Science Grade 2 Vocab review - Changing Surface of the Earth

1/30/2019 12:00:00 AM
10 questions extracted from Mobymax (Science, Grade 2), to help you review some basic vocabulary about the changing Surface of the Earth. To learn more about this topic, get a Mobymax learning account (by going to
Weathering is __________.
  • when rocks in Earth’s crust get bigger over time
  • when rocks in Earth’s crust break down into smaller pieces over time
  • when water, wind, or gravity moves soil and rocks
  • when rain makes new rocks

Erosion is _____.

  • when water, wind, or gravity moves soil and rocks
  • when farmers tear down trees
  • when humans break rocks apart
  • when rocks in Earth’s crust get bigger over time

Read the sentences below:

"Pieces of rock chip off mountains during high winds. Sometimes these winds blow the rocks away."

The first sentence describes __________. The second sentence describes __________.

  • erosion; weathering
  • erosion; erosion
  • weathering; erosion
  • weathering; weathering
Which of the following causes weathering?
  • freezing water
  • flowing rivers
  • wind
  • all of the above

A local farmer wants to know how he can help stop erosion on a hill in his farm. What would help the most?

  • running water down the hill
  • planting strong trees on the hill
  • replacing the crops with grass
  • getting rid of all the crops
An earthquake is __________.
  • a hole on Earth’s surface
  • when lava comes out of cracks in the Earth
  • when mud and soil slide down hills
  • when Earth’s surface shakes back and forth
Which of these can an earthquake cause? Check all that are true.
  • large pits of lava
  • cracks in the ground
  • landslides
  • large waves
A volcano is __________.
  • when rock melts on Earth’s surface and spreads out
  • when a new island is made
  • a large explosion
  • when melted rock moves from deep underground to Earth’s surface
What can volcanoes do that earthquakes cannot do? Check all that are true.
  • make a mountain
  • make an island
  • change the Earth’s surface
  • make new rock

Which layer is Earth’s crust?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D