Tiếng Anh lớp 7 - Unit 9 - D. Reading

3/15/2022 2:13:26 PM

Choose the correct word to fill each blank in the following passage.

Easter is an important Christian festival and holiday. It is (1)_____ to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is not a fixed holiday. Its (2)_____ varies between 22nd March and 25th April. People celebrate Easter (3)_____ the world.
In the UK, Easter is a public holiday. People (4)_____ Easter chocolate eggs to their friends and family. There are also egg hunts for kids. In the US, Easter is a (5)_____ holiday. People can go to church and have a special family meal. They also (6)_____ egg-hunts and give gifts of coloured eggs. In Russia, Easter is one of the (7)_____ important holidays. People celebrate it (8)_____ an Easter breakfast or meal. They also create very beautiful Easter eggs.

  • made
  • held
  • given
  • opened
  • day
  • date
  • event
  • month
  • through
  • in
  • all
  • around
  • eat
  • have
  • give
  • receive
  • nation
  • local
  • native
  • national
  • organise
  • play
  • do
  • try
  • more
  • best
  • most
  • better
  • with
  • by
  • for
  • in

Fill a word in each blank in the following passage.


Around the world, there are a lot of festivals. People love festivals (1) of the advantages they bring about.
First of all, festivals are (2) for the community. They create an opportunity for the people to take part in the festival (3) . Also, festivals help people cooperate with one another when they organise the activities together. They can also (4) more about and appreciate their cultural values. Second, families can benefit from festivals. These are the opportunities for family (5) to gather, prepare for the festival, and (6) some fun. For example, before Tet, the whole family (7) their house, go to the flower market, make Chung cakes, etc. During Tet, they enjoy the meals (8) and visit their relatives.

Read the passage about the 'White Nights' in St. Petersburg and do the following tasks.

If you are romantic and want to enjoy the festive spirit all day and night, go to St. Petersburg, Russia. The simple reason is that from May through July, the sun rarely sets and the nights are bright there. Local people and tourists from all over the world celebrate the ‘White Nights' with endless all-night activities. You can enjoy festivals, ballet, opera or try good foods as bars and restaurants stay open until the morning hours. Some people love to go to this poetic city just to walk along the Neva River banks with their loved ones and witness the raising of the bridges. Some others like to go swimming in Lake Ladoga and stroll in the famous Summer Gardens. There's one highlight that you can't miss if you're in St. Petersburg on June 22nd. It's the Scarlet Sails event! There's a mock pirate battle on the Neva, followed by fireworks and the appearance of a tall ship with red sails.

Match each word with its meaning. 

  • sets
  • poetic
  • witness
  • stroll
  • highlight
  • scarlet
  • mock
  • battle

Complete the sentences.

1. There are white nights in St. Petersburg because the sun rarely .

2. Local people and tourists from all over the world the White Nights.

3. People can and during the night when they attend the White Nights.

4. People can see the raising of the along the Neva River banks.

5. Some people like to go swimming in .

6. You can see a battle on June 22nd.