Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 2 - D. Reading

1/7/2020 9:27:41 PM

Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.

I live in a village by the Mekong River. Every day, like most of my friends, I walk to school. It is three kilometres away. After class, I often help my mother to collect water from the river and feed the chickens. At the weekend, the villagers often gather at the community hall where there is a TV. The adults watch TV, but more often they talk about their farm work and exchange news. The children run around, playing games and shouting merrily. Laughter is heard everywhere.

My father sometimes takes me to the market town nearby where he sells our home products like vegetables, fruits, eggs... He then buys me an ice cream and lets me take a ride on the electric train in the town square. I love those trips.

On starry nights, we children lie on the grass, looking at the sky and daring each other to find the Milky Way. We dream of faraway places.

Choose the correct heading for each paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1
  • Paragraph 2
  • Paragraph 3

Match the words or phrases with their correct definitions.

1. Get water from a river and bring it home -

2. Give food -

3. A place where the villagers can gather for important events -

4. A place where a Street is used for the locals to sell their home products -  

5. Sit on a bus or a train for it to take you around -  

6. Challenge somebody to do something difficult -  


The boy often helps his parents _____.

  • to collect water from the village well
  • to sell the vegetables
  • to collect eggs from the chicken shed
  • to feed the chickens

The villagers gather at the community hall _____.

  • every day
  • once a month
  • only when there is an important event
  • at the weekend

The thing the boy enjoys better than other things on his trips to town is _____.

  • he can sell his home products
  • he feels grown-up
  • he can ride on the electric train
  • he can buy his father an ice cream

The village children dream about ____.

  • having a school that is nearer
  • having a TV at home
  • finding the Milky Way
  • travelling to faraway places

Read the interviews and do the tasks that follow.


Interview 1: Saul Robin 

Interviewer: Hi Saul. What's your job? 
Saul: l'm a flying doctor. 
Interviewer: Can you explain in more detail? 
Saul: Yes. I help sick people who live in remote areas with no hospital nearby. 
Interviewer: How do you do it? 
Saul: When people in these areas have health problems, they call me. I talk to them on the radio and tell them what to do. If they are more seriously ill, I fly there to help them. 
Interviewer: lt's a hard job, isn't it? 
Saul: Yes, especially flying in bad weather. 
Interviewer: Thank you, Saul. 

Interview 2. Timothy Wilson

Interviewer: Hi Timothy. What do you do for a living? 
Timothy: I do a lot of jobs at the same time. 
Interviewer: Why?
Timothy: I live on a small island in the Pacific. My village has only 140 people. 
Interviewer: So what do you do? 
Timothy: I have a family hotel. I get up early and prepare breakfast for the guests. Then I drive the village children to school. After that I collect the letters and newspapers from the boat and deliver them to the village.
lnterviewer: You mean from the post office? 
Timothy: No, from the boat. The post comes to the island every three days for the village. 
Interviewer: Interesting. I've never met a man with so many jobs. Thank you.


Choose the right person who does the activities. 

1. He talks to people on the radio. -

2. He collects the village's letters and newspapers from the boat. -

3. He has to fly to faraway places. -

4. He helps sick people. -

5. He owns a family hotel. -

People who have need Saul Robin's help.


When somebody is , Saul has to fly to remote areas.

is not good for Saul's job.


Timothy Wilson prepares breakfast for his .

The boat comes to the island .