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For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording.

Choose the correct picture. 

Which evening dress does the woman decide to wear?

Where are the dictionaries?

Listen to a woman talking about her first day working in a restaurant kitchen.

Choose the correct answer. 

How did she feel on her first morning?

  • excited
  • worried
  • frightened

Why didn't she enjoy her first day?

  • She didn't feel well.
  • She didn't like the chef.
  • She was alone in the kitchen

What happened when she made mistakes?

  • The customers complained.
  • The customers were happy.
  • The waiters were angry.

Choose the correct answer. 

According to Debbie, why do some people fail to eat a balanced diet?

  • They don't know how to cook.
  • They don't have enough time to cook.
  • They don't feel hungry enough to cook.

Debbie recommends that staff should keep fit by

  • using a gym.
  • taking up a new sport.
  • changing some daily activities.

Which benefit of exercise does Debbie think is most important?

  • It helps you sleep.
  • It keeps your heart healthy.
  • It improves mental skills.

What advice does Debbie give the nurses about health and safety?

  • to avoid drinking coffee
  • to use the canteen at night
  • to take regular breaks

When she talks about hygiene, Debbie asks the nurses to

  • wash their hands regularly.
  • keep away from germs.
  • help with the cleaning.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • Tom wants Claire to get a concert ticket for him.
  • Tom can’t go to the concert and wants Claire to use his ticket.
  • Tom will get Claire a ticket unless she tells him not to.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • You can get the money you paid for Thursday’s trip from the office.
  • If you haven’t paid for Thursday’s trip, you should go to the office.
  • The trip which was canceled will now take place on Thursday.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • Luke is offering to collect the computer from the shop for his mother.
  • Luke’s mother needs to collect her computer from the shop by 5.30 today.
  • Luke’s mother should decide today if she can fetch her computer from the shop.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • Use either entrance if you want to buy a bicycle.
  • Use the side entrance if your bicycle needs mending.
  • Use the side entrance if the front entrance is closed.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

Bella thinks





  • she has found Stefan’s hat.
  • Stefan has taken her hat.
  • Stefan has lost his homework.

Read the text and choose a correct answer to fill in the blank. 

The Skywalk

The Grand Canyon in the United States was created by the River Colorado. People visit the Grand Canyon Park to go walking and running but to look at the view. It is a wonderful view made better by the Skywalk. The distance the Skywalk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is 1219 meters. It is a platform walls and floor are built of glass that you can see the beautiful rocks of the canyon. Up to 120 people are allowed to stand on it at the same . It opened in 2007 and since thousands of people have used it. You have to special covers over your shoes to scratching the glass beneath your feet. Walking onto the Skywalk makes you like a bird floating high up in the air.

Read the text and questions below.

We students of Class 10 have learnt of a plan to build three hundred houses on the land called Parson's Place which is behind our college! Few people know about this new plan to increase the size of our town. We all feel Parson's Place is special because we've visited it with our families since we were small children and we still like going there. It is a beautiful natural area - the small wood has many unusual trees and the stream is a great place for children to play. It's very quiet and safe because there are few houses or roads nearby. We think that losing this area will be terrible because there are no other similar facilities in the neighborhood. We are also against this plan because it will cause traffic problems. How will the people from the new houses travel to work? The motorway and the railway station are on the other side of town. Therefore, these people will have to drive through the town center every time they go anywhere. The roads will always be full of traffic, and the tourists who come to see the lovely old buildings will leave. Shops and hotels will lose business. If the town really needs more homes, the empty ground beside the railway station is a more suitable place. No doubt the builders will make a lot of money by selling these houses. But, in our opinion, the average family will quickly be made poorer by this plan, and we will lose a very special place. We're going to the local government offices on Monday afternoon to protest about this plan and we hope that the rest of the college will join us there.

Why have the students written this letter?

  • to persuade the government to build new houses
  • to protest about a new motorway near the town
  • to encourage more people in the town to use Parson's Place
  • to inform other people about the builders plans

Why is Parson's Place particularly important, in the students' opinion?

  • because it is near the football ground
  • because lots of people live near it
  • because it is a place near the town where people can enjoy nature
  • because local people can get there easily by car from the town center

What will cause traffic jams?

