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For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording.

Choose the correct picture. 

Which TV programme is on at 9 o’clock tonight?

How will the man book tickets for the show?

You will hear Sarah Brown talking about her work as a television weather forecaster.

Choose the correct answer. 

How long has Sarah worked as a weather forecaster?

  • two years.
  • seven years.
  • thirty years.

What does Sarah say about her job?

  • She sometimes has to work at night.
  • She enjoys getting up early.
  • She works ten or twelve hours a day.

When Sarah does a weather forecast,_________

  • she prepares it in advance.
  • she sometimes forgets her words.
  • she worries about making a mistake.

Listen and choose the correct answer for each blank. 

How long has he been in his present job?

  • Since 2005.
  • For about three years.
  • For three months.

Why does he want a new job?

  • For a change.
  • To earn more money.
  • To get a promotion.

What does he like most about his job?

  • The right to take action and make decisions.
  • His colleagues.
  • Working conditions.

What kind of person are they looking for?

  • Someone prepared to work overtime.
  • Someone who is punctual.
  • Someone who wants to get on.

What qualifications does Peter have?

  • A degree.
  • A school leaving certificate.
  • A postgraduate diploma.

Look at the text in each question.

What does it say?

  • The members of the gym think the music system is very useful.
  • When using the music system in the gym, please remember to switch it off.
  • If you put on some music, consider the other people in the gym.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • going home with the rest of the group tomorrow.
  • going on a boat with members of the group tomorrow.
  • going out with the whole group tomorrow.

Look at the text in each question.

What does it say?

  • You should return your books to the assistant in the correct order.
  • The books are easy to find because they are all arranged by level.
  • You should place books in the order that you found them.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Use this button to call hotel staff if you cannot get in.
  • If you cannot lock the door, please contact hotel reception.
  • Press this button to unlock the entrance door.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.
What should David do?

  • He should remind Carla that someone is picking her up for band practice.
  • He should check if Carla is dressed properly and take her to band practice.
  • He should make Carla practise before she goes to her school band meeting.

Read the text below and choose the correct answer for each space.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on a farm in Michigan in 1863 but he did not like farming. When he was fifteen he began work as a mechanic and in 1893 he built his first car. After he driven it 1,500 kilometres, he sold it and built two bigger cars. Then, in 1903, he the Ford Motor Company. By  strong but light steel, he built cheap cars for people to buy. In 1908, he built the first Ford Model T', sold for $825. He was soon selling 100 cars   day. By 1927, the Ford Motor Company was $700 million. Early Ford cars were simple and cheap, but things simple sometimes   less choice. “You have any colour you like,” said Henry Ford of the Model T, “as long as it's black.”

Read the text and answer the questions below.

Little Chefs

For one group of children aged between ten and fifteen, Saturdays are spent learning the art of serious cooking. Their weekly lessons in small classes are so popular that there is a waiting list of 30 children who want to do the course. Parents pay £280 for the course where their children can have fun and learn how to make good food.

Class member Bill, aged ten, says, "I love my mum's cooking and now I can do it better than her. The teachers make us laugh, especially when we sit down with them to share the food we've made."

Flora is twelve, and she's having problems preparing onions. "I love cooking. I did a meal for ten friends which they really enjoyed. Then my mum suggested I take up a hobby, instead of doing nothing at weekends. I was happy staying at home, so I wasn't too keen at first. I'm really glad I decided to come, though."

Their teacher, Philippe, says, "It's great fun. Children pay attention and remember things better than adults, although the kitchen isn't always as tidy when they're cooking! As adults, we're always learning more about food. If parents interest their children in cooking while they are young, they'll have enough skill to make food for themselves when they leave home."

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • warn parents not to expect too much from their children.
  • advertise schools that teach people how to cook.
  • describe how some children spend their spare time.
  • explain why parents want to learn more about cooking.

What can a reader find out from this text?

  • which dishes students prefer to cook on the course
  • why the classes are so successful
  • how much one lesson costs
  • when the next classes begin

Why did Flora join the course?

  • Her friends persuaded her to do it.
  • She wanted to learn to cook a big meal.
  • She felt bored at weekends, with nothing to do.
  • Her mother wanted her to develop an interest.

What does Philippe say about his young students?

  • They will be confident about cooking in the future.
  • They have a good memory but don't always listen.
  • They keep the kitchen cleaner than adults do.
  • They teach their parents what they have learnt in class.

What would one of Philippe’s students say to a friend?

