Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm 2019 - Tỉnh Bình Dương

9/6/2019 10:49:00 AM
Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm 2019 - Tỉnh Bình Dương.

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

How To Improve English Speaking Skills

Many students learn English grammar very well cannot actually have a conversation with native speakers. Here are the few tips for improving English skills.

First of all, it is important to find native speakers to with. Recording is also a great way to get the maximum benefit from a conversation with a native speaker. When you listen again, you can notice what you need to improve.

Another way is to watch movies or TV in English, with subtitles if you need them, and watch the same programs over and over. people find that they understand more each time. Listening to music in English and singing can also help you a lot.

Reading out loud or talking to yourself is also a great way to practice speaking when there is no conversation partner available. Practicing alone is a low-pressure way to practice, since will hear your mistakes.

( Adapted from https://effortlessenglishclub.com )

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

The start of every New Year is when we make plans to change our life for the better over the forthcoming twelve months. Psychiatry professor Jayashri Kulkarni says, “January 1st is a ‘magical’ date and a vow made on this day is much more powerful than the one made on June 1st, for example.” So, we make a list of things to quit, start or change. Unfortunately, most of these promises are, more often than not, broken by January 31st. They are usually the identical resolutions that were not fulfilled from the previous year, and the years prior to that.

Researches show 45 percent of us make a New Year’s resolution. The most common vows including losing weight, volunteering to help others, quitting smoking, saving money and getting fit. Others include eating healthier food, drinking less alcohol, and going on overseas trips. However, researches also show that most of us are not so good at sticking to these. A study from the University of Scranton reveals that 71 percent of us stick to our annual promises for the first two weeks; six months later, less than 50 percent are still on track to keep their resolutions. Most people who give up on their do so because of a lack of willpower and the use of the ‘escape clause’ that they will ‘try again next year.’

( Adapted from https://www.huffpost.com)

What is the main idea of the passage?

  • People make a list of things to change on New Year’s Eve.
  • People have the willpower to change their life for the better.
  • People complete their resolutions in spite of the lack of time.
  • People break their New Year’s resolutions years after years.

What does the word “resolutions” in paragraph 1 mean?

  • determinations
  • secrets
  • lists
  • activities

What does the word “these” in paragraph 2 refer to?

  • trips
  • researches
  • vows
  • people

What does the word “annual” in paragraph 2 mean?

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly

How many of us make a New Year’s resolution?

  • Only a few of us
  • About half of us
  • Most of us
  • All of us

According to paragraph 2, which of the following is NOT a popular vow?

  • Breaking bad habits
  • Becoming healthier
  • Reading more books
  • Travelling abroad

Read the passage below carefully and choose the best option.

  Sloth was famous for being the laziest animal in the forest. He would eat and sleep all day comfortably on the tree branches. All the other animals would be busy singing, playing and looking for food and shelter but not Sloth. They told him, “You are a good for nothing.” But Sloth just ignored them and carried on lazing around.

  One day, a bird built her nest near Sloth’s branch. She laid her eggs and watched over them until they hatched. Then, she had to fly off and look for food. She asked Sloth to keep an eye on her babies. Sloth was too lazy to even answer. “You are good for nothing.” said the bird angrily and flew off.

  Soon, a snake slithered up the tree looking for baby birds to eat. It did not notice Sloth on the branch. It was just about to strike the baby birds when it felt a sharp pain on its side. Sloth had clawed it. The snake fell to the ground and slithered away. The mother bird saw what Sloth did. She felt so ashamed of herself. “Sorry,” she said to Sloth. Sloth simply went back to sleep.

( Adapted from https://www.englishdaily626.com )

What does the word “ignored” in paragraph 1 mean ?
  • paid no attention to
  • looked forward to
  • paid compliments on
  • looked up and down at
What did the mother bird want Sloth to do while she was away ?
  • To keep his eyes open
  • To watch her babies
  • To slither up the tree
  • To look for food
What does the word “She” in paragraph 3 refer to ?
  • The snake
  • The baby bird
  • Sloth
  • The mother bird
What does the mother bird probably think at the end of the story ?
  • “Sloth is really the laziest animal I have known.”
  • “Without the snake, my babies would not have died.”
  • “Sloth is not a good for nothing as animals think.”
  • “I’ll never leave my children in the hands of Sloth again.”

