Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 5 - B. Vocabulary & Grammar

8/24/2022 11:27:06 AM

Complete the table with appropriate verbs and nouns.

Verbs Nouns


Solve the crossword puzzle.

1. Not fixed, moving on the surface -

2. What people do when they are very excited or joyful, especially in a match -

3. What people burn at the pagoda -

4. Things children take when they are in a Mid-Autumn Festival procession -

5. Very old -

6. Another word for foreign enemies -

7. A date that is exactly a year after an event -

8. Traditional crafts, music, or stories from the people of a certain place -

9. A person who is declared to be sacred because he/she did very good things -

The vertical line word:

In 2010, Ha Noi _____ its 1,000th anniversary.

  • celebrated
  • commemorated
  • worshipped
  • remembered

The _____ of quan ho singing has been recognised as a world heritage.

  • preservation
  • procession
  • performance
  • song

Tet is an occasion for family _____ in Viet Nam.

  • visitings
  • meetings
  • reunions
  • seeings

When the _____ arrives at the Cham Tower, the dancers perform a welcome dance in front of the tower.

  • procession
  • crowd
  • parade
  • dancer

People burn incense to show respect to their _____ during Tet.

  • relatives
  • ancestors
  • friends
  • neighbours

The Le Mat Festival _____ the founding of the village.

  • worships
  • commemorates
  • performs
  • preserves

Fill each blank with an appropriate word or phrase in the box.

Tet is the biggest festival in Viet Nam. To Tet, Vietnamese people make many tasty foods. The most important food includes Chung cakes, sausages, boiled chicken, spring rolls, and sticky rice. Chung cake is made of sticky rice, pork, green beans, and other spices, wrapped in green leaves; , this cake needs a lot of . This cake can be kept for a long time, the weather is often humid during Tet. Other significant foods that cannot be missed to the ancestors are sausages, spring rolls, and sticky rice. sausages are difficult to make, people often buy them from famous suppliers. , sticky rice and spring rolls are easier to prepare and must be served immediately after they are cooked, so they are often made at home.

Complete the sentences with an appropriate conjunctive adverb given to make compound sentences.

however - nevertheless - moreover - therefore - otherwise

1. There are more than 300 steps up the hill to Hung King Temple; , any pilgrim would like to reach the top.

2. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, kids can sing, dance, and enjoy mooncakes; , every child likes it very much.

3. We like Tet because it is a long holiday; , we can also receive lucky money. 

4. Most people book tickets long in advance; , they cannot return home for Tet.

5. Tet is considered a holiday; , people become even busier than on ordinary days.

The subordinators in BOLD are incorrect. Replace them with the following words.

when - while - because - if - although - even though

1. Although Lang Lieu brought special cakes that he had made, the King was very happy.

Although =>

2. While you have been to Huong Pagoda, you will certainly love Yen Stream.

While =>

3. Because he is not a Buddhist, he decided to eat as a vegetarian.

Because =>

4. Even though I was in England, I was lucky to join the Glastonbury Festival.

Even though =>

5. When they are costly, we hold traditional festivals every year.

When =>

6. If I was staying in Brazil last February, I had a chance to take part in the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

If =>

Saint Giong was unable to talk, smile, or walk _____ he was three years old.

  • if
  • because
  • while
  • even though

_____ spring comes, many Vietnamese villages prepare for a new festival season.

  • Where
  • When
  • Nevertheless
  • However

_____ the Mongols were very powerful, Tran Quoc Tuan defeated them three times during the 13th century.

  • Because
  • If
  • Although
  • However

He has been living 15 km away from Nha Trang; _____, he has never been to the Nha Trang Carnival.

  • if
  • moreover
  • however
  • while

The Nha Trang Sea Festival is famous for the impressive street carnival; _____, it has attracted thousands of foreign visitors.

  • otherwise
  • therefore
  • moreover
  • while

We do not have many carnivals in Viet Nam; _____, we have many traditional festivals.

  • however
  • while
  • although
  • because