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Choose the correct answer to complete the conversations.
- Let’s listen to this new CD.

- ______

  • Who’s the singer? 
  • It’s in the record shop.
  • I can hear it.

Choose the correct answer to complete the conversations.
- I’d like two tickets for tonight.

- ______

  • I’ll just check for you.
  • Afternoon and evening.
  • How much did you pay?

Choose the correct answer to complete the conversations.
- What time did the meeting end?

- ______

  • In a few minutes.
  • For half an hour.
  • Just before lunch.

Choose the correct answer to complete the conversations.
- I can’t do this math problem.

- _________

  • I suppose to.
  • Let me see.
  • Certainly not.

Choose the correct answer to complete the conversations.
- Do you like Jane’s new flat?

- _____

  • I don’t go there.
  • She likes the new house.
  • The rooms are rather small.

Read the article about two sisters and answer the questions below.

Something very strange happened to Tamara. She never knew she had a twin sister until she started university! Tamara was born in Mexico. Her parents could not look after her so she went to live with a family in Manhattan, USA.

 When Tamara was twenty years old, she started university in Long Island. She enjoyed her university life. But one day she was walking home from class, and a student smiled at her. “Hello Adriana!” said the student. “I’m not Adriana,” said Tamara.

 This happened to Tamara again and again. People Tamara didn’t know kept calling her Adriana. It was very strange. One day, when a woman called her Adriana, Tamara asked: “Why do you keep calling me Adriana?”

 The woman replied, “You look like my friend Adriana. You have the same face and the same hair. Is Adriana your sister?” Tamara said that she did not have a sister called Adriana. But she was interested in this girl Adriana. Finally, she asked someone for Adriana’s email address.

 When Tamara wrote to Adriana, she found out that they both had the same birthday, they looked the same and both of them were from Mexico. When Tamara went to live with the family in Manhattan, Adriana moved to Long Island to live with a family there. It had to be true! Adriana and Tamara were twin sisters!

Tamara and her sister were both born in Mexico.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Tamara’s parents moved from Mexico to Manhattan.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

People called Tamara “Adriana” many times.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Adriana wrote to Tamara first.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Adriana always knew she had a twin sister.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Adriana is Tamara’s only sister.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Read the passage and choose the best answer for the questions below.

A month ago I had no idea that on a Saturday afternoon in November I’d be hanging 30 meters above the ground and enjoying it. Now I looked down at the river far below me and realized why people love rock-climbing.

My friend Matt and I had arrived at the Activity Centre on Friday evening. The accommodation wasn’t wonderful, but we had everything we needed (beds, blankets, food), and we were pleased to be out of the city and in the fresh air.

On Saturday morning we met the other ten members of our group. Cameron had come along with two friends, Kevin and Simon, while sisters Carole and Lynn had come with Amanda. We had come from various places and none of us knew the area.

We knew we were going to spend the weekend outdoors, but none of us was sure exactly how. Half of us spent the morning caving while the others went rock - climbing and then we changed at lunchtime. Matt and I went to the caves first. Climbing out was harder than going in, but after a good deal of pushing, we were out at last - covered in mud but pleased and excited by what we’d done.

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • advertise the Activity Centre. 
  • describe some people she met. 
  • say how she spent some free time.

What can the reader learn from the text?

  • when to depend on other people at the Centre.
  • how to apply for a place at the Centre.
  • what sort of activities you can experience at the Centre.

How do you think the writer might describe her weekend?

  • interesting.
  • relaxing.
  • frightening.

What do we learn about the group?

  • Some of them had been there before.
  • They had already chosen their preferred activities.
  • Some of them already knew each other.

Which of the following advertisements describes the Activity Centre?

  • ACTIVITY CENTRE. Set in beautiful countryside. Accomodation and meals provided. Make up your own timetable - choose from a variety of activities (horse-riding, fishing, hill-walking, sailing, moutain-biking).
  • ACTIVITY CENTRE. Set in beautiful countryside. Accomodation provided. Work with a group - we show you a range of activities that you didn't realise you could do!
  • ACTIVITY CENTRE. Set in beautiful countryside. Enjoy the luxury of our accomodation. Each room has its own bathroom. Work with a group, or have individual teaching.

Use the equation below to answer the question.
0.75 × 6.5 = m

  • 75 × 65 ÷ 1000
  • 75 × 650 ÷ 1000
  • 0.7 × 6 + 0.7 × 5 + 0.5 × 6 + 0.5 × 5

Choose the correct answer.
Zoe spent 3/8 of his time studying science. He spent 2/5 as much time studying English as science. What fraction of Zoe’s study time was spent studying English?

  • 1/40
  • 3/20
  • 31/40

Choose the correct answer.
Which of the following options does not belong to proteins group?

  •   Meat.
  • Egg.
  • Bread.

Choose the correct answer.
How long does it take the Earth to rotate once on its axis?


  • One week.
  • One day.
  • One month.

Read the text and choose a correct answer to fill in the blank.
Hypatia was born in Alexandria, in Egypt, in 370 A.D. For many centuries she was the only woman scientist to have a place in the history books.
Hypatia’s father was director of Alexandria University, and he sure his daughter had the best education available. This was unusual, as most women then had few opportunities to study.
After studying in Athens and Rome, Hypatia returned to Alexandria she began teaching mathematics. She soon became famous for her knowledge of new ideas.
We have no copies of her books, we know that she wrote several important mathematical works. Hypatia was also interested in technology and invented several scientific tools to help with her work.
At the many rulers were afraid of science, and anyone connected with it was in danger. One day in March 415, Hypatia attacked in the street and killed.

My parents prefer jazz to classical music.

My parents think jazz __________ than classical music.

  • better
  • prefered
  • is better

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

My parents can only go swimming at the weekend.

On weekdays, my parents aren’t ________ go swimming.

  • interested in
  • able to
  • able

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
If I finish my homework, I can go out at the weekend.

I can’t go out at the weekend ___________ I finish my homework.

  • if
  • unless
  • when

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

I don’t watch TV __________ my sister does.

  • much as
  • as much
  • as much as

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
My parents suggested going out for a meal.

My parents said, “Why ___________we go out for a meal?”

  • don’t
  • should
  • will


What's George doing now?


Which room will the woman stay in?

  • 6
  • 23
  • 43


What will the boy wear in the race?


What color will the room be?

  • yellow
  • green
  • orange


Where did Minnie and Richard meet?

Listen to a part of a radio programme about classical music. For each question, choose the correct answer.

This week’s prize is___________

  • a music cassette.
  • two concert tickets.
  • a classical CD.

The person who wrote the music lived in___________

  • Italia
  • Spain
  • France

What else shares the title of this music?

  • a garden.
  • a play.
  • a park.

What did people do when they first heard the music?

  • Some left before the end.
  • Only a few clapped.
  • Some asked for their money back.

This piece of music has been___________

  • played in the cinema.
  • used in advertising.
  • used for a TV play.