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For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording.

Choose the correct picture. 

What time will the writer arrive at the bookshop?

What did the woman leave in the restaurant?

You will hear a radio interview with Jack Williams, who is talking about a town called Swanton.

Choose the correct answer. 

Where is the town of Swanton located?

  • near the sea.
  • by a lake.
  • on a hill.

What does Jack like most about living in Swanton?

  • There are opportunities for climbing nearby.
  • There is plenty of activity in the town.
  • There is interesting wildlife near the town.

What does Jack say about entertainment in Swanton?

  • A music festival takes place in the town.
  • An arts centre has recently opened.
  • Its football club has done well this year.

Listen to a talk between two students and choose the correct answer. 


What problem does Fumiko have with her psychology project?

  • She isn't interested in the topic.
  • She can't find enough information.
  • She doesn't know what to focus on.

What point does Victor make about Fumiko'stutor?

  • He explores his students' key interests.
  • He is a very hard-working member of staff.
  • He uses a limited range of project titles.

What has Fumiko already read on her topic?

  • book extracts.
  • internet material.
  • journal articles.

According to Mr. Dresden, Fumiko's project must include_______

  • a bibliography.
  • a public survey
  • some graphic data.

Victor and Fumiko arrange to____________

  • get in contact in half an hour.
  • meet up in the library.
  • have lunch together.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • This shop will sell customers' watches within twelve months.
  • This shop will keep customers' watches for up to twelve months.
  • This shop will look after customers' watches for more than twelve months.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Philippe and Stefano missed each other at the stadium.
  • Stefano had to leave without Philippe to get to work.
  • Stefano has given up waiting for Philippe to arrive.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Parents must return forms this week if their child is going on Friday's trip.
  • Parents cannot go on next month's trip unless they return their forms by Friday.
  • The last day for returning completed forms for the trip is Friday.

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text.

Gabi wants Jo to

  • change an arrangement.
  • cancel a regular event.
  • come to a business meeting.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • It is not possible to use the lift above the ground floor today.
  • The lift will not be going to the basement today.
  • The stairs between the basement and the ground floor are closed today.Q#16

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.


People began to keep animals in zoos over 3,000 years ago when the rulers of China opened an enormous zoo called the Gardens of Intelligence. In many of the early zoos, animals taught to perform for the visitors. This no happens and it is accepted that the purpose of zoos is for people to see animals behaving naturally. Today, most cities have a zoo or wildlife park. However, not approves of zoos. People who think that zoos are a good idea say they us with the opportunity to about the natural world and be close to wild animals. Both of would not be possible zoos. On the other hand, some people disapprove of zoos because they it is wrong to put animals in cages, and argue that in zoos which are not managed properly, animals live in dirty conditions and eat unsuitable food.

Read the text and questions below.

Maria Mutoia

Former 800 meters Olympic champion

In 1988, Maria Mutola was playing football as the only girl in an all-boys team in a local competition in Mozambique. ‘We won,' she said. ‘At first, no one thought it was a problem that I was a girl. But then the team we beat complained.'

The story appeared in a local newspaper and Jose Craveirinha, who had encouraged other African athletes, learnt about Maria. He went to meet her and found her kicking a ball around outside the football club. He realized immediately that she was fast. ‘He talked to me about athletics. I had no idea what he meant. The only sport I knew about was football. Then he bought me running shoes and took me training. It was such hard work and my legs really ached.' But Jose visited her parents and persuaded them she could be successful and this would help end their poverty. They agreed to let him take her away to train.

In 1991, she finally accepted an invitation to train in the United States. She had refused previously because she knew she would miss her family. Her background was unlike those of the girls she met in the US. She explains, 'They were good athletes but, while I worried about my parents having enough to eat, they worried about dresses and make-up. They knew very little about me and even less about my problems. But I knew I was lucky to be there. The trainers were brilliant and I learnt a lot.'

Today, Maria still runs and for most of the year, she lives happily in South Africa with her mother.

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • persuade more Africans to take up athletics.
  • describe how Maria became a top athlete.
  • give information about Mozambique.
  • explain how Maria manages to stay fit.

Jose Craveirinha found out about Maria when

  • he went to watch a local football competition.
  • she was blamed for her team losing a football competition.
  • he saw an article about her role in a football match.
  • people complained about another member of her football team.

