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Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • apron

  • apical

  • apart

  • ape

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • hoarse

  • Thai

  • vehicle

  • hombre

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • dandelion
  • Orion
  • decision
  • recursion

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • apprehension
  • equivalent
  • itinerary
  • millennial

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • arithmetic
  • lunatic
  • allergic
  • magnetic
You may feel sure the casting will be done perfectly, just _____ your trust in me and you will see I'm right.
  • allow
  • forward
  • grant
  • lay
His invention changed the _____ of history.
  • way
  • line
  • course
  • route
Unfortunately, his report doesn't _____ with what we've learned from other sources.
  • pally
  • rally
  • ally
  • tally

We'd all been at school together for 12 years and at our leaving celebrations, we _____ eternal friendship.

  • assured
  • pledged
  • undertook
  • confided

Maria and Jean had a ______ romance - they met and married within two months.

  • hurricane
  • whirlwind
  • cyclone
  • typhoon
______ are poor observers of their child's behavior so deviant behavior reaches unmanageable proportions.
  • Parents that
  • When parents
  • If parents
  • Parents
Food is, after all, an important part of Chinese culture, and mission controllers say it is important _____ China's space pioneers do not go hungry.
  • so that
  • make sure
  • that food is provided for
  • to ensure that
I would appreciate it if you could _____ me the next time we see your mother.
  • catch up with
  • stick up for
  • come up with
  • live up to
There are a few things that I don't like about my job, but _____ it's very enjoyable.
  • by and large
  • here and there
  • black and blue
  • near and far
Although the Government has increased allocations to the social sector by as much as 40 percent, State funding still falls _____ short of needs.
  • well
  • totally
  • severely
  • abjectly

Fill in the blank with an appropriate form of one of the words given to make a meaningful passage.

The principal difference between urban growth in Europe and in the North American colonies was the slow (EVOLVE) of cities in the former and their rapid growth in the latter. In North America, they started as wilderness communities and developed to mature urbanism in little more than a century.

In the early (COLONY) days in North America, small cities sprang up along the Atlantic Coastline, mostly in what are now New England and the Middle Atlantic states in the United States and in the lower Saint Lawrence valley in Canada. This was natural because these areas were nearest England and France, particularly England, from which most capital goods (assets such as equipment) and many consumer goods were imported.

Merchandising (ESTABLISH) were, accordingly, (ADVANTAGE) located in port cities from which goods could be readily distributed to interior (SETTLE). Here, too, were the favored locations for processing raw materials prior to export. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Montreal, and other cities flourished, and as the colonies grew, these cities increased in importance.

This was less true in the colonial South, where life centered around large farms, known as (PLANT), rather than around towns, as was the case in the areas further north along the Atlantic coastline. The local (ISOLATE) and the economic (SUFFICIENT) of the plantations were antagonistic to the development of the towns. The plantations maintained their independence because they were located on navigable streams and each had a/an (ACCESS) wharf to the small shipping of that day. In fact, one of the strongest factors in the selection of plantation land was the desire to have it front on a water (HIGH).

Fill each of the following blanks with ONE suitable word.

Much has been heard recently about possible health hazards, including memory loss and brain tumors, from the use of mobile phones. With the possible half a billion mobile phones in throughout the world, Britain alone, one person in four owns one, is worrying enough, even if, so far, no concrete evidence has come to . One study by Dr. Alan Preece and his team at Bristol University has shown, however, in a report in the International Journal of Radiation Biology, that tests on volunteers demonstrated no effect on their short-term memory or attention . Subjects were exposed to microwave radiation for to thirty minutes, but the one noticeable effect was positive rather than negative; the subjects reacted more rapidly in one test a visual choice. One explanation of this is that following the transmissions, a warming of the blood led to increased bloodflow. For the experiment, places were chosen where the signal was good and the microwave dose light, and then where the signal was poor and the dose higher. The subjects were tested for recall and mental alertness exposure to microwaves characteristic of analogue phones, digital phones, or no phones at all, without knowing they were exposed to. It is, of course, early days yet and the sample may not be large enough to generalize . More research needs to be done.

Read the text below and decide which answer best fits each gap.