Choose the questions and statements ( F to Z ) to complete the conversation.

F: Is it ? Then that’s what I will have

G: No, I think two types of vegetables are enough

L: Thank you. Now, let me have a look at the vegetables.

M: That’s a fair price. Can I pay by credit card ?

O: That’s right

S: Well, we have some important guests for dinner tonight.

W: Yes please, and also some mushrooms.

Z: Yes, they do. What do you have ?


Shopkeeper: Good morning Ms Chef.

Ms Chef: Good morning.

Shopkeeper: What can I do for you today ?

Ms Chef: .

Shopkeeper: So you want something special

Ms Chef: .

Shopkeeper: Do your guests like fish ?

Ms Chef: .

Shopkeeper: I have a salmon. It’s very fresh and tasty.

Ms Chef: .

Shopkeeper: Here you are then.

Ms Chef: .

Choose the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation.

  • imagined

  • considered
  • modernized
  • developed

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other three.

  • subjects
  • designs
  • standards
  • labels

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

  • treasure
  • season

  • leather
  • weather

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • terrific
  • effective
  • marvelous
  • important

Choose the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

  • persuade
  • install
  • occur
  • capture

Choose the word CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word.

Tornadoes mostly happen during very strong thunderstorms and cause a lot of damage to anything they touch.

  • never
  • seldom
  • usually
  • always

Choose the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word.

Komodo dragons are huge reptiles that can grow to three meters long and weigh 160 kilos.

  • little
  • violent
  • impressive
  • complicated

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

I asked my pen pals if they could speak other foreign languages beside English.

  • pen pals
  • they could
  • other
  • beside

Thank you very much for your present. The chocolate tastes so _____.

  • lovely
  • greatly
  • sweetly
  • deliciously

Everybody was here yesterday, _____?

  • wasn’t anybody
  • wasn’t nobody
  • weren’t they
  • weren’t he and she

Children need lots of ______________ from their parents.

  • encourage
  • encouragement
  • courageous
  • discourage

Of the two children, Helen and Alice, Helen is the ___________.

  • funny
  • funnier
  • funniest
  • most funny

Hawaii, _____ consists of eight principal islands, is a favorite vacation spot.

  • where
  • that
  • which
  • it

Choose the correct answer.

I wish she ____________ me with the housework but she is so busy with her homework.

  • can help
  • can’t help
  • could help
  • couldn’t help

My friends practiced very hard; ______, they won the championship.

  • since
  • although
  • however
  • therefore

The Japanese school year normally begins _____ April and ends the following March.

  • in
  • on
  • between
  • from

You cannot make people _____ if they don’t want to.

  • stay
  • staying
  • to stay
  • to staying

Professor Luke, to whom he apologized _____ not paying attention in class, is my teacher.

  • to
  • for
  • about
  • with
The key ________ a football match is lots of practice and confidence.
  • winning
  • to be won
  • to winning
  • to being won

Choose the correct answer.

Different ways _____ many kinds of cheese and the cheese is then pressed into different shapes.

  • are used to producing
  • used to be produced
  • are used to produce
  • used to produce

Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has the same meaning to the first.

James asked: “Will you work tomorrow, Lily?” (FOLLOWING)


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in brackets.

He couldn’t drink the tea. It was too hot. (TO)

=> The tea was too.....

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in brackets.

People speak English around the world. (OVER)

=> English ..... world.

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in brackets.

Keep the environment clean or we won’t enjoy a healthy life. (POLLUTE)

=> We won't enjoy a healthy life ......

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word in brackets.

I don’t know how to get to the station. (WAY)

=> I wish I.....