Tiếng Anh lớp 8 - Unit 9 - C. Speaking

9/6/2022 4:04:22 PM

Put the following in correct order to make a dialogue. 

- A. Nick: My sister was at a friend's house, and we haven't heard from her.

- B. Nick: I do too. Most of the houses in my neighbourhood were destroyed.

1 - C. Ann: Hi, Nick. I'm very glad to see you. I wasn't sure if you were alive.

- D. Nick: I was at school. Where were you?

- E. Nick: That's good. I don't know if all of my family survived.

- F. Ann: That's true. Where were you when the earthquake began?

- G. Ann: I was at home. My house was destroyed.

- H. Ann: I hope she is okay.

- I. Ann: It's okay. All of my family survived.

- J. Nick: I'm sorry to hear that.

- K. Ann: Oh no! Who is missing?

- L. Nick: Hi, Ann. I'm glad to see you too. That was a terrible earthquake. We are lucky to have survived.