Đề ôn thi tốt nghiệp THPT số 47

8/27/2020 10:35:00 AM
Đề thi gồm 50 câu hỏi theo đúng cấu trúc đề thi THPT chính thức dành cho học sinh đặt mục tiêu 9 - 10 điểm. Đề đã được giải thích đáp án chi tiết đầy đủ.

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each of the following questions.

One of the most interesting authors of the twentieth century, J.R.R Tolkien, achieved fame through his highly inventive trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. Born in 1892, Tolkien received his education from Oxford and then served in World War I. After the war, he became a professor of Anglo - Saxon and English language and literature at Oxford University.

Although published in 1965, the three books that comprise the Lord of the Rings were written in intervals from 1936 to 1949. This was mainly due to Tolkien's responsibilities as a professor and the outbreak of World War II. By the late 1960s, this fascinating trilogy had become a sociological phenomenon as young people intently studied the mythology and legends created by Tolkien.

The trilogy is remarkable not only for its highly developed account of historical fiction but also its success as a modern heroic epic. The main plot describes the struggle between good and evil kingdoms as they try to acquire a magic ring that has the power to rule the world. The novels, which are set in a time called Middle Earth, describe a detailed fantasy world. Established before humans populated the Earth, Middle Earth was inhabited by good and evil creatures such as hobbits, elves, monsters, wizards, and some humans. The characters and the setting of Middle Earth were modeled after mythological stories from Greece and Northern Europe.

Although readers have scrutinized the texts for inner meaning and have tried to connect the trilogy with Tolkien's real life experiences in England during World War II, he denied the connection. He claims that the story began in his years as an undergraduate student and grew out of his desire to create mythology and legends about elves and their language.

Tolkien was a masterful fantasy novelist who used his extensive knowledge of folklore to create a body of work that is still read and enjoyed throughout the world today.

What does this passage mainly discuss?

  • J.R.R Tolkien's work as a professor
  • All of J.R.R Tolkien's fantasy books
  • J.R.R Tolkien and his trilogy
  • The popularity of J.R.R Tolkien

What can we assume is NOT true about Middle Earth?

  • Middle Earth was based on European folktales.
  • Middle Earth was a fictional world.
  • The good and evil kingdom fought for the power.
  • People dominated Middle Earth.

The word "scrutinized” in the fourth paragraph could be replaced by_______.

  • examined
  • denied
  • enjoyed
  • criticized

According to the passage, when did "the Lord of the Rings" trilogy become popular with young people?

  • in the late 1960s
  • after World War II
  • in 1892
  • between 1936 and 1946

When did Tolkien begin to create this trilogy?

  • when he was a student
  • during World War I
  • when he was a professor
  • during World War II

What does the word "trilogy" in the first paragraph mean?

  • a specific type of fantasy novel
  • a long novel
  • a group of three literary books
  • an unrelated group of books

What is the setting of Tolkien's trilogy?

  • Modem - day Greece
  • England in the 1800's
  • Oxford University
  • Middle Earth

The word "fascinating" in the second paragraph could be replaced by ______.

  • thrilling
  • extremely interesting
  • boring
  • terrifying

Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each of the questions.

It’s a sound you will probably never hear, a sickened tree sending out a distress signal. But a group of scientists has heard the cries, and they think some insects also hear the trees and are drawn to them like a vulture to a dying animal. Researchers with the US Department of Agriculture's Forest Service fastened sensors to the bark of drought-stricken trees clearly heard distress calls. According to one of the scientists, most parched trees transmit their plight in the 50-hertz to the 50-kilohertz range. (The unaided human ear can detect no more than 20 kilohertz). Red oak, maple, white pine, and birch all make slightly different sounds in the form of vibrations at the surface of the wood.

The scientists think that the vibrations are created when the water columns inside tubes that run along the length of the tree break, a result of too little water flowing through them. These fractured columns send out distinctive vibration patterns. Because some insects communicate at ultrasonic frequencies, they may pick up the trees’ vibration and attack the weakened trees. Researchers are now running tests with potted trees that have been deprived of water to see if the sound is what attracts the insects. “Water-stressed trees also smell differently from other races, and they experience thermal changes, so insects could be responding to something other than sound’, one scientist said.

Which of the following is the main topic of the passage?
  • The sound made by trees
  • The vibrations produced by insects
  • The effects of insects on trees
  • The mission of the U.S Forest Service

The word "them" in the first paragraph refers to _____.

  • insects
  • trees
  • scientists
  • vultures

The word "parched" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to _____.

  • recovered
  • dehydrated
  • burned
  • damaged
All the following are mentioned as possible factors in drawing insects to weakened trees EXCEPT _____.
  • sounds
  • changes in colors
  • smells
  • thermal changes
Which of the following could be considered a cause of the tree's distress signals?
  • lack of water
  • attacks by insects
  • torn root
  • experiments by scientists

Choose the most suitable response.

- “I think we need to have a good personality beside taking care of our physical wellbeing.”

- "_______ Goodness is better than beauty."

  • That’s for sure.
  • That’s totally out of the question.
  • Not at all.
  • Not really.

Mary: “The food is great. I'll get the bill.”

