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For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording.

Choose the correct picture. 

Where will the friends meet?

What has the girl forgotten to bring?

You will hear a radio interview with a ballet dancer called Elena Karpov, who is talking about her life and career.

Choose the correct answer. 

Elena decided to become a dancer when she was

  • seven.
  • nine.
  • eleven.

At ballet school in New York, Elena

  • was the only student from Bulgaria.
  • found learning the language hard.
  • learned to be independent.

What does Elena say about the ballet called Cinderella?

  • Children will enjoy it.
  • The music was unfamiliar to her.
  • She saw it when she was a child.

Choose the correct answer. 

Joanne says that visitors to Darwin are often surprised by

  • the number of young people.
  • the casual atmosphere.
  • the range of cultures.

To enjoy cultural activities, the people of Darwin tend to

  • travel to southern Australia.
  • bring in artists from other areas.
  • involve themselves in production.

The Chinese temple in Darwin

  • is no longer used for its original purpose.
  • was rebuilt after its destruction in a storm.
  • was demolished to make room for new buildings.

The main problem with traveling by bicycle is

  • the climate.
  • the traffic.
  • the hills.

What does Joanne say about swimming in the sea?

  • It is essential to wear a protective suit.
  • Swimming is only safe during the winter.
  • You should stay in certain restricted areas.

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text.

Tony wants Elsa to

  • ask her boss for a week's holiday starting tomorrow.
  • find out if she can have time off next month.
  • go away with him next week for a month.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • Telephone us if arrangements for collecting goods are not satisfactory.
  • Call us to take the goods back if you are not satisfied with them.
  • Ring and tell us if you are satisfied with the service we have delivered.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Ruth has kept to her plan despite the change in the weather.
  • Ruth may not visit the coast if the bad weather continues.
  • Ruth intends to leave the mountains early to visit the coast.

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text.

  • Remove this food from the container before placing in a microwave oven.
  • It is advisable to use a suitable container for cooking this food.
  • You should avoid putting this food in the microwave oven.

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Choose the correct answer.

  • You will have to pay more to borrow DVDs after 1st January.
  • Please return all borrowed DVDs before 1st January.
  • There will be additional DVDs to borrow from 1st January.

Read the text below and choose the correct answer for each space.

Sweden's Ice Hotel

The village of Jukkasjarvi is in Swedish Lapland, and winter temperatures there can reach -40° C. But 6,000 holidaymakers go there annually, to visit what is probably Europe's most unusual accommodation.

In this hotel you eat, drink, and sleep in rooms made ice. If you want, you can getmarried in one. The bar is ice too, and putting hot drinks on it is obviously not ! The bedrooms are around -4°C, but fortunately guests are with special sleeping bags that will keep warm in the coldest of temperatures. outdoor clothes can be supplied too, if needed.

The hotel is never more than six months old it melts in summer, and winter it is rebuilt. Creating the hotel 10,000 tonnes of ice, plus 30,000 tonnes of snow.

Read the text and questions below.

Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis, 13, is the youngest son of Alan, an engineer, and Kath, a nursery teacher. His older brothers work in banking and computers, but Gareth's dream was always to become a clown. Three years ago, Alan, Kath and Gareth joined the circus. “People laugh when we tell them,” says Kath. “But it's true. Gareth has wanted to be a clown since we took him to the circus when he was three.”

When Alan lost his job, he and Kath decided to see if they could find full-time circus jobs. They both got jobs with a famous circus and Gareth began training to become a clown. He calls himself Bippo. They travel with the circus during the summer and return home for the winter. Gareth's brothers are old enough to look after the house while they are away.

“I can't say it was easy,” says Kath. “There was a lot to think about and organise. We only had a car and a very small caravan to sleep in, and we were leaving behind our lovely house. The only thing Gareth missed was his long, hot baths.

“People ask about my education,” says Gareth, “but from the beginning, wherever we go, someone has always come to teach me. I follow the same books as everyone back at school and I've got a computer. I've never fallen behind my classmates.”

And the future? “It was a difficult decision,” says Kath, “but there was no other way to teach Gareth about being a clown. I'm happy to say it's working, and we're enjoying it.” And Gareth? “I'm going to be the main clown in a circus one day”, he says, “perhaps Bippo's circus.”

What is the writer trying to do in the text?

  • describe how one family changed their lives
  • give details about how to join the circus
  • talk about the best way to educate a child
  • advise what to do when you lose your job

What would a reader learn about Gareth from the text?

  • He does not enjoy school work.
  • He has a definite aim in life.
  • He would like to be at home with his brothers.
  • He wants to be the same as other boys.

