Tiếng Anh lớp 7 - Unit 9 - B.Vocabulary & Grammar

3/15/2022 10:43:39 AM

Fill each blank in the following sentences with a word from the box.

1. Mid-autumn festival is a famous festival in some Asian countries. Traditionally, people celebrate the end of the summer harvest by eating moon cakes and fruits, and lighting the lanterns.

2. The Glastonbury Festival is a famous performing festival in England. There people can enjoy contemporary music, dance, comedy, theatre, and other arts.

3. The Day of the Dead is one of the most important holidays in Mexico. It's a festival to remember relatives and friends who have passed away.

4. Wesak is the most important Buddhist festival. It celebrates the Buddha's birthday. It's a festival.

Fill each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets.

1. What I like about festivals is that they show the values of different communities. (culture)

2. My mother liked the of that young pianist. (perform)

3. On special occasions, people usually have drinks. (celebrate)

4. I've seen a lot of in my life. (parade)

5. Another season is coming. (festival)

6. Japanese people hold the Japanese Boys' Day with special . (celebrate)

Complete the following conversation with the adverdbial phases in the box.

Nick: What did you do ?

Mi: My family went to Da Nang .

Nick: Really? I've heard about it. How often is it held?

Mi: It takes place . Teams from other countries come to Da Nang .

Nick: Where can you watch the displays?

Mi: It's easy to watch them . I was really impressed by the display last year.

Nick: Which team won the competition, Mi?

Mi: The US team. They melted our heart .

Make questions for the underlined part.

They decorate their house with beautiful Christmas trees.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

I don't like ice swimming because it's dangerous.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

You can watch folk music performances in Russian Winter Festival.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

Last year I went to Thailand with my parents.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

This festival is held in my country every two years.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

I prefer Thai food to Japanese food.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

Those are my grandfather's pictures.

Make questions for the underlined parts.

They celebrate the festival after harvesting the crop.