Science Grade 1 Vocabulary review - Environment

1/27/2019 4:46:36 PM
10 questions extracted from Mobymax (Science, Grade 1), to help you review some basic vocabulary about Living/nonliving things & Environment. Learn more about Mobymax at

A living thing is _____.

  • a thing that grows and needs food, water, and air
  • an animal on Earth
  • anything that grows
  • anything that moves

What is a non-living thing?

  • anything that cannot grow
  • a thing that does not grow and does not need food, water, or air
  • anything that does not move
  • rocks and trees

An environment is _____.

  • all of the living things in an area
  • the air and dirt in an area
  • all of the living and nonliving things in an area
  • all of the nonliving things in an area
Which of these is NOT something that all living things need to have?
  • food
  • lungs
  • air
  • water
Which of these is true about nonliving things?
  • Nonliving things change and grow.
  • Nonliving things need air.
  • Nonliving things need food.
  • none of the above

Which environment am I?

I am cold most of the year. I do not get much rain.

  • desert
  • ocean
  • tundra
  • rainforest

Is this plant changing its environment?

  • no, because plants cannot change the environment
  • no, because it is not changing things around it
  • yes, because it is taking in air and growing over the building
Which of these environments can change? Check all that are true.
  • tundra
  • rainforest
  • ocean
  • desert
Which of these weather events can change the environment? Check all that are true.
  • rain
  • lightning
  • tornadoes
  • hurricanes

Is this person changing the environment?

  • no, because people cannot change the environment
  • yes, because he is adding a tree that was not there before
  • none of the above