Peter: “______”

  • Yes, speak to you soon.
  • No, this is on me.
  • It's nothing.
  • Don't mention it.
Choose the word whose primary stress is placed differently from that of the others.
  • guarantee
  • pioneer
  • volunteer
  • committee
Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.
  • disappear
  • congratulate
  • disastrous
  • appliance

Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced different from the others.

  • weight

  • height

  • eight

  • freight

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • worked
  • laughed
  • hoped
  • naked

Choose the word(s) which is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • divided
  • gathered
  • distributed
  • shared

Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

It's not a pleasant feeling to discover you've been taken for a ride by a close friend.

  • driven away
  • deceived deliberately
  • given a lift
  • treated with sincerity

Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to indicate the underlined part in the following question.

That the genetic differences make one race superior to another is nothing but a tall story.

  • exaggeration
  • cynical
  • untrue
  • unbelievable

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Nobel's original legacy of nine million dollars was invested, and the interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $30,000 to $125,000.

  • fortune
  • prize
  • property
  • bequest

_____ in your position, I would think twice about that decision. It could be a bad move.

  • Were I
  • Should I be
  • If I had been
  • If I am

Only after she ______ from a severe illness did she realize the importance of good health. 

  • would recover
  • has recovered
  • had recovered
  • was recovering

Choose the correct answer.

That manufacturer is worldly-known for selecting only ingredients that meet their very strict ________.

  • demands
  • necessities
  • criterions
  • requirements

The computer has had an enormous _____ on the way we work.

  • change
  • alternation
  • influence
  • impression

Choose the correct answer.

Neutral colors like brown and gray are often ______ with casual clothes.

  • association
  • associated
  • associative
  • associate

Choose the correct answer.

The speaker _____ the audience’s attention to the numbers on the screen.

  • pulled
  • got
  • drew
  • made

Choose the correct answer.

You were the last person _____ the office. Did you see anyone _____ the building?

  • to leave/enter
  • leaving/entering
  • to leave/ to enter
  • leaving/ enter

Choose the correct answer.

She travelled _____ of Ireland looking for her missing brother.

  • the length and breadth
  • the ins and outs
  • ups and downs
  • from far and wide
Any child has the right to an education _____ of sex, creed, race or nationality.
  • despite
  • regardless
  • because
  • providing

Choose the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Stop acting like a child. In a few weeks, you'll be coming of _____ and nobody will tolerate your foolish behaviour any longer.

  • childhood
  • age
  • mistake
  • immaturity

Choose the correct answer.

__________ you to work on is exercise two on page 26.

  • I’d like that
  • That I’d like
  • What I’d like
  • Which I’d like

Choose the correct answer.

This is a contest in which people have to arrange flowers so it’s a ______ contest.

  • flower-arranging
  • flowers-arranging
  • arranging-flower
  • flower-arrange

Not many people have turned out to watch the festival, ______?

  • have they
  • don't they
  • do they
  • haven't they

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

A person's body postures, movements but positions often tell us exactly what they mean.

  • what
  • but
  • exactly
  • A person's

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Supposed that you failed your driving test, would you take it again?

  • Supposed that
  • failed
  • driving test
  • would you take

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

If you record people spoke a disappearing language, you can keep important information about both the language and its speaker.

  • spoke
  • disappearing
  • keep
  • about

Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions.
Solar energy is a long-lasting source of energy, and it can almost anywhere. To generate solar energy, we only need solar cells and ! Solar cells can easily be installed on house , so we don’t need any new space. Compared to other renewable sources, they also possess many advantages: wind and water power rely on turbines which noisy, expensive and which take up large space. Solar cells are totally silent and . As they have no moving parts, they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime.

Choose the sentence CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

It was generous of her to donate so much money to charity.

  • That she donated so much money to charity was generous.
  • She was generous and donated a large amount of money to charity.
  • Donating so much money to charity made her become generous.
  • She donated a large amount of money to charity, which was generous of her.
Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to this one.

On her birthday she had only her cat for company.

  • The only thing she brought to the birthday party was her cat.
  • She came to the birthday party in company with her only cat.
  • The birthday present of the company for her was just a cat.
  • She was on her own except for her cat on her birthday.

Choose the sentence CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

It was wrong of you to criticize her in front of her colleagues.

  • You are wrong about criticizing her in front of her colleagues.
  • You shouldn’t have criticized her in front of her colleagues.
  • You didn’t need to criticize her in the presence of her colleagues.
  • You must be mistaken about criticizing her with her colleagues.

Choose the sentence that best combines this pair of sentences.

She helped us a lot with our project. We couldn’t continue without her.

  • Unless we had her contribution, we could continue with the project.
  • But for her contribution, we could have continued with the project.
  • If she hadn’t contributed positively, we couldn’t have continued with the project.
  • Provided her contribution wouldn’t come, we couldn’t continue with the project.
Choose the correct sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following question.
The agreement ended six-month negotiation. It was signed yesterday.
  • The agreement which was signed yesterday lasted six-month.
  • The agreement which was signed yesterday ended six-month negotiation.
  • The agreement which ends six-month negotiation was signed yesterday.
  • The agreement which lasted six-month was signed yesterday.