Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 9 - B. Vocabulary & Grammar

9/6/2022 4:02:24 PM

What can be done to protect people from _____ disasters?

  • environment
  • environmental
  • environmentally
  • environmentalist

Emergency teams are still clearing the _____ from the plane crash.

  • debris
  • dust
  • piece
  • waste

The government is sending _____ to the flood victims.

  • touch
  • aid
  • accommodation
  • provision

Much of the town was rebuilt after the massive _____ of the tornado.

  • peace
  • humour
  • destruction
  • safety

New Zealand rescue services carried out several searches for _____.

  • movers
  • helpers
  • rescuers
  • survivors

The government has declared a state of _____ following the earthquake.

  • accident
  • situation
  • extension
  • emergency

The _____ are searching through the rubble for survivors.

  • rescuers
  • washers
  • fighters
  • builders

Many countries have sent humanitarian aid to the earthquake _____.

  • victims
  • soldiers
  • elders
  • rescuers

Thousands of buildings and houses were completely destroyed when the earthquake _____ the city.

  • fought
  • struck
  • happened
  • arrived

The forest fire _____ for eight hours, killing all of the animals.

  • burst
  • occurred
  • raged
  • spread

Match the words to their definitions.

  • thunderstorm
  • volcano
  • landslide
  • cyclone
  • sandstorm

Read the paragraph below and fill each blank with a suitable word from the boxes.

A forest fire happened in the west of Quang Binh Province last week. How it started is unknown, but three days later it was still out of control. The weather was and windy, so it quickly, and many surrounding districts were in . Fortunately, on the fourth day, there was a which helped to put it out.

Read the paragraph below and fill each blank with a suitable word from the boxes.

On Saturday morning, a mudslide down the Ngan Pho River near the small village of Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province. Authorities have eight dead, eight injured, and as many as 108 people . The two-square-kilometre path of the mudslide also about 50 homes. A local resident said that the mudslide was caused by ground which has been made by heavy rainfall.

Complete the sentences, using the correct passive forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. Earth (hold) by the gravity of the sun and orbits around it.

2. Radio waves (discover) by Heinrich Hertz.

3. Our tent (blow) over in the night by the wind.

4. Chess (play) for around two thousand years.

5. The homeless (take) to a safe place where temporary accommodation will be provided for them.

Read the letter and write the correct form of each verb. Use the past perfect or the simple past.

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for your letter. I (just leave) for school when I saw the postman, and he gave it to me. It was really funny! I (read) it during maths and it made me laugh. I almost got in trouble! Anyway, I'm excited because I (have) my first judo lesson yesterday. I was late for the lesson because when I (get) there, I suddenly realised I (leave) my judo uniform at home! So I (go) all the way home, and when I got back, the lesson already (begin) . The instructor was really nice, though, and I (learn) how to do some basic throws. Can't wait till next time!

What about you and your taekwondo? The last time I (speak) to you, you talked about giving it up. What did you (decide) ?

I think that's all for now. My mum and I are going shopping shortly, so I'd better post this.

Speak to you soon.