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Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • exploratory

  • example

  • exist

  • exhibit

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • teethe

  • worthy

  • wreath

  • southern

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • mechanic
  • terrific
  • Arabic
  • Pacific

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • arithmetic
  • assassinate
  • agriculture
  • controversy

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • facility
  • characterize
  • irrational
  • variety
The man's choice to run away virtually _____ to an admission of guilt.
  • resulted
  • came
  • amounted
  • added

Sarah delivered a(n) _____ appeal to the court and asked for mercy.

  • sensational
  • emotional
  • sentimental
  • affectionate

Living by the ocean really _____ my _____. Once you've lived there, you will never want to leave.

  • came in/heart
  • get in/heart
  • run in/blood
  • came in/blood
Knowing the confidential details gave him a(n) _____ over the other candidates.
  • edge
  • possibility
  • exertion
  • fringe

There was no one downstairs; so he turned off the lights again and decided that she _____ imagined things.

  • must have
  • should have
  • can't have
  • needn't have
_____ I've told him not to go out with those people, but he wouldn't listen. Just let him face the music now.
  • Many a time
  • Many the time
  • Quite a time
  • For a time

_____ widely used in the chemical industry, sodium carbonate is principally consumed by the glass industry. 

  • Despite
  • Whether
  • Though
  • Except for
The medicine takes one hour to _____.
  • bear with
  • kick in
  • make out
  • get by
I felt a bit _____ and seemed to have more aches and pains than usual.
  • out of sorts
  • over the worst
  • on the mend
  • under the fever
Although she had never used a word processor before, she soon got the _____ of it.
  • feel
  • touch
  • move
  • hang
Would you be _____ my letter while I am away?
  • too good as to forward
  • so good as to forward
  • as good as to forward
  • so good as forwarding

He works until nine o'clock every evening, and that's quite _____ the work he does over the weekend.

  • except for
  • apart from
  • without
  • but for
It is mandatory that smoking in public _____.
  • is prohibited
  • must be prohibited
  • prohibiting
  • be prohibited

In geometry, an ellipse may be defined as the locus of all points, _____ distances from two fixed points is constant.

  • the sum of whose
  • of which the sum
  • whose sum of
  • which the sum of
Their performances are really _____ compare. How amazing!
  • out of
  • over
  • within
  • beyond

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

The "big five" personality traits

Many (PSYCHOLOGY) investigating the human personality believe that there are just five core personality traits.

Extraversion: People who are high in extroversion are sociable and tend to gain energy in social situations. People who are low in extroversion tend to be more (RESERVE) and have to expend energy in social settings.

(AGREE): This personality dimension includes attributes such as trust and kindness. They are (AFFECTION) and tend to be more cooperative while those low in this trait are often more conceited and even (MANIPULATE).

Conscientiousness: People with high levels of conscientiousness are usually (THINK) with good impulse control and goal-directed behaviours. They tend to be (DILIGENCE) and mindful of details.

(NEUROTIC): Individuals high in this attribute tend to be (PESSIMISM) and anxious. They experience moods swings and sadness.

Openness: People with high levels of this trait tend to be more (DARE) and creative. People low in this trait are often much more traditional and may struggle with abstract thinking.

(Adapted from Reactivate)

Fill each of the following blanks with ONE suitable word.

For over two hundred years, scholars have shown an interest in the way children learn to speak and understand their language. Several small-scale studies were carried out, especially towards the end of the nineteenth century, data recorded in parental diaries. But detailed, systematic investigation did not begin until the middle decades of the twentieth century when the tape recorder into routine use. This made it possible to keep a permanent record of samples of child speech so that analysts could listen repeatedly to obscure and thus produce a detailed and accurate description. The problems that have when investigating child speech are quite different from encountered when working with adults. It is not possible to carry out certain kinds of experiments, because aspects of children's cognitive development, such as their ability to attention or to remember instructions, may not be sufficiently advanced. is it easy to get children to systematic judgments about language — a task that is virtually impossible below the age of three. Moreover, anyone who has tried to make a tape recording of a representative sample of a child's speech knows how frustrating this can be. Some children, it seems, are innately programmed to off as soon as they notice a tape recorder switched on.

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

Ocean water plays a(n) role in supporting life. The great ocean basins hold about 300 million cubic miles of water. From this vast amount, about 80,000 cubic miles of water are sucked into the atmosphere each year by evaporation and returned by precipitation and drainage to the ocean. More than 24,000 cubic miles of rain descend annually upon the continents. This vast amount is required to the lakes and streams, springs, and water tables on which all flora and fauna are dependent. Thus, the hydrosphere permits organic existence.

