Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 3 - B. Vocabulary & Grammar

8/18/2022 2:25:31 PM

Drag and drop to complete the sentences below.

1. The Yao people use ideograms of Chinese origin to write their .  

2. The Museum of Ethnology has a huge of items of cultural importance from different ethnic groups in Viet Nam.

3. The Thai have their own language, and they also have their own .

4. If you are interested in ethnic minority culture, you should really go to one of the in the northern mountainous regions.

5. The Viet people have many traditional : weaving, carpentry, embroidery ... and their products are famous everywhere.

6. The schools in this region have done much to help children of .

7. Mua sap is a dance of Muong people in the North West.

8. Five-coloured sticky rice is a in many parts of Viet Nam.


Fill in the blank with suitable question words.

1. - of your parents will go to the meeting? - My mother will.

2. - colour is the symbol of luck for the Hoa people? - Red (is).

3. - is a ‘long house’ of the Ede people? - About 150 metres long.

4. - plays a more important role in a Giarai family? - Women (do).

5. - is the Hoa Ban Festival of the Thai people held? - In Lunar February.

6. - do the Odu people live? - Mainly in Nghe An Province.

7. - is it from the centre to the Museum of Ethnology? - It's about seven kilometres. 

8. - is this khan pieu (shawl)? - Sorry, it's not for sale.

Fill each blank with ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’ to complete the following passage.

Y Moan was the greatest pop singer of the Ede ethnic group in Dak Lak Province. He was born in 1957 and died in 2010. He was called ‘ singer of the great woods'. He is famous for singing songs about Central Highlands and the ethnic people there. In addition, he made important contribution, through his singing and his own songs, to making the Central Highlands well-known to millions of people both inside and outside country. He not only sang but also composed songs about the Central Highlands. He received lot of prizes and awards for his achievements in music. In 2010 he was given the title ‘People's Artist’, highest honour by the State for artists.


Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • Hmong
  • Sedang
  • Bahnar
  • Vietnamese

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • costume
  • skirt
  • blouse
  • shawl

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • that
  • which
  • what
  • how

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • ethnic
  • minority
  • religious
  • festive

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • heritage
  • culture
  • sculptor
  • sculpture

Choose the word that is different from the rest.

  • sticky rice
  • thin soup
  • pizza
  • pho

No one is able to explain the _____ of the old customs.

  • beginning
  • origin
  • reason

There are always regional _____ in every country.

  • differs
  • different
  • differences

_____ of your two sisters is studying in Australia?

  • Who
  • What
  • Which

Although there are cultural _____ between ethnic groups, they still keep the identity of their own culture.

  • changes
  • exchanges
  • relations

The 54 ethnic peoples of Viet Nam are _____, but they live peacefully.

  • diverse
  • similar
  • unlike

Which _____ of our country would you most like to live in?

  • place
  • section
  • part

Most ethnic minority peoples are good _____ farming techniques.

  • at
  • for
  • to

Chaul Chnam Thmey is the biggest _____ of the Khmer people.

  • festival
  • ceremony
  • practice

Fill each blank with a suitable word to complete the passage.

Hoang Ngoc Linh is a member of the Tay ethnic group in a mountainous in Bac Giang Province. She was born in 2003, and she goes to Cam Dan Lower Secondary School. In her class there are several students from other ethnic such as the Nung, the Cao Lan (Sanchay) and all of them get on very well. Like her classmates, she prefers to wear Kinh's clothes, and she wears a uniform when she goes to school. Linh loves to cartoons on TV and to play with her dolls. She can speak some words of the Tay . At school, she is popular with her teachers and friends as she is a nice girl. She is good at maths and English. Her dream is to become English teacher when she grows up.