Alan and Kath joined the circus because _____.

  • they wanted to spend time traveling in the summer.
  • they needed money in order to buy a bigger car.
  • their older sons needed their house for themselves.
  • their youngest son wanted to train as a performer.

When they first joined the circus, Kath _____

  • wanted to go back home.
  • did not have enough to do.
  • found things difficult.
  • was not able to sleep properly.

Which postcard did Gareth probably write just after he joined the circus?

  • We've just arrived and I love it already. There's lots of space for our things and I've even got my own computer.
  • I don't miss much from home. I'm managing to do all my school work. See you in the winter.
  • I really enjoyed meeting Bippo the Clown today, but I'm missing my school friends, and I'd love a nice hot bath.
  • I'm learning all about the circus and how to entertain people, I also have a new school to go to.

The length of a room is 5.048 × 102 cm. Which number is equivalent to this length?

  • 0.005048 cm
  • 0.05048 cm
  • 504.8 cm
  • 504800 cm

Line m is intersected by line t, as shown in the diagram below.
Based on the diagram, which of the following equations must be true?

In the figure below, AB and CD are perpendicular.
What is the perimeter of ∆ABC?

  • 13
  • 28
  • 42
  • 84

Choose the correct answer.
Plants and animals show different adaptations in order to stay alive. Which of the following options describe this adaptation?

  • Hibernation.
  • Living together.
  • Flying.
  • Camouflage.

Choose the correct answer.
What do we use to measure the electric current?

  • Voltmeter.
  • Battery.
  • Variable resistor.
  • Ammeter.

I'm becoming increasingly _____. Last week I locked myself out of the house twice.

  • forgetful
  • mindless
  • absent
  • meaningful

She's not very _____. She's never quite sure what she wants to do.

  • energetic
  • lively
  • decisive
  • active

Choose the correct answer.
My car is very_____; it's never broken down.

  • edible
  • inedible
  • unreliable
  • reliable

Helen's parents were very pleased when they read her school _____.

  • report
  • papers
  • diploma
  • account

Choose the correct answer.
Who_____was coming to see me this morning?

  • you said
  • you did say
  • did you say that
  • did you say

Choose the correct answer.
Which of the following is NOT possible?

"When I lived in Spain, we __________ really late at night, maybe 10 or 11 o'clock."

  • ate
  • were used to eat
  • used to eat
  • would eat

Choose the correct answer.
I'm not_________. I don't mind at all where we go.

  • careful
  • cautious
  • wary
  • fussy

Choose the correct answer.
Mr and Mrs Grove were very___________ when their dog died.

  • upset
  • confused
  • disappointed
  • discouraged

Choose the correct answer.
There is every _____________ of things going horribly wrong.

  • opportunity
  • probability
  • chance
  • opening

Anna is a very nervous child and she's very _____ of strangers.

  • terrified
  • frightened
  • suitable
  • dangerous

Choose the sentence which is closet in meaning to the bold.

I expect to get back this evening but it really depends on the weather.

  • If the weather continues like this I’ll spend the night there.
  • Though I'm planning to return this evening the weather may prevent me.
  • Since the weather's so bad I don't suppose I’ll be back tonight.
  • The weather made it impossible for me to return as planned.

Choose the sentence which is closet in meaning to the bold.
As the bus arrived in Bursa an hour later than the scheduled time, I missed the opening of the concert.

  • The concert had started by the time I got there as the bus reached Bursa a full hour late.
  • The concert was due to start just an hour after my bus arrived in Bursa.
  • I arrived in Bursa at the scheduled hour and went on to the concert an hour later.
  • The concert in Bursa started an hour later than the scheduled time so X didn't miss the start.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the following question.

After the operation, she recovered far quicker than any of us had expected her to.

  • She recovered from the operation just as quickly as anybody could have hoped.
  • Once the operation was over her recovery was as fast as could be expected.
  • To our great surprise, she was back to normal again as soon as the operation was over.
  • We were all surprised at how fast her health returned after the operation.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
I'll be at the station to meet you if it's possible at all.

  • It's just possible that I shall be at the station to meet you myself.
  • I've promised to meet you at the station and I shall be there.
  • I’ll do my best to meet you at the station but it may not be possible.
  • I would most certainly have met you at the station if it had at all been possible.

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the one in bold.
That's something you should ask John about as he's the financial expert.

  • John might be able to help you as he takes an interest in financial matters.
  • John is the one you should consult as he specializes in financial matters.
  • If I were you, I'd get John's opinion on it first.
  • John is the one to ask; he is responsible for all our financial transactions.