Toefl Primary Step 1 > Book 2 > Unit 4: Describing People

8/1/2019 10:01:06 PM
Bài tập mở rộng từ vựng chủ đề Personality, bổ trợ cho Toefl Primary Step 1 > Book 2 > Unit 4. Nguồn:

Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences. Use the words below.

My friend likes to exercise and eat fruits and vegetables, so he’s .

A: Are you a lazy person?

B: No, in fact, I’m very .

My son Thomas is very . He’s only five years old.

He should play basketball because he is . He’s not short.

My sister isn’t very . She’s shy and doesn’t like to meet new people.

He worked very hard his whole life and saved lots of money. He’s .

I went on a diet last year and lost five kilograms, so now I’m .

Sarah always says, “Thank you”. She’s a person.

Of course, I’m very ! I got an A+ on all of my exams!

My uncle loves to tell jokes to make us laugh. He’s .

My friend can lift 200 kilograms, so he’s really quite !

Jennifer and Kelly always look left and right before they cross a busy street. They are when they cross a busy street.

My classmate always smiles and has many friends. She’s .

Nothing seems to make my grandfather sad. He’s a person.

Khaled can make many different animal sounds. Most people can’t do that. He’s .

Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

look like   |   What’s … like?  | talkative  |  straight hair | upset |   like me

Example: My brother and I both play sports. He’s like me.

My sister doesn’t have curly hair. She has .

John isn’t a quiet person. In fact, he’s very !

A: your aunt ?

B: She’s smart and very friendly.

Our teacher looks . What made him so angry?

A: What does Sam ?

B: He’s tall and wears glasses.