  • We made onion soup yesterday. The course is great, although there are 30 people in my class.
  • I go every Saturday, and now I can cook as well as my mum. I’m ten, and I’m the oldest.
  • It’s great. No one’s over 15 and the food looks delicious. I just wish we could eat it together instead of taking it home.
  • I was on a waiting list for ages, but now I’m on the course. Last week I cut up some onions – it was hard!

Which choice shows three lengths that cannot be the lengths of the three sides of a triangle?

  • 2 cm, 8 cm, 8 cm
  • 2 cm, 3 cm, 6 cm
  • 4 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm
  • 5 cm, 6 cm, 9 cm

Angles T and V are complementary. Angle T has a measure of (2x + 10)°. Angle V has a measure of 48°. What is the value of x?

  • 16°

  • 19°
  • 26°
  • 42°

Jason is 12 years younger than twice Emily’s age. Jason is 28 years old. How old is Emily?

  • 8
  • 14
  • 16
  • 20

What is the density of water?

  • 1g/cm3
  • 100g/cm3
  • 1kg/cm3
  • 1g/dm3

Choose the correct answer.
The animal kingdom has two main groups: vertebrates and invertebrates. There are five groups of vertebrates. Which of the following options does not belong to vertebrates?

  • Fish.
  • Mammal.
  • Bird.
  • Snail.

Do you believe _______ghosts?

  • in
  • on
  • to
  • of

Choose the correct answer.
The only means of_______to the station is through a dark subway.

  • arrival
  • admission
  • access
  • approaching

Choose the correct answer.
May I borrow your pen, Jane? I seem to have _______ mine at home.

  • missed
  • forgotten
  • lost
  • left

Choose the correct answer.
Which is the odd one out?

  • stepfather
  • grandpa
  • granddad
  • grandfather

Choose the correct answer.
Last year ABBA made a_______of several million crowns.

  • win
  • gain
  • salary
  • profit

Choose the correct answer.
If you like skiing, there's a ski_______under an hour's driving from Madrid.

  • resort
  • station
  • place
  • port

Choose the correct answer.
If you are "over the moon" about something, how do you feel?

  • stressed
  • very sad
  • very happy
  • bored

He's very _____ about his private life. He's got no secrets.

  • mean
  • direct
  • open
  • absent-minded

Choose the correct answer.
Everyone is hoping and praying that _______peace will eventually come to the area.

  • durable
  • ongoing
  • irrevocable
  • lasting

Choose the correct answer.
The_______are against her winning a fourth consecutive gold medal.

  • chances
  • odds
  • prospects
  • bets

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
Everyone in our class is doing something at the end-of-term concert, but Mary alone is staying away.

  • No one in our class but Mary is taking part in the end-of-term concert.
  • Everyone in Mary's class hopes to do something at the end-of-term concert.
  • Mary is the only one in our class who isn't taking part in the end-of-term concert.
  • The class wants Mary to play in the concert at the end of term, but she won’t.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
If I'd known how much they were going to charge at this hotel, I'd have stayed somewhere else.

  • The prices were so high at that hotel that I decided to find a more reasonable one.
  • I didn't realize just how expensive this hotel was, but if I had, I'd have gone elsewhere.
  • If only I'd checked the prices of a few hotels I could have found a less expensive one.
  • Although I knew this was an expensive hotel I didn't look around for a cheaper one.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
I was extremely annoyed at the way the new boss treated us all, but I tried not to show it.

  • I made an effort to hide from the new boss the anger I felt at his treatment of us.
  • I shouldn't have let the new boss know just how angry I was at this attitude towards us.
  • I couldn't help letting the new boss see just how angry he made me with those remarks to us.
  • The new boss treated us all so badly that I couldn’t hide my disgust from him.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
As there was a great deal of rain in the spring we are expecting a good fruit harvest this year.

  • It rained so heavily all through the springtime that fruit harvest will certainly be affected.
  • There should be an abundance of fruit this year as it rained so much in the spring.
  • This year we can expect a better fruit harvest even though we didn't have a wet spring.
  • Though it rained often this spring, the fruit trees are yielding plenty of fruit.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
I've been out of the country for nearly a year, so I'm out of touch with everything here.

  • A year or so abroad will make you feel different about your own country.
  • On my return after almost a year, I was touched to find so few changes here.
  • The year abroad has estranged me, so I don't want to go back to my own country.
  • I feel quite like a stranger now that I'm back after almost a year abroad.