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2/1/2022 11:34:49 AM

Đề minh họa cấu trúc bài thi vào lớp 6 trường Archimedes được biên soạn theo cấu trúc đề thi Vòng 1 ngày 16/01/2022 do nhà trường tổ chức:

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  • Số câu hỏi: 100 câu

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • opened
  • knocked
  • played
  • occured
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
  • university
  • uniform 

  • unit
  • undo

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • recycle

  • collect

  • actual

  • electric

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • orange
  • country
  • sugar
  • police

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • carefully
  • probably
  • finally
  • exactly

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • amphibian
  • mammal
  • insect
  • prey

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • wonderful
  • nice
  • interest
  • attractive

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • curly
  • brilliant
  • friendly
  • confident

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • panda
  • gorilla
  • falcon
  • tiger
Choose the word that is different from the rest.
  • cabbage
  • carrot
  • vegetable
  • potato

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • throw
  • weather
  • bring
  • arrive

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • save
  • came
  • collect
  • leave

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • sofa
  • dishwasher
  • fridge
  • sink

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • doctor
  • patient
  • teacher
  • pilot

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • cousin
  • neighbor
  • relative
  • nephew

You make something new, or invent something. You ____ it.

  • repair
  • create
  • damage
  • operate

It is usually round and sweet. Sometimes it has chocolate chips in it. What is it?

  • A caramel
  • A pancake
  • A cookie
  • A dumpling

It's the flat part of an animal's body. Animals like birds and insects use it for flying. 

What is this?

  • beak
  • tail
  • feather
  • wing

This is a substance that living things need to live, stay healthy, and grow. What is this?

  • nutrient
  • vegetable
  • garbage
  • meat

You can use a knife to cut the meat. It has a fine and thin edge that helps you cut more easily. The knife is _____.

  • thick
  • blunt
  • long
  • sharp

How long have you been ______ Rome?

  • at
  • in
  • by
  • on

My mother only wears Ao dai _____ special occasions.

  • across
  • on
  • in
  • at

Are you interested _____ pop music?

  • on
  • in
  • of
  • with

There is a very clear relationship _____ education and academic success.

  • between
  • for
  • in
  • on

Every possible test was carried ______ to decide the nature of her illness.

  • on
  • of
  • through
  • out

When the exam is over, I'll go fishing - ______ I haven't done for weeks.

  • anything
  • something
  • things
  • everything
Kate doesn't know ______ here.
  • anybody
  • nobody
  • somebody
  • somewhere

There's _____ at the reception desk.

  • anyone
  • no one
  • things
  • everywhere

Is there _____ that I can do?

  • something
  • anything
  • everything
  • nothing
We were made ________ all the cleaning in the house.
  • do
  • to do
  • doing
  • done
The children are fond of _____ soccer after school.
  • play
  • playing
  • to play
  • played

Eventually, William agreed _____ his teacher what he had behind his back.

  • that he shows
  • with showing
  • to show
  • on showing

Bill remembered ______ the windows so he was surprised to find them open when he got home.

  • to close
  • closing
  • closed
  • to closing

If we are in the orbit, we _____ no weight.

  • had
  • will have
  • would have
  • would have had
I _____ go on a diet if I was fat, but I’m not.
  • will
  • should
  • can
  • would

_____ he asks me politely, I won't help him.

  • Because
  • As long as
  • Unless
  • If

A: ______ did you start living here?

B: Last year.

  • When
  • How
  • How long
  • What

My friend Monalily is as pretty _____ a picture.

  • more than
  • as much
  • as
  • so

 Jim drives ______ of all my friends.

  • faster
  • the fastest
  • fast
  • the most fast

I like English _____ French.

  • than
  • more
  • less
  • better than

Japan is the _______ developed country in the world.

  • two most
  • second most
  • second in most
  • most second

Not _____ people can afford my services.

  • much
  • many
  • a few
  • little

She had _____ reasons to dislike her job, but I don’t know exactly why she left.

  • a lot
  • a whole
  • some of
  • plenty of
When I was young, I _____ everywhere with my sister.
  • would go
  • should go
  • might go
  • ought to have gone

This phone's hers, so that one must be _____.

  • him
  • he
  • his
  • himself
He is not really friendly and makes no attempt to be _____.
  • society
  • social
  • socialize
  • sociable
Wow! That film was _____! It was better than I thought it would be.
  • amazing
  • amazed
  • amaze
  • amazement

Some candidates failed the oral exam because they didn't have enough _____.

  • confidence
  • confidentially
  • confident
  • confidential

How can I _____ that from happening again?

  • prevent
  • prevention
  • preventable
  • prevented
Stress and tiredness often lead to lack of _______.
  • concentrate
  • concentration
  • concentrated
  • concentrator

At an intersection, you _____ slow down.

  • can
  • should
  • mustn't
  • don't have to

At first, I _____ read his obscure writing, after a few weeks, I got used to it.

  • can't
  • wasn't able to
  • didn't have to
  • ought not to
We stayed in a hotel ______ had a big swimming pool.
  • who
  • which
  • whose
  • what

What time _____?