The small garden

Gardening isn't just for older people - it can be great fun for all the family. You don't need a big garden - even a small space can be used to all kinds of delicious herbs and vegetables and the will brighten up even the dullest balcony or patio. There's nothing like cutting a few fresh  of mint or parsley to add to your summer salads!

You can also teach your kids the value of recycling and reusing everyday household items in the process. Fill an old egg tray with soil. one seed in each of the separate egg compartments. Lightly cover the tray with a piece of cling film in order to moisture - at this stage, a(n) atmosphere is best. Put the tray on the windowsill in the sunshine and your seeds will soon begin to . Be careful though - if the weather is , move the tray to a cooler spot. When the first mates begin to show through the soil, transfer them larger pots.

Avoid harmful chemicals by collecting all the vegetable and fruit peelings from your kitchen and creating your own organic compost with to fertilize your new plants!

(Adapted from Reactivate)

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Fast-track Studies

Students at Birmingham University have found the drive to succeed - by building their own racing car.

Formula one motor racing is very much an international sport. Many of the leading formula one racing teams choose to base their operations in Britain, however. This is surprising because Britain no longer has a car manufacturing industry of any great significance. So why do the formula one teams choose to work there? In part the answer lies in the long tradition of mechanical engineering in British universities which continue to turn out highly-skilled graduates in the subject.

At Birmingham University, for example, the engineering department has specialized in preparing students for a career in the motor-racing industry. Students at the University have designed and built a single-seater racing car as part of their course. Each third-year student took sole responsibility for a section of the car, for example, the engine, bodywork or brakes, and the work was assessed as part of the students' final degree mark. Even more exciting for the students is the fact that the team building the car also gets to race it against teams from other universities.

This October, Martin Corsham, the student responsible for the engine on last year's course, is starting work as a trainee with one of the world's leading formula one teams. It is a dream job that makes every other mechanical engineering student in the country feel more than slightly envious. More significantly, it's a job that 21-year-old Corsham is adamant he would not have got without the hands-on experience he gained at Birmingham. "I've worked on cars since I was a kid," he says, "but this was the first engine that I'd worked on completely on my own. I took what was basically a motorcycle engine and turned it into an engine for the racing car."

Corsham is clearly a true obsessive. He worked on the engine for at least three hours a day throughout his final year at university. The project finally came to a head the day before the car's official test run on April 22nd. Until that day, the engine had never actually run in the car itself. They eventually got it going at dawn after a desperate all-night session. "But what a night!" Corsham says. "I don't think I've got words to describe what it felt like, that feeling of great pride when it actually started. The most satisfying thing though was actually getting to drive the car. I was the first person who got the chance to drive the car with my engine in it, it was wonderful."

Ian Stewart, who was responsible for the bodywork on the car, also found the whole experience very valuable, if a little frustrating. "It's difficult relying on other people finalizing their part before you can do yours," he remembers. Stewart spent his whole Christmas holidays producing a model of the bodywork at home. He returned to college to find a few crucial details on other parts of the car had been changed and he had to start again.

The idea for the racing car progromme originally came from the students themselves. Reading about an annual competition for racing-car builders in Detroit, USA, students on the course decided that they too would be capable of designing and building their own car. The university was quick to see the value of the idea and gave its backing.

Last May, the team took the car they had built to Detroit. Although the team was new to the competition and had received relatively little funding compared to their rivals, their car impressed the judges. The university now plans to make the project a regular feature of the course. It has proved very successful, not only as a practical demonstration of the students' theoretical studies, but also in allowing them to get their hands dirty and impress future employers.

(Adapted from FCE)

The word "adamant" describes a feeling of _____.

  • certainty
  • gratitude
  • satisfaction
  • modesty
Which part of the project did Martin find most rewarding?
  • working without assistance
  • the last-minute preparations
  • the moment the engine started
  • driving the finished car
Where did the idea of the racing-car project come from?
  • racing-car builders in Detroit
  • staff at the university
  • students who are directly on the course
  • local employers
What does "it" refer to?
  • the car
  • the course
  • the project
  • the university

Read the following passage and choose which of the headings from A - K match the blanks. There are two extra headings, which do not match any of the paragraphs.

