Collocations - House

7/29/2019 1:47:12 PM
Words have friends! Discover the friends of HOUSE, STAIRS, FLOOR ... !

Choose the most suitable word to fill in each blank:

  • Somebody _____ into our house last night and stole my mother's laptop.
  • She bought a really old house, _____ it then sold it for a lot of money.
  • The house I was born in is no longer standing. It was ____ 10 years ago.
  • I ____ myself out of the house and I had to climb in the bedroom window.
  • They ____ our house and dropped in for a cup of tea last Sunday.

Match the halves:

  • Shall we take the lift
  • The lift was broken, so we had to walk up
  • I was out of breath when I reached
  • My bags were heavy, so I left them

Choose the most suitable word to fill in each blank:

  • I got down on my hands and knees and ____ the floor clean.
  • Do you have a cloth? I've just ____ some tea on the floor.
  • We took the books down from the shelf and ____ them on the floor.

Choose the keyword which collocates with these verbs and adjectives:

  • let out, share, tidy, crowded, bright
  • break, clean, look through, open
  • knock on, open, clock, slam
  • cover, mop, scrub, slip on, sweep
  • lay, ruin, vacuum, wear
  • cover, drill into, paint, high, thick
  • hang from, stare at, touch, low, high
  • break into, build, demolish, renovate, live in, move
  • break down, install, turn on, central
  • climb, fall down, run up, take, use

Choose the correct collocation in the following:

The house was ____ twenty years ago.
  • made
  • built
When I was a student I ____ a room in a flat.
  • hired
  • rent

Sorry, I forgot to ____ the floor.

  • sweep
  • tidy
He's old and find it difficult to ___ the stairs.
  • walk
  • climb
Don't ____ the door when you come in.
  • slam
  • crash

The kitchen window was steamed up and I couldn't ____ through it.

  • see
  • watch
Make sure you ____ all the lights when you go to bed.
  • shut off
  • switch off
Could you ____ the carpet before you go out?
  • vacuum
  • mop
Andrew can sleep in the ____ room if he's staying overnight.
  • added
  • spare
My room is on the ___ floor.
  • high
  • top
The house has big rooms with ___ ceiling.
  • high
  • tall

I can hear my neighbour's telephone through the ____ walls of my flat.

  • slim
  • thin