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Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each question.
Mary: John has broken this plate.
Peter: _____________

  • That’s very good.
  • Here you are.
  • It doesn’t matter.

Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each question.
Mary: Is this your watch?
Peter: _____________

  • It’s three o’clock.
  • I think it’s Dave’s.
  • I’m sorry I’m late.

Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each question.
Mary: Can I have a sandwich?
Peter: _____________

  • Yes, of course.
  • Yes, it is.
  • Yes, that’s right.

Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each question.
Mary: How many people were in the café?
Peter: _____________

  • Not much.
  • A few.
  • A little

Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each question.
Mary: We’re from London.
Peter: _____________

  • Not at all.
  • Yes, please.
  • How interesting.

Read the passage and answer the questions below.

Young Farmer

At the age of four, Gavin Clark knew the names of each one of his neighbor’s cows. By ten, he was selling chickens and eggs to his friends and was winning prizes for them at farm shows. Now, at thirteen, he still loves farming and has his own animals. Presents for Gavin are not a problem – every year he gets another animal from his parents and brother.

Gavin’s father, Steven, works for an international company and travels all over the world. Gavin has visited many exciting places in Europe with his father, but he is much happier doing his weekend job on his neighbor’s farm. Steven’s company wanted him to move to Portugal with the family. Everyone liked the idea of living somewhere warm – but not Gavin! He said he wouldn’t leave his animals!

In his free time, Gavin plays tennis and football. He goes out with his friends and enjoys computer games, just like other teenagers. But every morning he gets up at half past five to give his animals food and water before he goes to school. His parents want him to go to college and get a diploma when he is sixteen. ‘Let’s wait and see,’ he says.

Gavin’s family never know what to give him for his birthday.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Gavin’s father always travels alone on business.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Gavin spends Saturdays and Sundays working near his home.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Gavin didn’t agree with his parents about moving to Portugal.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Gavin is too busy with his animals to have any other hobbies.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Gavin gets up at the same time as his parents in the morning.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Read the text and answer the questions below.

Winter Driving

Winter driving is dangerous because it's so difficult to know what is going to happen and accidents take place so easily. Fog can be waiting to meet you over the top of the hill. Ice might be hiding beneath the melting snow, waiting to send you off the road. The car coming towards you may suddenly slide across the road.

Rule Number One for driving on icy roads is to drive smoothly. Uneven movements can make a car suddenly very difficult to control. So every time you turn the wheel, touch the brakes or increase your speed, you must be as gentle and as slow as possible. Imagine you are driving with a cup of hot coffee on the seat next to you. Drive so that you wouldn't spill it.

Rule Number Two is to pay attention to what might happen. The more ice there is, the further down the road you have to look. Test how long it takes to stop by gently braking. Remember that you may be driving more quickly than you think. In general, allow doubling your normal stopping distance when the road is wet, three times this distance in the snow, and even more on ice. Try to stay in control of your car at all times and you will avoid trouble.

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • give information about the winter weather.
  • warn people against driving in winter.
  • advise people about safe driving in winter.

Why would somebody read this text?

  • To find out about the weather.
  • For information on driving lessons.
  • To learn about better driving.

What does the writer think?

  • People should avoid driving in the snow.
  • Drivers should expect problems in winter.
  • People drive too fast in winter.

Why does the writer talk about a cup of coffee?

  • To explain the importance of smooth movements.
  • Because he thinks refreshments are important for drivers.
  • Because he wants drivers to be more relaxed.

Which traffic sign shows the main idea of the text?

  • Drive Carefully - Ice On Road Ahead
  • Reduce Speed Now - Fog Ahead
  • Drive Carefully - Road Repairs Ahead

Choose the correct answer.
Taka watched a movie that was 1 hour 45 minutes in length. If the movie started at 2:20 p.m., what time did the movie end?

  • 3:00 p.m.
  • 3:05 p.m.
  • 4:05 p.m.

Choose the correct answer.

Koey won a race by seven thousandths of a second. Which number below represents seven thousandths?

  • 0.7
  • 0.07
  • 0.007

Choose the correct answer.

If your body temperature is above 38oC, you are having:

  • a fever.
  • a cold
  • a headache

Read the text and choose the best word for each space.

When we think of a hospital, perhaps we only think of doctors and nurses there, but other people work there too. They all do important jobs. are secretaries, cooks, and engineers. In hospitals with a lot of children, they have teachers who give these lessons when the children can’t go to school. Some people go to the hospital for one day, but other people need to stay there for a longer time. If you go to the hospital, sometimes you to wait a long time before you see the doctor doctors have a lot of work to do. If you are in the hospital for a long time, you need to take clothes and some books or comics to read. Often your friends and family send you cards and flowers they visit you. Hospitals are full of people who want to help you, but most of us still want to go home quickly.

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.  The owner of The Bluebell is a very rich man.

The new restaurant ________ to a very rich man.

  • owner
  • belongs
  • teaches my sister

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.  The Bluebell was designed by a famous architect.

A famous architect________the Bluebell.

  • was designed
  • designs
  • designed

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

The Bluebell is more comfortable than other restaurants in the area.

Other restaurants in the area are not ________the Bluebell.

  • so comfortable as
  • more comfortable than
  • comfortable like

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

There are English and French dishes on The Bluebell’s menu.

The Bluebell ________ got English and French dishes on its menu.

  • have
  • has
  • have got

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

Meal prices at The Bluebell will change on 30 August.

Meal prices at The Bluebell will be the same ________ 30 August.

  • until
  • on
  • after

Listen and choose the correct answer. There are five questions in this part. For each question, choose the correct picture.

Which is the girl’s bag?


How will the boy contact his mother?

What should Jessie bring to the picnic?

There are five questions in this part. Choose one correct answer.

Rebecca and Alan decide to meet on________

  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

They decide to________

  • go out for dinner.
  • go out for a drink.
  • stay in and watch a DVD

The Orange Tree is on________

  • Church Road
  • Love Lane
  • Potter Street

They will meet at________

  • ten past seven
  • twenty to seven
  • seven twenty

Rebecca met Charlie________

  • at a party
  • on a skiing holiday
  • at the sports center