Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 7 - D. Reading

8/29/2022 8:34:24 AM

Choose the correct word to complete Mi's email to her friend, Liam.

From: mi@fastmail.com
To: liam@quickmail.com

Subject: Changes in my village

Hi Liam,

How are you? I'm happy to share with you some good news about my village. There have been some changes your visit last year.

Last week I came back to my village and was really surprised. You know what? The lake is not anymore. The factory has installed a new filtration system to treat the waste. I saw lots of small fish in the lake and wild ducks swimming in the water. Besides, they have planted trees around the factory to air pollution.

Since some villagers are in the habit of littering, people have placed dustbins in various places. This has in a much cleaner environment. My grandparents say that at weekends the villagers also go around the village together to rubbish.

What about your neighbourhood? Has anything been done to make it cleaner? Tell me all about it in your next email.

Bye for now,

Fill each blank with a suitable word below to complete the passage about the causes of visual pollution.

Visual pollution can happen outside or your house.

When you are in the street, do you look around and see too telephone poles, overhead power lines, or advertising billboards?

This is known as ‘negative visual environment', and it causes visual pollution. For many communities, visual pollution also uncut weeds, graffiti, litter, and even badly cared-for buildings. This of pollution can be present in your house, too. If you clothes or school things on the floor, it causes visual pollution. A room too much furniture placed in an untidy way is another of visual pollution in the house.

You may not know that when you go out without wearing appropriate clothing, you can also cause this type of pollution.

Read this passage about the effects of visual pollution and do the tasks that follow.

Visual pollution has a greater effect on people than you may think.

I remember when I went to a foreign city, I was really scared because there was so much graffiti on the buildings' walls. Then I looked up, and I saw a lot of power lines over my head. Although they were not dangerous, I still felt insecure since I thought they might fall down. These things prevented me from enjoying the beautiful sights of the city.

I also remember the time I studied in Melbourne. Once I was so busy with my assignments that I did not tidy my room for two weeks. Looking at the messy room caused me so much stress that I did not want to study. Then I decided to clean the room and put my things in their proper places. I also bought a small plant and placed it in a corner. These simple actions increased my motivation and helped me to focus on my learning. What about you? Have you ever been affected by visual pollution?

Match the words with their definitions.

  • foreign
  • insecure
  • prevented
  • placed
  • motivation
  • focus

Why was the author scared when she was in a foreign city?

=> Because there was on the buildings' walls.

How did the author feel when she saw the power lines?

=> When she saw the power lines, she felt .

Why did she have that feeling?

=> Because she thought that the power lines might .

What was she busy with?

=> She was busy with

What happened when she looked at the messy room?

=> It caused her that she didn't want to study.

What did she do for her room? 

=> She cleaned the room and .