Science Grade 2 Vocab review - Rocks, Minerals, and Soil

1/30/2019 8:07:26 AM
10 questions extracted from Mobymax (Science, Grade 2), to help you review some basic vocabulary about Rocks, Minerals, and Soil. To learn more about this topic, get a Mobymax learning account (by going to

A rock is _____.

  • something living found in nature
  • a solid made out of minerals
  • how shiny something is
  • a way of classifying minerals

What is a mineral?

  • A way of classifying rocks
  • How shiny something is
  • A solid found in nature
  • A very large rock
A boulder is __________.
  • how shiny something is
  • something useful found in nature
  • a very large rock
  • a way of classifying rocks
What is soil?
  • It is a type of rock that is shiny.
  • It is the layer covering the Earth’s surface. It is made up of small bits of rock, humus, air, and water.
  • It is decaying plants and animals.
  • It is the bottom layer where there are large pieces of rock.
Humus is __________.
  • small bits of decaying plants and animals
  • the bottom layer of soil that is made up of large pieces of rock
  • a type of rock that is shiny
  • the layer of soil that is made up of mostly clay and sand
What is a mineral? Check all that are true.
  • something that is nonliving
  • something soft
  • something that can be classified
  • a solid found in the Earth
What is soil made of? Check all that are true.
  • humus
  • metal
  • air
  • E.water
Why do rocks look and feel different from one another?
  • They are made out of different minerals.
  • They come from all over the world.
  • They touch different plants.
  • They weigh different amounts.

What is the bottom layer of soil?

  • subsoil
  • bedrock
  • topsoil
  • humus
How do animals like gophers and worms help plants grow?
  • They eat other bugs that would eat the plants.
  • They help save water in the tunnels that they dig.
  • They eat the roots of the plants.
  • They mix up the soil and add air to the soil when they dig tunnels.