Science Grade 2 Vocab review - Work and Simple Machines

2/11/2019 12:00:00 AM
10 questions extracted from Mobymax (Science, Grade 2), to help you review some basic vocabulary about Work and Simple Machines. To learn more about this topic, get a Mobymax learning account (by going to
What is the definition of work in science?
  • when you have to try very hard at something
  • when you do something difficult
  • a job your parents have
  • when force is used to make an object move
When you push on a big rock as hard as you can but the rock does not move, you are not doing work. Why is that?
  • because you are not using a simple machine
  • because you are not trying hard enough
  • because if you enjoy doing something, it is not work
  • because you have to move an object to do work
When you move an object, the amount of work you do depends on __________. Check all that are true.
  • how much force you use
  • how tall the object is
  • what color the object is
  • how far the object goes
A simple machine is __________.
  • a tool that does very little work or makes work harder to do
  • a tool used to hold things together or to push them apart
  • a tool that needs two people in order to do work
  • a tool that makes work easier and has few or no moving parts
Which of these people are doing work? Check all that are true.
  • Caitie is riding her bike to the movies.
  • Alex is carrying wood to build a fort.
  • Jorge is studying for a social studies test.
  • Chase is reading a book for homework.

Which simple machine is shown in the picture?

  • a screw
  • a lever
  • a pulley
  • a wedge
You have three boxes of books that you need to bring to your friend’s house down the street. Which simple machine would be the best for helping you bring the books to your friend?
  • a screw
  • an inclined plane
  • a wedge
  • a wheel and axle

Which simple machine is shown in the picture?

  • a pulley
  • a screw
  • a wheel and axle
  • a lever

The main reason people use simple machines is because simple machines _____.

  • are easy to understand
  • can be made in different sizes
  • have many moving parts
  • make it easier to do work
Which simple machines are used to lift objects? Check all that are true.
  • pulleys
  • levers
  • screws
  • wheels and axles