When Jose first introduced Maria to athletics, she

  • didn't know what was involved.
  • was worried about being injured.
  • was keen to learn everything he knew.
  • didn't think her family would approve.

What does Maria say about the girls she met in the United States?

  • They did not make full use of their abilities.
  • Their training programmes were less demanding than hers.
  • They did not show enough respect for the trainers.
  • Their experiences of life were very different from hers.

What would Maria say about her life?

  • Jose has made all my dreams possible. From the first day we met, 1 was certain I wanted to become a top athlete.
  • My life hasn't always been easy but I've had many opportunities. Running is important to me and so is my family.
  • I regret becoming involved in athletics. It was horrible leaving Mozambique and my parents. I'd like to go back to football.
  • The US has some wonderful training facilities, so I'm glad that I agreed to go when I was first offered the chance.

Matthew walks his dog once every 8 days in the park, while Sam walks his dog once every 14 days. Today, both Matthew and Sam walked their dogs in the park. In how many more days will both boys walk their dogs in the park on the same day?

  • 2 days
  • 22 days
  • 56 days
  • 112 days

What is the value of the expression?

  • 7
  • 12
  • 15
  • 29

Which expression is a binomial?

Choose the correct answer.
Which component can be found only in plant cell?

  • Nucleus.
  • Cell membrane.
  • Cell wall.
  • Cytoplasm.

Choose the correct answer.
Which statement is true about a parallel circuit?

  • The current is the same throughout the circuit.
  • If one bulb breaks, the other goes off.
  • The currents in the branches are larger than the current of the main part of the circuit.
  • If one bulb breaks, the other on other branch stays on.

How do you _____ about the pollution problem in this country?

  • feel
  • think
  • believe
  • view

Choose the correct answer.
I'm_______in my present job; I need something more challenging.

  • irritated
  • annoyed
  • crazy
  • frustrated

I'm sorry I screamed. Something _____ me.

  • afraid
  • terrifying
  • scared
  • made

Choose the correct answer.
I find his behaviour towards me quite _______. He treats me like an idiot.

  • offending
  • insulting
  • crude
  • ill-mannered

Choose the correct answer.
Nobody died in the accident, but 20 people were_______.

  • damaged
  • injured
  • spoiled
  • broken

Scientists _____ a carefully controlled experiment on the mystery virus.

  • took in
  • measured out
  • put up
  • carried out

Choose the correct answer.
People are _______to wear reflectors on their clothing when walking along a road in the dark.

  • advised
  • warned
  • told
  • informed

Choose the correct answer.
I personally don't believe you can _______of his support.

  • count
  • depend
  • be sure
  • rely

Choose the correct answer.
When I grow up I want to be an _______and make a time machine to visit the future.

  • inventor
  • invention
  • invent
  • inventive

Choose the correct answer.
You’ve been talking about asking her out for weeks, what are you waiting _______?

  • to
  • in
  • for
  • at

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
We had planned to walk right round the lake, but the heavy rain made this impossible.

  • In spite of the heavy rain, we managed to walk half way round the lake as planned.
  • The heavy rain nearly prevented us from walking right round the lake.
  • We would have walked right round the lake even if it had rained heavily.
  • If it hadn't rained so heavily we would have walked right round the lake.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
I can't remember when I last saw him, but it's certainly a long time ago.

  • I shall never forget meeting him even though it's a long time ago.
  • I only know it is ages since I saw him and I can't remember when that was.
  • We’ve only met once and that was too long ago for me to remember him.
  • I'd like to forget how many years have passed since I last saw him.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
As the traffic is so heavy it will take us at least an hour to get there.

  • Let's wait an hour before we go as there is so much traffic on the roads.
  • Since the roads are so busy we won't be able to get there in under an hour.
  • Since the roads are full of traffic at this hour we won't go now.
  • There are so many cars on the roads that we can't get there for hours.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
There were no poor performances, but that of the Russian dancers was certainly the best.

  • The best performance were those of the Russians; some of the others were poor.
  • The standard of dancing was high, particularly among the Russians.
  • The Russian dancers were well-worth watching but the others weren't
  • They all danced well, but the Russian dancers were far better than the others.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
This is the most enjoyable novel I've read in a long time.

  • It took me a long time to read this novel, but it was worth it.
  • It's a marvelous novel; I still remember it though I read it a long time ago.
  • It's ages since I got so much pleasure out of reading a novel.
  • It's a long time since 1 read this novel but I know I enjoyed it enormously.