Bài kiểm tra đánh giá cuối kỳ 2 lớp Ôn TA vào 6.G14

7/11/2022 10:16:09 AM

Linda took great photos of butterflies while she ______ in the forest.

  • is hiking
  • was hiking
  • hiked
  • had hiked

The light ____ out while we _____ dinner.

  • was going - were having
  • went - had
  • was going - had
  • went - were having

In some countries, everyone _____ vote. It's the law.

  • have to
  • has to

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the question.

The school notice says "Do not eat sweets in the classrooms".

  • You can eat sweets in the classrooms.
  • You don't have to eat sweets in the classrooms.
  • You mustn't eat sweets in the classrooms.
  • You ought to eat sweets in the classrooms.

 I _____ trust Laura. She lies to everyone, even her close friends. 

  • can’t
  • am unable
  • may
  • must

Using “should” or “shouldn’t” to make the correct sentences.

What (I/cook) for breakfast this morning?

Choose the underlined part which needs correction.

They'd better not to forget to take their passports.

  • They'd
  • better
  • not to
  • to

Peter _____ come with us tonight, but he isn't quite sure yet.

  • can
  • may
  • will
  • must

Choose the correct answer.

I don't think we've got enough chairs for everyone. I get some more from next door. 

The sun is shining and there's not a single cloud in the sky. It _____ a nice day.

  • will be
  • is going to be

The eastern European countries _____ members of the EU for the last 15 years. 

  • are
  • had been
  • have been
  • were
I have not seen my dog _____ the storm struck the community.
  • since
  • for
  • as soon as
  • when

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

I’ve  Malaysian food before. (NEVER/TRY)

They _____ an AIDS vaccine yet.

  • haven't developed
  • developed
  • haven't been developed
  • hasn't developed

The driving test was _____ I expected.

  • as difficult than
  • so difficult as
  • more difficult than
  • the most difficult

I think that he danced _____ than his friend.

  • more beautiful
  • most beautiful
  • more beautifully
  • most beautifully

Complete the sentences. Use the comparative or superlative.

Emma works Nikki. (hard)

Choose the sentence that best combines the pairs of original sentences.

There is no better teacher in this school than Mr John. That’s my opinion.

  • I think no one is as good teacher as Mr John in this school.
  • I think Mr John is the best teacher in this school.
  • I think, except Mr John, there is no good teacher in this school.
  • I think Mr John is better than others in this school.

Give the correct form of superlative.

It's the (interesting) book I've ever read.

Of all the applicants, my sister answered the questions _____.

  • intelligent
  • more intelligently
  • most intelligent
  • the most intelligently

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

I have never seen as many expensive cars than the cars in that shopping center.

  • have never
  • many
  • than
  • in

She doesn’t type _____ as her friends.

  • quicklier
  • more quickly
  • most quickly
  • so quickly

Choose the sentence closest in meaning to the following sentence.

We do not need much furniture because the room is small.

  • The smaller the room is, the less furniture we need.
  • The smaller the room, the fewer furniture we need.
  • The small room makes the furniture less and less.
  • More furniture is needed for the small room.

The faster we finish, _____.

  • the sooner we can leave
  • we can leave sooner and sooner
  • the sooner can we leave
  • we can leave the sooner

Choose the sentence closest in meaning to the following sentence.

John is studying hard. He doesn't want to fail the next exam.

  • John is studying hard in order not to fail the next exam.
  • John is studying hard in order that he not fail the next exam.
  • John is studying hard so as to fail the next exam.
  • John is studying hard in order to not to fail the next exam.

Can you close the gate _____ the hens will not go out?

  • so as to
  • in order to
  • to
  • so that

Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first.

She can't have any more children because of her age.

=> She is too ..........

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

The man is very strong. He can lift that heavy table. (ENOUGH)

We had _____ a good time at the party that I didn’t want it to end.

  • so
  • too
  • enough
  • such

Complete the second sentence using the word given that has the same meaning to the first.

The sun shone very brightly. Maria had to put on her sunglasses. (SO)

Complete the second sentence using the word given that has the same meaning to the first.

The weather was so bad that we couldn't go camping. (SUCH)

Paul ____ if he doesn't stop jumping up and down on the sofa.

  • falls off
  • would fall off
  • would have fallen
  • will fall off

Give the correct form of the verb in the bracket.

If it (rain) tomorrow, we won't play football.


If you _____ iron, it starts to get red hot and then white hot.

  • would heat
  • heated
  • heat
  • will heat

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

I think Mr. John is on the level because he always tells the truth and never tries to deceive others.

  • honest
  • dishonest
  • talented
  • intelligent

Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

We'd better speed up if we want to get there in time.

  • slow down
  • put down
  • turn down
  • lie down

For each blank, choose the correct answer.

William Perkin was born in London in 1838. As a child, he had many hobbies, including model making and photography. But it was the of chemistry that really interested him. At age of 15, he went to college to study it.  

While he was there, he was to make a medicine from coal. This didn’t go well, but when he was working on the problem, he found a cheap to make the colour purple. At that it was very expensive to clothes in different colours. William knew he could make a business out of his new colour. Helped by his father and brother, William his own factory to make the colour. It sold well, and soon purple clothes very popular in England and the rest of the world.

Adapted from KET 2020 sample test

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Past explorers have made vast contributions to our knowledge of the world today. They braved the oceans to discover the world and to bring their goods to other countries to trade.

Many explorers had to overcome their fear of the unknown to travel around the world on their sailing ships. Submitting themselves to unpredictable weather conditions, each explorer either traveled further than his predecessor or tried to find a different route to already discovered countries. For example, Vasco Da Gama, a Portuguese explorer, established a sea route from Europe to India. He had extended the sea route that Bartolomeu Dias had already done when he later sailed around the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa.

More importantly, explorers first closed the gap between the east and the west by trading their local goods with foreign ones. India was known for its spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon while China was known for its silk. A part of the east was brought to the west when western gourmets developed a taste for eastern spices in their food. People in the east dressed in clothes that were previously only worn in the west. Without the explorers, many of us would still be living in our own enclave with little knowledge of the vast world and what other foreign countries have to offer us.

Past explorers contributed to our knowledge of the world by _____.
  • making new good
  • selling their goods at high prices
  • traveling to other countries
  • spending time reading about foreign countries
Past explorers were probably fearful of _____.
  • swimming in the ocean
  • the dangers that lurked in unexplored places
  • being in their sailing ships for a long time
  • trying to predict the weather conditions
Explorers who traveled to countries that others had already been to would make sure that they _____.
  • sold new goods to those countries
  • bought new goods from those countries
  • explored new areas in the countries
  • found another way of going to those countries
The act of selling their local goods to a foreign country allowed the explorers to _____.
  • earn more money
  • think about visiting other countries as well
  • grow different types of spices
  • find out more about that country

Based on the third paragraph, the _____ of people changed when they came into contact with foreigners.

  • clothing and lifestyle
  • speech and lifestyle
  • clothing and jobs
  • family structure and clothing