Đề ôn luyện chuyên Anh vào 10 Sở Hà Nội số 3 (Listening)

7/4/2020 3:44:00 PM

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks. You can hear the audio TWICE.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer. 

Conflict at work

Conflict mostly consists of behaviour in the general category of

Often a result of people wanting to prove their

Also caused by differences in between people

’ conflicts: people more concerned about own team than about company

Conflict-related stress can cause that may last for months

Chief Executives (CEOs)

Many have both and anxiety

May not like to have their decisions questioned

There may be conflict between people who have different

Other managers

A structure that is more may create a feeling of uncertainty about who staff should report to.

Minimising conflict

Bosses need to try hard to gain  

Someone from outside the company may be given the role of in order to resolve conflicts.

(Cambridge IELTS 12, Test 6)

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks with the correct letters. You will hear the audio TWICE.

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about problems related to their work.

While you listen, you must complete BOTH tasks.


For questions 1-5, choose from the list A-H the problem each person encounters.

A. a troublesome client

B. poor pay and conditions

C. a difficult colleague

D. conflict with management

E. a failed project

F. excessive responsibility

G. a lack of promotion

H. an inefficient IT system

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:


For questions 6-10, choose from the list A-H each person’s current feeling

A. keen to bring in changes

B. willing to accept their situation

C. sure that things will improve

D. reluctant to make a complaint

E. annoyed by messages from

F. aware of their own failings

G. miserable in their present job

H. unsure what to do about the problem

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:

(Listening C1, CAE 1, Test 3)