  • the train will leave
  • does the train leave
  • will the train have been leaving
  • do the train leave

Back in the 1960s he _____ hair down past his shoulders.

  • will have
  • had
  • has had
  • has

Last night when I _____ along the river, I _____ my old teacher.

  • walked / met
  • was walking / was meeting
  • walked / was meeting
  • was walking / met
Two lions _____ from Chessington Zoo, and the police _____ to catch them.
  • will escape / try
  • escaped / had tried
  • have escaped / are trying
  • escape / were trying

I’m tired now, but I’m sure I _____ better tomorrow morning.

  • will feel
  • am going to feel
  • am feeling
  • would feel
You _____ too loud!
  • always talk
  • has always talked
  • are always talking
  • will always talk

Usually I _____ cash for things because I _____ using credit cards.

  • pay / don’t like
  • have paid / aren't liking
  • am paid / am not like
  • am paying / haven’t liked

Liverpool _____. The score’s 3-0 and there are only two minutes left.

  • will win
  • are going to win
  • wins
  • was winning

They _____ at a local shelter to help the homeless at this time last year.

  • volunteer
  • were volunteering
  • are volunteering
  • volunteered

The shopkeeper chased the thieves for a few minutes, but then they _____ into the crowd.

  • disappeared
  • were disappearing
  • disappear
  • have been disappeared
Shoes are expensive. They _____ a lot of money.
  • like
  • close
  • cost
  • spend

I can have a conversation in Italian, but I'm a _____ rusty.

  • bit
  • lot
  • very
  • too

The art gallery will be a new visitor _____ for the city.

  • appeal
  • place
  • attraction
  • interest
We are looking forward to our _____ in the competition.
  • participation
  • likeness
  • failure
  • variety

You cannot find these animals anywhere else. They are very _____.

  • dangerous
  • wild
  • popular
  • rare

It took the firefighters six hours to _____ out the fire.

  • carry
  • break
  • put
  • go

Obviously, the Internet has more advantages than disadvantages. No one can _____ this.

  • accept
  • respond
  • deny
  • reply

We caught sight of dozens of _____ elephants on safari.

  • huge grey Indian
  • Indian huge grey
  • grey Indian huge
  • huge Indian grey

Remember to get a _____ of white bread from the corner store.

  • loaf
  • bar
  • cup
  • tube

We have to play indoors today _____ it’s too cold outside.

  • because
  • so
  • although
  • despite

I set the alarm for five o'clock _____ oversleep.

  • in order not to
  • so as to not
  • not in order to
  • as so not to

There _____ four chairs and a table _____ the middle of the room.

  • are – in
  • are – at
  • is – on
  • is – in

Read the text.

Dogs in the human world

The friendship between humans and dogs possibly began 14,000 years ago. Perhaps wild dogs became interested in human rubbish, or humans took the puppies of wild dogs and trained them to be obedient pets and helpers. When humans choose the parents of dogs, they can create a wonderful variety of dogs with plenty of talents and many different looks. Here are four examples of ‘a dog's life’ in the human world.

1. Jacques is one member of the Beagle Brigade, a group of beagles that work at international airports in the United States. Their job is to smell and find illegal fruits, vegetables and other foods in luggage and mail. These foods sometimes bring insects and diseases which could be dangerous for plants and animals. The beagle calmly sits down next to anything that smells suspicious. The dog's human partner then checks for ill foods. Why beagles? They're free and cute, so they don’t scare as they sniff through the crowds. More importantly, beagles have an astonishing nose for food. The Brigade can find food in luggage packages 84% of the time!

2. Some dogs live in luxury. Tiffy, a Maltese, is one of these. Her owner, Nancy Jane Loewy, treats her like a queen. She carefully prepares Tiffy meals of meat, fish, chicken, and a variety of fresh vegetables. Tiffy eats yogurt and biscuits after dinner.

Loewy’s husband has a very good job and her two sons are away at university, so she has the time and money to treat Tiffy extremely and she truly enjoys doing it. 'I want to give her the healthiest, most wonderful life possible for as long as possible,' she says.

3. Jessie is a whippet that visits very sick children in the hospital. She shows them her love and gives the children a chance to exercise. When they feel down, Jessie makes them happy. Jessie helps patients like young Lukas Parks to stay strong during their time in hospital.

There are many different kinds of animals that help people. We train ‘service dogs’ to help people with physical disabilities. The best-known service dogs are guides for the blind. But four-legged friends perform other roles too. They can learn to open and close doors, turn lights on and off, pick up objects from the floor and even pull wheelchairs.

4. Search-and-rescue (SAR) dogs use their amazing noses to find people. Hercules, an Alsatian, can smell tiny clues that people leave wherever they go. These include bacteria, small pieces of clothing and hairs. He has found missing hikers and has searched through rubble after earthquakes and other disasters. SAR dogs must be strong, obedient, athletic and smart. Most of all, they must love to play. Trainers look for dogs that go crazy over a favorite toy, such as a tennis ball. Those dogs will do any job if the reward afterward is playtime.