  • building on Parson's Place
  • building near the railway station
  • tourists in the narrow streets
  • people going to the shops and hotels

The students say that ordinary people who live in the town will probably soon_____

  • open new shops and hotels.
  • choose to live near the station.
  • be able to buy new homes.
  • have less money.

Which of these posters have the students made?


Find the mean, median, mode and range of the following values:
18, 8, 12, 14, 3, 13, 8

  • Mean = 10.5 Median = 12 Mode = 12 Range = 15
  • Mean = 11.9 Median = 14 Mode = 8 Range = 12
  • Mean = 10.9 Median = 12 Mode = 8 Range = 15
  • Mean = 10.9 Median = 12 Mode = 12 Range = 15

Which of these equations represent the table of values?

  • y= -x
  • y = x + 7
  • y = 3x + 3
  • y = 2x + 6

Which method could be used to prove ∆𝐴𝐵𝐷≅ ∆CBD?

  • SAS
  • ASA
  • RHS
  • None of the above.

Choose the correct answer.
What can a force do to an object?

  • Change its shape.
  • Change its color.
  • Change its state of rest.
  • Both "Change its shape" and "Change its state of rest" are correct.

Choose the correct answer.
What is a habitat?

  • The place where organisms live.
  • The living conditions of organisms.
  • The environmental factor.
  • A difference between organisms.

Choose the correct answer.
Only a ________ people were able to come to the concert.

  • few
  • couple
  • lot
  • several

Choose the correct answer.
We ________ that our house had once been a hotel.

  • reported
  • invented
  • discovered
  • reminded

Choose the correct answer.
The journey to Bristol ________ two hours longer than usual.

  • spent
  • took
  • passed
  • made

Choose the correct answer.
This desk is narrower________ my old one and the computer doesn't fit very well on it.

  • as
  • than
  • from
  • to

Choose the correct answer.
She ________ to wear glasses - she really can't see well enough to drive.

  • should
  • can
  • must
  • ought

They _____ off two hours earlier than usual to drive to Manchester because of the fog.

  • got
  • took
  • set
  • put

Choose the correct answer.
While her brother was ________ school Sarah used his computer.

  • to
  • by
  • on
  • at

I _____ walking when the weather is fine.

  • agree
  • love
  • want
  • decide

Choose the correct answer.
Edson Arantes do Nascimento was ________ as “Pelé” and is thought by many to be the greatest footballer ever.

  • called
  • known
  • named
  • said

Choose the correct answer.
We don't need to book seats as there are ________ plenty left.

  • already
  • just
  • yet
  • still

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
In my opinion, his early novels weren’t any better than his last one.

  • I believe that the novel he has written recently has failed to draw the public attention.
  • I think he has, at last, managed to write a really good novel.
  • It seems to me that all his earlier works were better than his last novel.
  • As far as I’m concerned, this last novel of his is at least as good as any of the earlier ones.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
If I had known where they live I would certainly have gone to visit them while I was in Paris.

  • I didn’t even know they were living in Paris so I never thought of visiting them.
  • I visited them when I was living in Paris but now I’ve lost touch with them.
  • I wanted to visit them while I was in Paris but as I didn’t have their address, I couldn’t.
  • Last week I was in Paris but I didn’t feel like going to visit them.

Choose the sentence that is CLOSEST in meaning to the sentence given.

Luckily they managed to catch the last bus, so they didn’t have to walk the five miles back to the village.

  • Fortunately, the bus they caught took them within five miles of their own village, so they only had a short walk.
  • They were fortunate enough to get the last bus which saved them the five-mile walk back to the village.
  • They were lucky enough to find a bus to take them the last five miles to the village.
  • It was fortunate that they were able to take the last bus when they were only five miles away from the village.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
We’re still debating whether or not he deserves to be promoted.

  • There was much disagreement among us as to whether he’s a suitable candidate for promotion.
  • The question of whether he’s entitled to promotion has not yet been discussed.
  • We haven’t yet come to an agreement as to if he should be promoted.
  • His promotion will certainly cause a great deal of disagreement among us.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
I happened to run into him on my way to the library.

  • Fortunately, I met him just before I entered the library.
  • I was quite surprised when I met him in the library.
  • I happened to see him going into the library.
  • I met him by chance as I was going to the library.