Bài kiểm tra đánh giá cuối kỳ 3 lớp Ôn TA vào 6.G15

9/13/2022 11:18:57 AM

- "What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary!"

- "_____"

  • Thank you very much. I am afraid.
  • You are telling a lie.
  • Thank you for your compliment.
  • I don't like your sayings.

Jenny: "Congratulations on your winning the first prize at the talent contest!"

Tom: "______"

  • You’re welcome.
  • Not at all.
  • Yes, certainly.
  • That’s very kind of you.

Jane is talking to Mike, who has just helped her with her luggage.

- Jane: "_____"

- Mike: "It's my pleasure."

  • It's too heavy.
  • It's not my duty.
  • Thanks a lot, indeed.
  • Welcome back.

Choose the correct response.
- “ I apologize for keeping you waiting for 2 hours. My car broke down on the way.”
- “________.”

  • Your apology is accepted
  • It’s my pleasure
  • Thank you
  • You are welcome

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Let me begin by thank you for the warm hospitality I received.

  • me
  • thank
  • for
  • received

Make a complete sentence using the given wordsChange the form of the words or add other words if necessary.

Learn/ Spanish/ too/ hard/ me/ catch up/ classmates.

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Try to avoid to make him angry.

  • Try
  • avoid
  • to make
  • angry

I hope we don’t end up the boat because of the traffic.

You can't expect _____ a foreign language in a few months.
  • mastering
  • to master
  • master
  • to mastering

Mr Anderson refused _____ the policeman into his house.

  • allowing
  • to allowing
  • that he allowed
  • to allow

I’ll always remember Elvis Presley perform live.

Don't forget _____ me a call when you get there.
  • giving
  • to make
  • making
  • to give

Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

Our English teacher would like us spending more time practicing our pronunciation.

  • us
  • spending
  • practicing
  • pronunciation

The sign warns people _____ the dangers of swimming in this river.

  • about
  • from
  • with
  • to

When the trucks leave the place, the ground is covered ________ trash.

  • with
  • for
  • on
  • of

Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Mrs. Jones’s husband passed away last Friday. We are all shocked by the news.

  • got married
  • divorced
  • died
  • were on business

Everybody in the house woke up when the burglar alarm _____.

  • went out
  • went off
  • came about
  • put out

You will have to _____ your holiday if you are too ill to travel.

  • put out
  • put off
  • put down
  • put up

Williams is working _____ an export company but he is not satisfied _____ the salary.

  • in / at
  • for / with
  • at / into
  • from / for
It is of great importance to create a good impression ­_____ your interviewer.
  • on
  • about
  • for
  • at

He was absent ____ work for two weeks.

  • to
  • from
  • by
  • at

Make sure you book a ticket ______ advance.

  • ahead
  • forward
  • before
  • in

She was sick yesterday, ______ she was absent from school.

  • so
  • since
  • because
  • but

Le Anh is tired, _____ he goes on completing the homework.

  • because
  • so
  • but
  • and
The little boy can stay here _____ he keeps quiet.
  • although
  • as long as
  • however
  • in case

Choose the sentence that best combines this pair of sentences.

You don’t try to work hard. You will fail in the exam.

  • Unless you don’t try to work hard, you will fail in the exam.
  • Unless you try to work hard, you won’t fail in the exam.
  • Unless you try to work hard, you will fail in the exam.
  • Unless do you try to work hard, you will fail in the exam.

Give me your telephone number _____ I need your help.

  • in case
  • so that
  • unless
  • whether

You can take a taxi _____ you don't mind waiting.

  • except
  • unless
  • provided
  • apart

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

You have to practice a lot if you want to work as a (MUSIC)

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the blank.

I won the easily. (COMPETE)

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

Water is one of the problems that people have to deal with. (POLLUTE)

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

Son Tung M-TP is a singer. He has a lot of fans. (FAME)

Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the blank.

If you have any problems go and ask the caretaker. He is very and will do whatever you ask. (HELP)

Supply the correct form of the word to complete the sentence.

Please your seat belt. The plane is taking off. FAST

Complete the sentence by changing the form of the word in capitals.

We on most things, but on this question we are at one with each other. (AGREE)

Give the correct form of the word in the bracket.

People in Israel are going to their festival called Passover. (CELEBRATION)

I was quite _____ with the book, but I've read better ones.
  • nervous
  • satisfied
  • lovely
  • careful

A famous _____ of mathematics gave a lecture at my university yesterday.

  • speaker
  • principal
  • professor
  • performer

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Running and blogging! by Holy Parson

Everyone in my family enjoys running - including me! But it's sometimes hard for me to find someone to run with. My brother and I sometimes run together, but he's much faster than me. And my dad's too busy to come at the moment. So my best running partner these days is my cousin Mandy. We go almost every day - it's great! We don't go running when it's raining, but I still want to keep fit on those days, so I go to the gym, or I play badminton with Mum. And sometimes I swim in the local pool. That's what I like the most!

I also write a blog about running. I began writing it because I liked writing posts about where I go running, how I feel when I run, and the kinds of kit I like wearing. Now lots of people follow my blog, and they give me great advice! Some even say they started running after reading my blog, so that's great!

Of course, not all my friends are interested in running, so I don't ask them to come with me, and they always want to know about my latest runs, so that's nice.

I'd like to improve my running so I can enter more races. I've done some local races, but I've never won anything - but that doesn't matter. I'd really like to try a 25 km race soon. Everyone says it's hard - but we'll see!

Who does Holy usually go running with?

  • her cousin
  • her father
  • her brother
  • her friends

What does Holy NOT do to keep fit when the weather's bad?

  • going to the gym
  • swimming
  • playing table tennis
  • playing badminton

Why did Holy start writing a blog about running?

  • to give advice to other runners
  • to share her experiences of running
  • to help other teenagers to start running
  • to become a famous runner

Holy says that her friends _____.

  • writes about her running
  • don't really understand why she runs
  • sometimes run with her
  • like asking her about her running

What does Holly want to do next?

  • run in a difficult competition
  • enter her first competition
  • win a competition
  • encourage people to join the races