Toefl Primary Step 1 Practice Test #16 - Reading

7/14/2020 4:43:00 PM

What does the arrow show?


  • Short
  • Tall
  • Little

Choose the sentence that goes best with the picture.

  • The boy is studying at his desk.
  • No one is sitting on the couch.
  • The boy is eating watermelon.

Choose the word that goes best with the picture.

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Soccer

Choose the word that goes best with the picture.


  • a yellow banana
  • a red apple
  • a red strawberry

Choose the sentence that goes best with the picture.

  • The man is playing the piano.
  • The girl is sitting down.
  • The girl is singing.

Choose the word that goes best with this picture.

  • sugar
  • ice cream
  • yoghurt

Choose the sentence that goes best with the picture.

  • The driver is driving a car.
  • The driver is driving a taxi.
  • The driver is driving a truck.

Choose the word that goes best with this picture.

  • happy
  • angry
  • hungry

Choose the sentence that goes best with the picture.

  • He has a headache.
  • He has a toothache.
  • He's been stung.

Choose the word that goes best with the picture.

  • hat
  • scarf
  • gloves

Choose the sentence that goes best with the picture.

  • The boy is next to books.
  • The boy is behind books.
  • The boy is under books.

Choose the word that goes best with the picture.

  • horse
  • frog
  • mouse

What time is it?

  • It's twenty past six.
  • It's twenty to seven.
  • It's twenty past seven.

What is the weather like?

  • It's rainy.
  • It's foggy.
  • It's sunny.

Choose the sentence that goes best with the picture.

  • The cow is drinking.
  • The cow is eating grass.
  • The cow is playing with others.

You need to buy stamps and send a letter. Where do you go?

  • post office
  • letter store
  • post store

This subject teaches you about the world around you, the features of the earth, mountains, seas, weather, plant life... What subject do you learn?

  • English
  • literature
  • geography

You put this on your bread with a knife. It is usually yellow and is made from milk. What is it?

  • jam
  • butter
  • peanut

My mother was so angry that she _____ at me.

  • smiled
  • shouted
  • looked

You need a pair of these to do daily exercises like running, walking. What are these?

  • sandals
  • trainers
  • earrings

You feel this when you have nothing to do or when something is not interesting. How do you feel?

  • bored
  • happy
  • interested

You follow your mother to the _____ to buy some vegetables.

  • garden
  • theatre
  • market

Read the poster. Then answer the questions.

What is Ice & Cream celebrating?

  • its first month anniversary
  • its grand opening
  • its first year anniversary

Which is not likely to be sold at the shop?

  • juice
  • salad
  • cakes

This promotion is lasted for _____.

  • the whole year
  • two days in December
  • the month of December

Where is Ice & Cream located?

  • Greenville Park
  • Woodlands Station
  • Woodlands One Shopping Centre

Read the instruction. Then answer the questions.

Planning for Father's Day

1. Find out when Father’s Day is.

The date of Father’s Day depends on what country you live in. In the U.S. and the U.K., Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday in June, so the exact date will not be the same every year.

2. Think about what makes your dad happy.

If you don't know what your dad loves, you can ask your mom or siblings. Even you can ask him how he is feeling and what he feels like doing for the day.

If your dad isn’t the gift type but enjoys spending time together with family, then plan some types of activities that your dad gets to do something he loves. Maybe he likes fishing or playing catch, or maybe your dad likes to play board games with the whole family.

3. Get others involved.

If you have siblings, you should get them involved in planning something nice for your dad. Having all of his kids celebrate Father’s Day with him will make it even more special. If not, you could also ask your mom or grandparents to help you.

4. Take photos of Father’s Day.

Having pictures will help you remember the day, and you can also use them as part of next year’s gift.

When is Father's Day celebrated?

  • It's always on the third Sunday in June.
  • It depends on where you live.
  • It's on the 3rd of June.

What should you do if you don't know what your dad loves?

  • do anything you want
  • plan many outdoor activities
  • ask other family members or even him

What does "the gift type" mean?

  • the one who likes being given gifts
  • the one who likes giving gifts to others
  • the one who likes choosing gifts

What sentence is not true?

  • Planning everything by yourself is better.
  • Taking photos helps you remember the day.
  • All of your dad's kids celebrating his day is more special.

Read the email. Then answer the questions.

Hello Mai!

I'm going to meet you at the airport. Dad's car is broken so we'll get a taxi. Mom is going to have a meeting on that day so she will meet you at home. Lan is free but dad doesn't allow her to go with us because there will be not enough spaces, so she will be at home waiting for you.

See you later!


How will Tuan and dad go to the airport?

  • by dad's car
  • by taxi
  • by mom's car

Where will Mai and Lan meet each other?

  • at home
  • at mom's office
  • at the airport

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Dear Mom,

We had art at school today, but we didn't go to the art classroom. We went on a bus to town and we visited the museum. We looked at paintings by famous artists. My favourite painting was by Picasso. It was very strange. After we looked at the paintings we made pictures for a competition. I drew my teacher but he wasn't very pleased, so I didn't win. I'm quite sad but I'll try my best next time. How is your holiday? Write to me if you have time.



Why does Jenny write to her mom?

  • to tell about her art lesson and competition at the museum
  • to ask her about her holiday
  • to tell how she felt at the museum

Why didn't Jenny win the competition?

  • She made a bad picture.
  • Her teacher didn't like her drawing.
  • Her picture was strange.

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Dear Aunt Nel,

Thank you very much for the book you sent me. It was very kind of you. Actually, History of Space Travel sounds like a brilliant title. I'm really interested in that kind of thing - exploring space and learning about the moon. I’ll start it after I finish the one I'm reading now, which is about how cars are made.

The holidays are nearly finished now. l go back to my college next week to start a new semester. Then I've only got two more years of school, so I need to decide what to do next!

Thanks again for the present.

Best wishes,


What is the book Giles is reading about?

  • exploring space
  • learning about the moon
  • making cars

When will his new semester start?

  • next week
  • 2 more days
  • 2 more years