The hydrosphere has strange characteristics because water has unlike those of any other liquid. One is that water upon freezing by about 9 percent, whereas most liquids contract on cooling. this reason, ice floats on water bodies instead of sinking to the bottom. If the ice sank, the hydrosphere would soon be frozen solidly, except for a thin layer of surface meltwater during the summer season. Thus, all aquatic life would be destroyed and the interchange of warm and cold currents, which moderates climate, would be absent.

Another outstanding characteristic of water is that water has a heat capacity which is the highest of all liquids and solids except ammonia. This characteristic enables the oceans to absorb and store vast quantities of heat, often preventing climatic extremes. In addition, water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. It is this characteristic which helps make oceans a great storehouse for minerals which have been washed from the continents. In several areas of the world, these minerals are being commercially exploited. Solar evaporation of salt is widely , potash is extracted from the Dead Sea, and magnesium is produced from seawater along the American Gulf Coast.

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Musicals are a wonderful form of entertainment. While plays are theatrical productions that tell a story through the written words of a script and are presented by actors, musicals are stories told with lyrics and music. In New York, many of the theaters where the famous and well-known musicals are performed are on or near Broadway and for that reason, the musicals are often referred to as "Broadway Musicals". Some of the lesser-known productions, whether theatrical or musical, are also performed in New York but these are usually performed in other areas of the city and are referred to as "Off-Broadway" productions.

Some of the same musicals being performed in New York are also being performed throughout the world in major cities. And not all musicals are first performed in New York. Sometimes shows open in London's West End which is home to numerous theaters where musicals, as well as plays, are performed with great frequency and regularity to full-house audiences.

One of the world's most prolific and well-known songwriters is an Englishman, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Webber grew up in a family whose interests centered on music. Andrew's father was a music professor and his mother a singer and musician, and Andrew's talents seemed to take center stage when he was very young. He began playing the violin when he was three years old and by the time he nine he was composing music for the small theater which had been built in his home.

One of Webber's first musicals was a short production about a religious topic and was written for a school's end of the year concert. The production later became a musical known to the world as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Based on the biblical story of Jacob and his son Joseph, the musical tells the story of Jacob giving his son, Joseph, a beautiful multi-colored coat and the resulting jealousy of Joseph's brothers who have Joseph sold as a slave.

As the story continues in song, Joseph is jailed, explains his dreams to other prisoners, and is later asked by the Egyptian pharaoh to help explain the pharaoh's dream. The dream, signifying an impending famine, is correctly interpreted by Joseph and as a result, Joseph is held in high esteem by the ruler. The musical concludes happily when Joseph's brothers, who need food from Joseph as a result of the famine, are no longer jealous of him and he forgives them.

Cats, which is based on an English author's poems about cats, is a favorite of nearly everyone. It tells the story of cats who are beautiful and of cats who are old. Some of the cats are magical and others are mischievous. One cat reminisces about her youth and the others also become person-like as their stories are told. And the cats come in all shapes and sizes, too. Some are chunky while others are lean. Some have seen better days and some are waiting for better days. To make the music even better, in some of the productions the cats-all human sizes and shapes, of course - find their ways down the aisles to the stage to begin each act. The lyrics in Cats follow T. S. Eliot's poetry and as the songs are sung by cats they are about cats. And one of the most interesting aspects of the production is that the human-like personalities of the cats are readily apparent to the viewers.

The award-winning Evita was another Webber's masterpiece: Evita is the story of Eva Peron and tells of her rise to power and the influence she had among the people of Argentina. The play begins with her death. This musical, unlike some others, begins with the immediate - Evita's death - and then flashes back to the beginning of her life, showing her rise in importance in her South American homeland. Historically significant, Evita has brought to the world's attention the plight of Argentina and its people as well as presenting some of the stories of the dictatorship of Juan Peron and the lasting impact Eva Peron had on the people of her country: This musical, while serious in subject matter, leaves the audience with a greater understanding of a country and its people. The lyrics and music of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," are hauntingly uplifting rather than sad and demonstrate Evita's continually encouraging attitude to the struggling poor in her homeland.