5. As workers or pets, dogs are certainly beneficial to humans in many ways. They have a special place as ‘man’s best friend’ and this has helped dogs to survive in our world. Wolves and wild dogs have nearly disappeared from the earth, but the number of pets and working dogs continues to increase, because of their special relationship with humans.

(Adapted from Close-up B1 pre-intermediate student’s book)

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1
  • Paragraph 2
  • Paragraph 3
  • Paragraph 4
  • Paragraph 5

Read the passage and answer the questions.

    Amelia Earhart is probably the best-known female pilot in the world. During her life, she did amazing things. Earhart was one of the first woman pilots in history. She set many flight records. One of the most famous was her solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. She was the first woman to fly across the ocean alone.

   Amelia Earhart was more than just a great pilot. She was a best-selling author too. She wrote many books about her flying experiences. Earhart also enjoyed helping other women succeed. She helped start the all-women pilot group called the Ninety-Nines, and she fought for women's rights.

    Sadly, Earhart's disappearance is a big reason why she is remembered today. When she tried to fly around the world, she went missing with her flight partner, Fred Noonan. On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart vanished somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen again. 

What is the big reason that Earhart is remembered today?

  • Earhart's vanishing
  • Earhart's group
  • Earhart's solo flights
  • Earhart's best-selling books

Why did Earhart establish a group called the Ninety-Nines?

  • Because Earhart just wanted to be famous for establish the Ninety-Nines.
  • Because Earhart hoped other women had opportunities to achieve success.
  • Because Earhart liked to train other woman as excellent writers.
  • Because Earhart wanted to make more friends through the group.

Besides being a pilot, what else did she do?

  • She was a reporter.
  • She was a writer.
  • She was the manager of an airline.
  • She was an actress.

The author mentions all of the following EXCEPT_______.

  • Earhart had many books that were successful.
  • Earhart was an excellent pilot.
  • Earhart was the only woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Earhart worked with Fred Noonan.

What is the passage mainly about?

  • Earhart's piloting skills
  • Earhart's disappearance
  • Earhart's accomplishments
  • Earhart's flight across the Atlantic

Read what Mark says about his food memories. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).


I loved lasagne. It all began when I was three years old. I flew to Australia with my parents on Singapore Airlines. On the plane, they served special food for children, and one of the dishes was lasagne. I fell in love with that dish immediately and ate a big portion. Since then, whenever we eat out in an Italian restaurant, I've chosen lasagne.


Sure, I really hated fish. My mother loved it, so we had it almost every day. Although she cooked different dishes such as steamed fish, fried fish, or fish soup, I still didn't like the taste, the smell, or anything about it. The strange thing is that I liked fish nuggets at Kuick, and I had them sometimes on Sundays.


My job involves traveling a lot, so I treasure any meal with my parents at home. It's our happiest time when we can gather together and share a lot of things. I love eating at home also because my mother is a great cook who can create unusual dishes with everyday ingredients.

There were special dishes for children on Singapore Airlines planes.

The first time he tried lasagne, Mark couldn't eat much.

His family had fish every day.

His mother only cooked one kind of fish dish.

His family has a good time together during their meals.

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

In a famous experiment conducted at University of Chicago in 1983, rats kept from sleeping died after two and a half weeks.

  • conducted
  • University of Chicago
  • rats kept
  • a half weeks

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

The price of crude oil used to be a great deal lower than now, wasn't it?

  • price of
  • great
  • lower
  • wasn't it

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Police are making a significant progress in fighting computer crime.

  • are making
  • a
  • in
  • crime

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correction.

He is a considerate and generous man who loved not only by his family but also by all his friends.

  • is a
  • loved
  • but also
  • all his friends

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

People who live in this building is suffering from noise pollution.

  • who
  • in
  • is
  • from

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the following sentence.

This city is not as beautiful as my capital.

  • My capital is less beautiful than this city.
  • My capital is as beautiful as this city.
  • My capital is more beautiful than this city.
  • My capital is not so beautiful as this city.

Choose the sentence that is CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

Fiona has typed the report for an hour.

  • Fiona will finish typing the report in an hour.
  • It takes Fiona an hour to type the report.
  • Fiona started to type the report an hour ago.
  • Fiona finished the report an hour ago.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the following sentence.

The question was so difficult that the student’s couldn't answer it.

  • The question was too difficult for the students to answer.
  • The question wasn’t simple enough for the students to answer it.
  • It was such a difficult question that the students couldn’t answer.
  • It was so difficult question that the students couldn't answer.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the following sentence.

You drive too fast, so I would like you to drive more slowly.

  • I wish you drive more slowly.
  • I wish you don't drive more slowly.
  • I wish you drove more slowly.
  • I wish you didn't drive more slowly.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the following sentence.

“Are you waiting for your exam result?” she said.

  • She asked me if I was waiting for my exam result.
  • She asked me whether was I waiting for the exam result.
  • She asked me whether I was waiting for your exam.
  • She asked me was I waiting for my exam result.