List of headings

A. Benefiting from an earlier model

B. Important operative conditions

C. Examining the public confusion

D. Where to go from here?

E. How it's all linked up

F. How a suitable location was found

G. Comparing wind speeds in Australian cities

H. Matching operational requirements with considerations of appearance

I. What makes Esperance different?

K. More than just a source of power


Harvest time in Esperance is constant. As long as the wind blows - which is pretty much all the time - nine identical synchronized wind turbines reap the benefits of the dependable winds that gust up around the southern coastline of Western Australia. These sleek, white, robot-like wind turbines loom up on the horizon forming part of Australia's first commercial wind farm. They're not only functional machines that help provide electricity for this secluded coastal town, but increasingly, they're also drawcards for curious tourists and scientists alike.


Because of its isolation, Esperance is not linked to Western Power's grid which supplies electricity from gas-, coal- and oil-fired power stations to the widespread population of Western Australia. Before the wind turbines went in, Esperance's entire electricity needs were met by the diesel power station in town.


The $5.8 million Ten Mile Lagoon project is not Esperance's first wind farm. The success of a smaller, experimental wind farm, at a spot called Salmon Beach, encouraged the State's power utility to take Esperance wind seriously. Today the wind turbines at Ten Mile Lagoon work in conjunction with the diesel power station, significantly reducing the amount of the town's electricity generated by expensive diesel power.


The wind farm is connected to the power station by a 33-kilovolt power line, and a radio link between the two allows operators to monitor and control each wind turbine. The nine 225-kilowatt Vestas wind turbines produce a total generating capacity of two megawatts and provide around 12 percent of the energy requirements of Esperance and its surrounding districts.


The power produced by a wind turbine depends on the size and efficiency of the machine and, of course, on the energy in the wind. The energy in the wind available to the wind turbines is proportional to wind speed cubed. Thus, the greater the wind speed, the greater the output of the turbine. In order to achieve optimum wind speeds, the right location is imperative.” You have to accept the nature of the beast," Mr. Rosser, Western Power's physicist said.” As surface dwellers our perceptions of wind speeds are bad. As you go higher, wind speed increases significantly."


The most favorable wind sites are on gently sloping hills, away from obstructions like trees and buildings and where the prevailing winds are not blocked. Computer modeling was used to select the best site for Esperance's wind farm. Scientists were concerned not only with efficiency, but also with protecting the coastal health environment which is rich in plant life and home to tiny pygmy and honey possums, and a host of bird species. In addition, the wind farm is adjacent to Esperance's popular scenic tourist drive.


Strict erosion controls have been implemented and access to the wind farm is limited to selected viewing areas. The wind turbine towers are painted white and devoid of corporate logos or signage. According to Mr. Rosser there is something of a worldwide backlash against wind farms with regard to their visual impact,” But because wind turbines perform best in the most exposed positions, they will always be visible. There is a very real need to balance environmental and technical requirements. I think the Ten Mile Lagoon Wind Farm sets the standard for environmentally friendly developments."


In fact, the project has become something of a tourist attraction in itself, Esperance shire president Ian Mickel said the wind turbines had been well accepted by locals.” We have watched the wind farm develop with great interest, and now we find visitors to Esperance are equally enthusiastic about it," he said. The aim now is to identify other remote locations where wind turbines will be a feasible means of supplementing existing power stations.

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

You should not lock this door for any reason when the building is open to the public.

=> Under no ..........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Do you have any scarves? I'm looking for one that's woolen, green, and fairly long.

=> I'm looking for a .........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Were Jack not so affluent a man, she would not be dating with him.

=> But ..........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

It is likely that they forgot about the extra class.

=> They ..........

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

A bee sting is more likely to cause death these days than a snake bite.

=> Death ..........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

She told everyone that she had been fired by the company. (SACK)

=> She let ...........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

So many people were really delighted when the government lost the election. (JUBILATION)

=> There ...........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

Peter was in trouble with his boss because he didn't finish an important project by the deadline. (HOT)

=> Peter was in ..........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

I think you should confront your boss right now with how you feel about this. (OUT)

=> Why don't you ..........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

If something's worrying you, you should tell me about it now. (CHEST)

=> If you have a problem, why don't you ..........?