Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 8 - D. Reading

9/6/2022 4:00:14 PM

Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.


Alaska is perhaps the most amazing state in the USA. It has coastlines facing both the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This state has an incredible three million lakes. That's four lakes per person living there.

Many cities in Alaska cannot be reached by road, sea, or river. The only way to get in and out is by air, on foot, or by dogsled. That's why Alaska has the busiest sea airport in the world, Lake Hood Seaplane Base. Nearly two hundred floatplanes take off and land on the water of this airport every day. It's really a fun scene to watch.

Alaska is called the Land of the Midnight Sun because in summer, the sun does not set for nearly three months. But in winter the sun stays almost unseen. All Alaskans take special pride in their beautiful and unique state.

Alaska _____.

  • is another name for the USA
  • is an island in the Pacific Ocean
  • has coastlines facing both the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans

Which statement below is NOT correct?

  • In Alaska, the number of lakes is bigger than that of people.
  • There is one lake for each person living there.
  • Alaska has an incredibly high number of lakes.

Which method below can always be used to reach a place in Alaska?

  • by air
  • by road
  • by river

In Alaska we can always see the sun _____.

  • in winter
  • in summer
  • every month of the year

What is Alaska?

=> Alaska is a in the USA.

Where do floatplanes take off and land?

=> The floatplanes take off and land at .

Why do people call Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun?

=> Because for nearly three months in summer.

How do the Alaskans feel about their state?

=> Alaskans are so their state.

Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.


Pushing in is seen as extremely rude in any public place in Canada. You should wait at the end of a queue, if there is one, for your turn. This is also true on public transportation, where you should wait until everyone has got out of the door before you enter.

When on sidewalks or in a grocery store's aisles, keep to the right (like you would when driving in Canada). Don't block the path by walking side by side with your companions or by putting a shopping cart across the aisle.

When opening a door, hold it for the person behind you. Don't let the door shut in his or her face.

Always leave an appropriate tip for the service person in a hotel or a restaurant. If you don't do so, other dinner guests at your table will feel extremely uncomfortable.

When visiting someone's home, the serving of coffee at the end of an evening is a signal that it is time for visitors to prepare to leave.

When you are in a hurry, you can push in a queue.

You can enter a bus or a lift when people are getting out.

People in Canada drive on the right.

It is customary in Canada to leave a tip when you eat in a restaurant.

Visitors know that it's time for them to leave when evening comes.

ʻPushing inʼ (line 1) means _____.

  • you cut in the queue in front of the people coming before you
  • you stand at the end of a queue, waiting for your turn
  • you push people standing around you in a queue

ʻsidewalksʼ are _____.

  • paths at the sides of a public building
  • paths which are reserved for walkers
  • people who walk alongside you

An example of a way to ʻblock the pathʼ is _____.

  • walking on the right
  • walking side by side on a sidewalk
  • using a shopping cart

ʻhis or herʼ refers to _____.

  • the door
  • the queue
  • the person behind you

A ʻtipʼ is _____.

  • a present you give to someone you love
  • the money you pay for a service
  • the money you give to a service person as a reward