Throughout the years Webber has written lyrics to a variety of productions. The rock musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, began its run in 1969 and has been a favorite of touring companies since then. Sunset Boulevard is set in Los Angeles and tells the story of a silent movie star who desperately - ants to revive her fame and reputation with a comeback in the talkies. And perhaps one of the all-rime greats is the highly acclaimed production, Phantom of the Opera. The setting, in the bowels of a great opera house, is significant to the storyline because the phantom Of the opera has established his domain there. Love lost love, and intrigue is all facets of the phantom's story and his role in assisting a talented young woman who aspires to be one of the opera's greats.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has made significant contributions to the arts and especially to the musical theater through the numerous lyrics he has written for musicals. His prolific productivity continues as he has, for the past several years, written a new musical about every two years. And in 1992 he was recognized and knighted for his services to the arts.

Musicals are different from plays in that _____.
  • musicals are stories produced with scripts whereas plays can be scripted or unscripted.
  • while plays and musicals both tell stories, in a play the stories are not set to music.
  • plays are noted for their seriousness while musicals only provide entertainment to the attendees.
  • plays are only informative while musicals are never informative.
Why does the author discuss Joseph in the passage?
  • A pharaoh is the central character and is a necessary inclusion in the musical to convey the meaning of the story.
  • Usually a biblical story is not set to music as Lloyd Webber saw fit to do.
  • The plot of the musical involved a famine which had dire effects on the people of the Middle East.
  • Egypt is the setting for the musical and is important to the storyline of the musical.
What is the main idea about Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals presented in the passage?
  • He is an Australian member of Parliament who decided to write songs in his spare time.
  • As New Zealander, Webber felt it important to promote the British Commonwealth of Nations.
  • As an Englishman honored for his musical talents, the musicals present a wide variety of settings, lyrics, and interest areas for theater attendees.
  • He is of Scottish descent and wanted to show his appreciation to the British royalty for showing positive responses to his works.
Webber, who is noted for the variety of subject matter in his famous musicals, has chosen to write music for existing literature in which of the following musicals?
  • Evita
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Cats
Evita is the beautifully told story of _____.
  • Argentina's havoc-wrecked rural society during the 1930s
  • dictators and rulers in a power-hungry nation during the 1940s
  • the leadership in Buenos Aires at the turn of the century
  • Eva Peron's influence over the matters in a poverty-stricken country

In what aspect was the introduction of Jesus Christ Superstar to the stage and to the world a monumental undertaking?

  • It was able to put a serious subject matter to a type of music which many found offensive or unacceptable.
  • It became highly acclaimed and extremely popular with the younger adults during the 1980s.
  • It has the controversial nature of the subject matter and the widely accepted musical basis.
  • It was first shown in Los Angeles even though most US musicals are first shown on stage in New York City.
The word 'intrigue' in paragraph 8 is closest in meaning to _____.
  • security
  • plot
  • betrothal
  • surety

Read the following passage and choose which of the headings from A - K match the blanks. There are two extra headings, which do not match any of the paragraphs.

List of Headings

A. Return to previous form

B. Substantiating a hypothesis

C. Historic theories

D. The general rule of gravity and an exception

E. The initial explanation

F. How proximity to the poles affected Hudson Bay

G. Scientific definition and contemporary views

H. Relevance to our future

I. An alternative view point

K. Consolidating theories

Without forces of gravitation, Earth and other planets would be unable to stay in their orbits around the Sun. the Moon would be unable to orbit the Earth, tidal waves would not occur and the rising of hot air or water convection would be impossible. Gravitation is a phenomenon winch allows objects to attract other matter; the physics behind it have been explained in The Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation; though attempts to explain gravity hail back to ancient times. In 4th Century B.C. the Greek philosopher Aristotle developed the hypothesis that all objects were drawn into their correct position by crystalline spheres and that a physical mass would fall towards the earth in direct proportion to its weight.


In the late 16th century Galileo deduced that while gravitation propels all objects to the ground at the same rate, air resistance resulted in heavier objects appearing to fall more quickly; his theories contradicting earlier belief systems put in place by Aristotle and others; so paving the way for formulation of the modern theories of today. Though the two terms are now used interchangeably in layman use, strictly by scientific definition, there are distinct differences between ‘gravitation’ and ‘gravity’. The first relates to the influence exerted by different objects which allow them to attract other objects, whereas ‘gravity’ refers specifically to the force possessed by such objects which facilitates gravitation. Certain scientific theories hold that gravitation may be initiated by a combination of factors and not simply the existence of gravity alone; though doubts have been raised regarding some of these theories.


