Bài kiểm tra đánh giá cuối kỳ 3 lớp Ôn TA vào 6.G14

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If Mr. Smith ______ me the job, I'd turn it down.

  • were offered
  • were to offer
  • is offering
  • were offer

If he tried harder, he _____ get the job.

  • will
  • can
  • may
  • would

Ba cannot fly like a bird. He wishes he _____ up in the sky.

  • flies
  • can fly
  • will fly
  • could fly

They all wish the Second World War _____.

  • didn’t happen
  • hadn’t happened
  • wouldn’t happen
  • shouldn’t happen

Choose the most suitable response to complete the following exchange.
- Peter: "How are you today?"

- Susan: "________."

  • I feel like a million dollars
  • I feel like a million stars
  • I can feel it in my bone
  • I feel your ears burning

- "What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary!"

- "_____"

  • Thank you very much. I am afraid.
  • You are telling a lie.
  • Thank you for your compliment.
  • I don't like your sayings.

Jenny: "Congratulations on your winning the first prize at the talent contest!"

Tom: "______"

  • You’re welcome.
  • Not at all.
  • Yes, certainly.
  • That’s very kind of you.

Jane is talking to Mike, who has just helped her with her luggage.

- Jane: "_____"

- Mike: "It's my pleasure."

  • It's too heavy.
  • It's not my duty.
  • Thanks a lot, indeed.
  • Welcome back.

Choose the correct response.

- “ I apologize for keeping you waiting for 2 hours. My car broke down on the way.”

- “________.”

  • Your apology is accepted
  • It’s my pleasure
  • Thank you
  • You are welcome

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Let me begin by thank you for the warm hospitality I received.

  • me
  • thank
  • for
  • received

Make a complete sentence using the given wordsChange the form of the words or add other words if necessary.

Learn/ Spanish/ too/ hard/ me/ catch up/ classmates.

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Try to avoid to make him angry.

  • Try
  • avoid
  • to make
  • angry

I hope we don’t end up the boat because of the traffic.

You can't expect _____ a foreign language in a few months.
  • mastering
  • to master
  • master
  • to mastering

Mr Anderson refused _____ the policeman into his house.

  • allowing
  • to allowing
  • that he allowed
  • to allow

I’ll always remember Elvis Presley perform live.

Don't forget _____ me a call when you get there.
  • giving
  • to make
  • making
  • to give

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Our English teacher would like us spending more time practicing our pronunciation.

  • us
  • spending
  • practicing
  • pronunciation

The sign warns people _____ the dangers of swimming in this river.

  • about
  • from
  • with
  • to

When the trucks leave the place, the ground is covered ________ trash.

  • with
  • for
  • on
  • of

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Mrs. Jones’s husband passed away last Friday. We are all shocked by the news.

  • got married
  • divorced
  • died
  • were on business

Everybody in the house woke up when the burglar alarm _____.

  • went out
  • went off
  • came about
  • put out

You will have to _____ your holiday if you are too ill to travel.

  • put out
  • put off
  • put down
  • put up

Williams is working _____ an export company but he is not satisfied _____ the salary.

  • in / at
  • for / with
  • at / into
  • from / for
It is of great importance to create a good impression ­_____ your interviewer.
  • on
  • about
  • for
  • at

He was absent ____ work for two weeks.

  • to
  • from
  • by
  • at

Make sure you book a ticket ______ advance.

  • ahead
  • forward
  • before
  • in

She was sick yesterday, ______ she was absent from school.

  • so
  • since
  • because
  • but

Le Anh is tired, _____ he goes on completing the homework.

  • because
  • so
  • but
  • and

_____ hydro energy is clean and safe, it is expensive.

  • In spite of
  • Though
  • Because of
  • But

I knew they were talking about me _____ they stopped when I entered the room.

  • however
  • despite
  • because
  • so that

Give me your telephone number _____ I need your help.

  • in case
  • so that
  • unless
  • whether

You can take a taxi _____ you don't mind waiting.

  • except
  • unless
  • provided
  • apart

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

You have to practice a lot if you want to work as a (MUSIC)

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the blank.

I won the easily. (COMPETE)

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

Water is one of the problems that people have to deal with. (POLLUTE)

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

Her parents always  her to study harder. (COURAGE)


Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

With no many choices, it is hard to what to buy. (DECISION)


Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

Son Tung M-TP is a singer. He has a lot of fans. (FAME)

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the blank.

If you have any problems go and ask the caretaker. He is very and will do whatever you ask. (HELP)

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

It was an day trip we had with our classmates. (FORGET)

Complete the passage with the words given.

instrument | device| affect | certificate | normally | document | effect | needs | increasingly | require

Education is more important today than ever before. It helps people acquire the skills they need for such everyday activities as reading a newspaper or managing their money. It also gives them the specialized training they may need to prepare for a job or career. For example, a person must meet certain educational requirements and obtain a before he can practice law or medicine. Many fields, like computer operation police work, satisfactory completion of special training courses. 

Education is also important because it helps people get more out of life. It increases their knowledge and understanding of the world. It helps them acquire the skills that make life more interesting and enjoyable, such as the skills needed to participate in a sport, paint a picture, or play a musical . Such education becomes important as people gain more and more leisure time.

Education also helps people adjust to change. This habit has become necessary because social changes today take place with increasing speed and the lives of more and more people. Education can help a person understand these changes and provide him with the skills for adjusting to them.