • most and most
  • the more and the more
  • the most and the most

I _____ to play the piano for five months but I haven't been very successful at this.

  • learn
  • had learned
  • has learned
  • have learned

Read the following passage and choose the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the blanks.

The warming of the Pacific Ocean has created weather patterns (A)______ strongly affect the world. When the weather is warm, the (B)______ of rainfall in Indonesia and the surrounding regions decreases. Australia could even experience a drought in many parts. On the other hand, Chile (which borders the Pacific Ocean) is preparing for severe rainstorms. In Pakistan and northwestern India, the weather pattern makes the rainy season weaker and makes the area much drier.

This happening is called El Nino and is used by weather forecasters to make long-range weather predictions. They also know that El Nino will (C)______ unusually heavy rains to the southwestern part of the United States and make the central part of the country drier at the same time.

According to research, weather forecasters used to know about the coming weather with certainty. Now everything has become (D) ______ different. El Nino itself used to be (E)______. It would occur every two to seven years. But now, this weather pattern is becoming more frequent. We cannot say when and how often tornadoes or cyclones occur. Scientists are unsure of the reason for this change on a global scale either.


  • what
  • when
  • whether
  • that


  • amount
  • deal
  • figure
  • number


  • fetch
  • bring
  • take
  • carry


  • complete
  • completely
  • completed
  • completing


  • notable
  • incredible
  • predictable
  • remarkable

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each of the questions underneath.


Dear Editor,

I read with interest the article on American families. In general I agree with it, but there are some important things it left out. It didn't tell the reader much about the life of a househusband. It's not an easy life. I know, because I’m now a househusband myself. A househusband has to change many of his ideas and his ways.

First of all, he has to change the way he thinks about time. Before I was a househusband, I worked full-time for the New York Times. I was a reporter, and time was always important. We had to finish our article quickly and give them to the editor. Everyone was always in a hurry. This is the way, many other men work, too. Businessmen, lawyers, bankers, and doctors all have to work quickly.

At home it's different. The househusband cannot be in a hurry all the time. If you rush around, you will make everyone unhappy! The children will be unhappy because they don't understand. For them, time is not important. Your wife will be unhappy because the children are unhappy. You will be unhappy, too, because they are all unhappy. So you have to learn to slow down. That is the first and most important rule for a househusband.

There is something else the househusband must learn. You must learn to show how you feel about things. At work, men usually do not talk about feelings. If they do, people think they are strange. So, many men are not used to telling anyone about their feelings. They do not know how to talk about their anger, worries, or love. But children need to know how you feel. They need to know how much you love them. If you are angry, they need to know why. Your wife also needs to know about your feelings. If you do not say anything, your family may get the wrong idea. Then there may be serious problems.

People talk a lot about househusbands these days. Usually they talk about men doing the housework, the cooking, cleaning, and shopping. But in my opinion, these are the easiest things to leam. It was much harder for me to change the way I think and the way I act with my family. I think, other men will also find this harder, but, like me, will find it necessary if they want to have a happy family!

Ted Diamond

According to the passage, children _______ . 

  • are usually unhappy
  • are always in a hurry
  • usually don't think time is important
  • don't know how to show their feelings

The word rush” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______ .

  • move about very slowly
  • move about hurriedly
  • shout loudly and angrily
  • spend time idly

The word "they" in paragraph 4 refers to ________ .

  • strange people at work
  • men who talk about feelings
  • men as househusbands
  • men who do not talk about feelings

It can be inferred from the passage that Ted thinks _______ .

  • learning about housework is easy
  • learning about housework is a problem
  • cooking is the easiest thing to learn
  • being a househusband is easy

Family problems can happen if ____ .

  • men don't talk enough with their families
  • men talk too much with their families
  • men get wrong ideas
  • people talk about househusbands

This article is about ______. 

  • fathers and children
  • life as a househusband
  • ideas about time
  • American families

The househusband has to learn ______ .

  • to do things more slowly
  • to do things more quickly
  • the importance of time
  • how to understand his work

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

A number of tourists is going to return the evaluation form distributed by the travel agent.

  • tourists
  • is going to
  • distributed
  • travel agent

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Although pure diamond is colorless and transparent, but when contaminated with other material it may appear in various colors, ranging from pastels to opaque.

  • colorless
  • but
  • contaminated
  • ranging

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

After teaching English in Vietnam for one year, Philip decided to buy a house and spending the rest of his life there.

  • teaching
  • for
  • to buy
  • spending