Gravity is directly proportional to mass; a smaller object possessing less gravity. To illustrate, the Moon is a quarter of the Earth’s size and possesses only 1/6 of its gravity. The mass of the Earth itself is not spread out proportionally, being flatter at the poles than the equator as a result of its rotation; gravity and gravitational pull in different locations throughout the world also vary. In the 1960s, as a result of research into the worldwide gravity fields, it was discovered that inexplicably areas around and including the Hudson Bay area of Canada appeared to possess significantly lower levels of gravity than other parts of the globe; the reasons for this dissimilarity have since been extensively investigated resulting in two explanations.


The original theory presented attributed this anomaly to activity which occurs 100-200 kilometres below the Earth’s surface within the layer known as the ‘mantle’. The mantle is comprised of hot molten rock known as magma which flows under the earth’s surface causing convection currents. These convection currents can result in the lowering of the continental plates which make up the Earth’s surface, as a result when this occurs, the mass in that area and its gravity is also reduced. Research findings indicated that such activity had occurred in the Hudson Bay region.


More recently a second conjecture suggested that, in fact, lower levels of gravity in the area are a result of occurrences during the Ice Age. The Laurentide lce sheet, which covered most of Canada and the northern tip of the USA until it melted 10,000 years ago, is thought to have been 3.2 kms thick in most parts and 3.7 kms thick over two areas of Hudson Bay. The sheer weight of the ice layer weighed down the surface of the earth below, leaving a deep indentation once it had melted, having caused the area around Hudson Bay to become thinner as the earth’s surface was pushed to the edges of the icesheet.


Extensive investigation has since been carried out by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics using data collected by satellites during the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) between 2002 and 2006. The satellites are placed 220kms apart and orbit 500kms above Earth. Being extremely sensitive to even minor differences in gravitational pull of the areas of earth they pass over, as the first satellite enters an area with decreased gravity it moves slightly away from the earth as the gravitational pull is reduced and also moves slightly further away from the sister satellite that follows, such activity allowing scientists to create maps of gravitational fields. The GRACE findings also allowed scientists to estimate the appearance of Hudson Bay over 10,000 years ago, prior to the great thaw. The areas possessing the lowest gravity today correlate with the areas covered in the thickest layers of ice at that time.


Researchers now believe that both theories regarding reduced gravity levels in the Hudson Bay region are accurate and that the area’s characteristics are a result of both magma activity and the impact of the Laurentide lce sheet. It has been estimated that the former has resulted in 55-75% of gravity reduction and that pressure resulting from the latter accounts for 25-45%.


The effects of the Laurentide lce sheet are reversible due to the earth layer’s capability to ‘rebound’ in response to removal of the weight which once restricted it. Return to the original position, however, is an extremely slow process; it is estimated that the area around Hudson Bay will take a further 5,000 years to recover the altitude it once possessed prior to the Laurentide lce sheet. The rebound activity in the area is also measurable through observation of sea levels; unlike the rest of the world, sea levels are not rising in the area as a result of melting icecaps, but are dropping as the land recovers its previous form


Research conducted into the Laurentide lce sheet has significant implications on a global scale. The increased knowledge of how that particular area has changed over time and the long-term implications activity in the Ice Age had, pave the way to a better understanding of how current changes elsewhere will manifest themselves over the long term.

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

He tried hard but couldn't compensate for what he had done. (AMENDS)

=> Try .....

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Tina was crazy about stamps, so she spends lots of money on them every month. (SPLASHED)

=> Had it .....

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Your encouragement helped to make things less grievous after such a heavy loss. (CUSHION)

=> It was .....

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

David was responsible for the family business as soon as his father retired. (CHARGE)

=> Scarcely ...........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

As soon as the funds ran out, they had to abandon the scheme. (PETERED)

=> The instant .....

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

She herself admitted to being rather selfish.

=> On ...........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

The fourth time he asked her to marry him, she accepted.

=> Only on ...........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

It wasn't Melanie's fault that she ended up breaking the law.

=> Through no .....

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

My father became extremely angry when he discovered someone had damaged his car. (ROOF)

=> My father ............

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

What I understand from her words is that it seems neither Cole nor Ledley King will be going to Japan.

=> Reading ............

Write a paragraph of approximately 140 words to answer the following question. 

Is it better to study science and maths than art at school?