Bài kiểm tra đánh giá cuối kỳ 3 lớp GNV.G1

6/26/2022 9:52:40 AM
Soon, people _____ most of the time at home.
  • will work
  • are working
  • have worked
  • work

Give the correct form of the verb in the brackets.

I think he (not / come) back to his hometown next weekend.

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

The students are going to hearing three short conversations about food.

  • The students
  • going
  • hearing
  • about food
Carol is 15. She already knows what she wants. She _____ a singer.
  • becomes
  • become
  • is going to become
  • will become

If the weather is fine this weekend, we _____ to see our grandparents.

  • were going
  • will go
  • would go
  • went

If you eat a lot of fruits, you _____ health problems.

  • have
  • may have
  • had
  • will never have

If you press this red button, the computer _____ to print the document.

  • begins
  • would begin
  • has begun
  • began

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the sentence given.

I can't sleep at night when I drink much coffee.

  • I can sleep at night if I drink much coffee.
  • If I can't sleep at night, I drink much coffee.
  • If I drink much coffee, I can't sleep at night.

They have learnt English _____ 2001.

  • for
  • since
  • in
  • during

Choose the sentence CLOSEST in meaning to the following sentence.

He last had his eyes tested ten months ago.

  • He had tested his eyes ten months before.
  • He had not tested his eyes for ten months then.
  • He hasn't had his eyes tested for ten months.
  • He didn't have any test on his eyes in ten months.

She hasn’t written to me______.

  • already
  • never
  • no longer
  • yet

We________Dan a new rucksack for his summer holiday.

  • already have got
  • get already
  • already get
  • have already got

Rearrange the words in a correct order to make a complete sentence.

another goal / Manchester United / Lukaku / scored / just / for / has / .

  • Manchester United has just scored another goal for Lukaku.
  • Lukaku just has scored another goal for Manchester United.
  • Manchester United has scored just another goal for Lukaku.
  • Lukaku has just scored another goal for Manchester United.

- Hi. Are you going to the Paul Wells concert on Saturday night?

- I don’t know. I _____ of him.

  • have heard
  • have never heard
  • hear
  • will hear

Give the correct form of the verb in brackets.

you (ever/be) to New Zealand?

Choose the word or phrase that is wrong.

Jenny often reads books, listens to music and go swimming in her free time.

  • reads
  • to
  • go
  • her

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Playing games are a useful way of improving your memory skills.

  • Playing
  • are
  • improving
  • memory skills

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Each student have to write a paragraph about the benefits of learning English.

  • have
  • paragraph
  • benefits
  • learning

If someone _____ into the store, smile and say: 'May I help you?'

  • came
  • come
  • comes
  • had come

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Computers are extremely popular all over the world. They connect people to their workplace. As computers have become powerful tools for the rapid and economic production of pictures, computer graphics has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing fields in computer science. It is used routinely in such diverse areas as business, industry, art, government, education, research, training and medicine. One of the initial uses of computer graphics, and ultimately its greatest use has been as an aid to design, generally referred to as computer-aided design (CAD). One of its greatest advantages is that designers can see how an object will look after construction and make changes freely and much more quickly than with hand drafting. For three-dimensional rendering of machine parts, engineers now rely heavily on CAD. Automobile, spacecraft, aeroplane and ship designers use CAD techniques to design vehicles and test their performance. Building designs are also created with computer graphics systems. Architects can design a building layout, create a three-dimensional model, and even go for a simulated “walk” through the rooms or around the outside of the building.

Business graphics is another rapidly growing area of computer graphics, where it is used to create graphs, charts and cost models to summarize financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific and economic data. As an educational aid, computer graphics can be used to create weather maps and cartographic materials. Computer art also has creative and commercial art applications, where it is used in advertising, publishing and film productions, particularly for computer animation, which is achieved by a sequential process.

What can be used to create weather maps?

  • economic data
  • educational aid
  • computer graphics
  • computer art
The word “it” in paragraph 2 refers to ____________.
  • cartographic materials
  • business graphics
  • computer art
  • computer graphics

The passage is mainly about _____.

  • routine uses of computers
  • computer graphics applications
  • computers as the architects of the future
  • the rapidly growing field of computer science

According to the passage, architects depend on _____ to make 3D models of a machine.

  • advertising
  • construction drawing
  • CAD technology
  • cartographic materials

CAD techniques are applied to create cars and even spaceships.

We can go on a virtual tour to the 3D model of the house.

Producing construction models is a use of computer graphics in business.

People use computer graphics to make weather maps.

Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blank.

attracting| illegal| confusing| attacks| creatures| negative

Many tourists go to places like Florida, Hawaii and the Bahamas to dive with sharks. Of all the in the sea, they are the most interesting to some people. sharks by feeding them used to be common. However, in 2002, there were a large number of shark on humans. Many people felt horror at these attacks, and they gave sharks a very image. Feeding sharks was in Florida and other places. Nonetheless, the idea that sharks kill a lot of people is . Each year snakes kill more people and dogs attack more people than sharks do. Most shark attacks are just one quick bite. The shark rarely tries to eat the person. Researchers think that humans with other types of animals they usually eat, such as seals and fish. The shark will realize that it has made a mistake and leave.

(Adapted from Close-up B1 pre-intermediate student’s book)